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  1. There's an 04 Vogue for sale for sure at frontier for that price. It's got the 09 facelift kit on it so it doesn't look like the 1st gen L322. It's been painted Balie blue and looks absolutely stunning with 20inch Khan wheels as well. It was available about 3 weeks ago and dont think it would have changed hands as yet.
  2. Way overpriced. 2005 Supercharged sport changed hands for 13mil That red one is pretty basic as well worth nothing more than 12.5 I would say.
  3. Like I said before the downsides are the electronics to it and the air suspension system. For example we were in Katharagama and the front left air bag decided it was time to go so the jeep had to be brought back to Colombo on a flat bed because they advise against driving it. Same thing happened to my friend in the Vogue when they were going for dinner in Colombo. This is though after about 4-5 years of ownership im talking for the suspension. So if you do buy one make sure it has been replaced already coz its about 450k to replace all four. Frontier are not bad just wish they were better stocked. The vehicles aren't problematic and they dont live in the garage so I hope I haven't given out that impression. They love their Vogue and definitely not interested in selling at this point in time. We abosolutely love the our vehicle and would definitely look at another Land Rover when it comes to changing what we have. After having a Montero, Prado and now the Discovery you just can't compare the ride comfort and build quality in the cabin. Drives nicer on the road and just overall a much nicer place to be inside. The Discovery has an 82litre tank not sure how big the one in the Range is.
  4. I don't own a Range Rover vogue but have a Discovery(petrol) and a friend who owns a 2006 Supercharged Vogue. Frontier are not exactly the cheapest people when it comes to maintenance. Parts are quite expensive and sometimes take a few weeks since it has to be brought down from London. They are not very well stocked. A basic service for the Discovery costs between 35,000 - 40,000 so I suppose the Vogue will be around that price. According to my friend the electronics and the air suspension are the things that give them the most amount of trouble. The parts are not what I would call cheap when it comes to replacing as well. According to my friend they average about 3kmpl in Colombo and roughly about 6-7 out of Colombo depending on how you drive.
  5. What does one make of seb's podium shenanigans?
  6. Rae

    Quick Trivia 3

    Someone can post on my behalf
  7. Actually i was running my one fine on normal audio video cables on my TV until i got my hdmi cable down for it so im not sure how you had problems. Also you can connect to your home theatre using an optical cable if your home theatre system supports optical cables.
  8. Please go ahead and put up another pic or anyone else is open to put something up if they wish
  9. Toyota Alphard and Volvo C70
  10. No idea who bought it but who ever did is quite a lucky guy. Like MrCat said I suppose there are definite investment aspects for sure.
  11. Hey guys I was just reading about this Ferrari Opus book during the Grand Prix weekend in Melbourne and then stumbled upon this article. Thought it may be of interest to a few of you hopefully at least. http://www.carpoint.com.au/news/2011/prestige-and-luxury/ferrari/first-ferrari-opus-book-sold--in-sri-lanka-24243 Proud to be a Sri Lankan
  12. ACtually mate i bought my converter in london and the one i bought handles up to 250 watts so if you get anything that can handle 230 that's all you need. Ripper mate the wattage is 230 for the ps3 slim well for my one it is. The conversion is written in the manual for the console.
  13. Definitely keep your slim and bring it down to SL will work fine with a converter. Mines from the US as well and I use it with a converter and have no issues.
  14. Well Ashan had mechanical issues and so did Pasindu and dont forget Aravinda didn't run so a bit of luck as well as they would be 3 very good competitors. DD ran a magnificent race congrats
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