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  1. Any guys got hands on 2016 Japan Alto, They are everywhere in car sales but seen few in the roads. Are they good as a economical daily runner, manufacture claims 34-37km/l Any openion or critics
  2. outlander

    Wagon R Premium from A*W vs Japanese Wagon R

    Yeah they seems providing a good warranty and its brandnew. As per the rumors some areas of the software and few functions were altered (dont know exactly what are the features) Is there any changes in body and interior tht you know of?
  3. Wagon R Premium from A*W vs Japanese Wagon R Does any one knows more details on this? So far i have heard that the Premium ver by A*W is customized for local terrain and some options were trimmed down confused with 2 variants
  4. outlander

    Best car for 1.5m

    Hi, how about the fuel efficiency of Kelisa
  5. Thats true more than 15 years of usage means trouble
  6. Aha thanks, K11s are seems trouble Elite seems an good option
  7. Thank you Are there any other options other than these
  8. Looking for a hatch back for around 1.8 - 2 mil. Requirements - Auto / good Fuel economy (is a must) Current options - 1: Suzuki Swift 2: Vitz (2000) 3: March K12 4: March K11 Looking forward for your valuable advice's
  9. Worth if the price can be nego to around 7k since this is not the PS n PM moddle. AC repair cost also should be considered ???? if need to replacing compressor and big repairs then its trouble.
  10. outlander

    Daihatsu Charade

    Hi Willy, Did you get to find any charades?
  11. outlander

    Daihatsu Charade

    I think market price of a avarage condition charade G101 would be around 700 to 775k, Two door model price gets a bit lower. What will be the other options for that budget?
  12. outlander

    Daihatsu Charade

    Sorry for the dupplicated replies... Blitts can you please send me the contact too...