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    Buying a new smartphone

    Hey guys, Has anybody got down any cheapo phones off of ebay? Do they still get held up at customs? Anybody with any recent experiences please reply.... Thanks in advance
  2. sharky

    Smoked Headlights

    Sorry to dig up this old topic, but I got my vinyl stickers from ebay, I was wondering if I wanted to get the sticker off afterwards would it be possible and would it mess up my headlights? I googled it up and i seems that the glue leaves a nasty residue over time. Anybody with some experience?
  3. sharky

    Smoked Headlights

    Guys, any place in Kandy to tint headlights(with vinyl/pvc film) in kandy? Does this stuff really prevent hazing/yellowing due to UV rays? I've seen a lot of cars with a blue tint recently. I wanted to get the stuff down from ebay, but I don't have a hot air gun or any prev experience putting on film. Thanks in advance....
  4. sharky

    Govt. To Cut Vehicle Imports By 30 Per Cent

    More good news! "Customs take over vehicle valuation, prices soar" (Source ST)
  5. sharky

    Diy Scan Your Own Car

    Hobdrive did work with the 1krfe engine on the vitz, I guess if the same engine is on the belta it should work. Btw. the OBD protocol used with these JDM versions is Toyota CAN21, I have also seen it being mentioned as JOBD(Japanese-OBD?)
  6. sharky

    Diy Scan Your Own Car

    Hi guys, Just my two cents, I have been using a cheapo elm327 on my JDM vitz ksp90, None of the conventional software worked (i.e. Torque & all the windows programs), but I came across Hobdrive for android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=hobd.android . It works like a charm, it has different vehicle profiles, included is the passo, just tweak around with the vehicle weight, fuel tank capacity and it will work on the vitz. It'll scan for engine DTCs give fuel consumption and other goodies. Maybe you guys can check it out?
  7. sharky

    Lcd Monitors From Ebay/amazon

    I stand corrected! Thanks for the replies guys, its just my ebay addiction thing going on I guess! Love getting gizmos in the post and I thought this looked like a good deal - albeit a little risky.... Anyways I think I might go after the Kapruka route.
  8. sharky

    Lcd Monitors From Ebay/amazon

    Thanks for the replies, actually I know you can get the 27inch 1080p locally for less than 40000 but the one I mentioned is the newer 4K ultrahd 2560x1440 plus the panel is a samsung. The closest I can get locally (AFAIK) with those specs is the Apple displays and they are over 1 lakh! Oh well....
  9. sharky

    Lcd Monitors From Ebay/amazon

    Hey guys, Just wondering if any of you have gotten stuff down like lcd monitors, tvs from ebay/amazon. If so how is the duty for these things? I got my eye on this http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-QNIX-QX2710-LED-Evolution-2-27-Samsung-PLS-WQHD-Monitor-Tempered-Glass-/121089977041?pt=Computer_Monitors&hash=item1c31866ad1 Any idea on the tax on these? Thanks in advance
  10. sharky

    Breakdowns On Toyota Aqua

    If you really want a cheaper alternative to the aqua with regard to comfort etc. go for a ksp90 vitz, extremely reliable even when abused by your typical Sri Lankan driver and gives pretty good fuel mileage too, and resale value is up there with the 121 110 etc (at least at the moment). Btw the interior of the vitz and aqua are quite similar. I had the same choice regarding a hybrid or a conventional gasoline and I went for the vitz even though driving it is like riding a geriatric scooter with 4 wheels!. If you really want some decent return at resale, hybrids still have people wary, go for something a little more rock solid. Also a piece of personal advice, unless you really love a car, ie. love driving it, working on it. don't blow all your savings etc on it. The status factor will wear off after a while and all you will see is your paycheck being raped in half covering leases/loans!
  11. sharky

    Disturbing Sound While Driving..!

    Did you check the lower arm bushes?
  12. sharky

    Cool Ebay Gadgets For Cars

    Really? To scare the police? I'm no big fan of our cops either but that sort of attitude is really showing us where this country is going. I just hope you haven't got a more sinister motive to "scare the police guys" other than just being a wannabe V*P. On a similar note recently on my way home on leave, I was stopped at Omanthai checkpoint and asked for my id, normally they just wave me through. But when I asked why, apparently some jokers are even using Police stickers on their windscreen so they have to check anyway. Thanks a lot dude!
  13. sharky

    Fan Belt Noise

    I had the same experience as above, replacing with the original (Bando) belt eliminated the noise, plus the noise did return a few times, each time I got the mechanic to tighten the belt. So far so good. I don't think it's recommended to use water to eliminate the noise. AFAIK you can use water to differentiate the source of the noise. i.e. pulley misalingment or belt slip.
  14. sharky

    Serpentine Belt Help!

    Thanks a million! Definitely will have to bookmark this one!