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  1. I couldn't find a small 4x4 other than a jimny. Are there any other small 4x4's?
  2. Thanks very much. Tmrw i'm going to replace the core of the radiator with a new one. will cost me 15k. I think it's a fair price. Tends to overheat on speeds close to 100 km/h. I don't want blow my engine on the highway.
  3. Awesome. I thought those wagons came only in white
  4. Big thank you kmeeg for sharing. I am looking to restore to its original specs when she was built. I would like to know when you did the restoring and how much you spent for the restore? This will help to have an idea how much i have to spend. Happy thai pongal
  5. Dear pros, Autolanka had been a great place get those needful info all these years. Appreciate all the members. Now I am planning to restore my 30 yr old KE74 to its first looks, I mean to its original looks. Its been for a year with me. I have ordered a heynes manual for this car. It's on the way. Planning to use it for mainly mechnical repairs. In the mean time I am planning to get the body work done. She has some rust spots. what I am worried about is for those rust around the windscreen and the tailgate. Got plans to replace the windscreen. The windscreen is a nightmare when driving at night. I plan to do the following 1. Body derust and paint (tinkering and paint)+ undercoat- I am looking for a place at the moment if u konw a place pls suggest 2. I have some rust (worn down) on the frame (chassy) only in one place. Its near the engine mount. Want to repair it as well. wellcome your suggessions how to repair this part. 3. Mechanical repairs - I think I'll be able to manage 4. Interior - I am looking for a place to restore to its original looks. Guys if you could suggest me a place I'll greatly appreciate. This is my first restoring project. Hope you'll add your cents and rupees for this. Thanks a lot guys
  6. Hi, went to the place recently to fix all cylinder door locks of a old corolla wagon. Needed to repair 4 cylinder locks . this is what they did and you decide whether to go or not to go there. 1. Went there at about 11 am returned at about 5pm waited for a whole 6 hrs and still couldn't get the job done ( only 2 door locks were fixed). So had to go there next day. I left the other door locks with them for the next day after promising to finish up next day. I was expecting to wait but not for 6 hrs. Charged me 3000 thats 750 per lock. 2. Next day after calling them went there in the afternoon and staight away they fixed the locks. I thought finally the job was done but checks revealed 2 locks are still not proper. It seemed like they haven't done anything on the second day but just fixed it. Told the guy then and there and he was clueless didn't know what to do. Then aked me "can you come another day?" Didn't want to argue with those guys about the job, it will only make me nervous in the end. So I got off of that place saying to them in my mind "pinata thiyaganin" and never will want to go there. So far I have no idea what to do for the locks. I don't know whether i can buy new ones. They may have done good jobs, but never in my case. If they cant do they shouldn't have accepted the job. Good luck
  7. I live in Maharagama. Thanks for offering help. Sorted out the matter. It was the rod of the master clutch pump longer than the one before. Making the rod short to the one before is the remedy. Thanks again
  8. I got new clutch pumps at p'watte. I showed the existing ones to G* Auto at P'watte they did the search for me. I am long time customer of theirs. cost me 10k and 20min of waiting. Reasonable I guess. There was a small change in the slave clutch pump, and the result was the clutch pedal now remains abt 5 cm higher than other pedals, need getting used to it. Have you guys got any suggession to lower the clutch pedal.? Its been lowered to the max by adjustments.
  9. Thanks very much, ODO says 199,000 kms, not sure whether the ODo reading is genuine. Has 13'' alloy wheels, doesn't harm its original looks. By the way its 15-68xx
  10. Thanks for your comment. Didn't see 2 fans in the engine bay, just the direct fan. Brought a JDM KE74 last week, YOM-1985 REG-88, has a 5K engine with a 4 speed tranny. Well maintained by the previous owner,at least the body and the paint, had preserved the car interior as well. A couple of days after taking over, I had to clean up the radiator (after overheating with a/c), then complete check of braking system (after a brake bind) and replaced front wheel razors. Now I removed the clutch master and slave pumps as a preventive measure. Noticed wear and tear intend to replace both clutch pumps with new ones. Searched for those clutch pumps in Maharagama area, couldn't find any probably because its a old car. do you have any idea where i could find those clutch pumps for KE 74. A shop specifically? Thanks
  11. Hi guys, I have a question: Want to know whether the KE72/ KE74 wagon comes with 2 fans, 1 for radiator, 1 for the air condition condenser? my one has only the direct fan to cool the radiator. The a/c works without any cooling issues. owners pls can you comment. Thanks in advance
  12. Thanks for the advice. Thought of buying a 2005 built for an impressive price of about 5/=. Changed the idea after inspection not to buy even though said to be very fuel efficient. Going to settle with a well maintained 1985 KE74 and about to become an owner of a RWD.
  13. Hi! Any owners/ ex-owners of Micro previlage car please comment about its durability and parts availabilty? Thanks
  14. Hi Guys, I recently found out that my carb is a mess and had a history of difficulties to pass emission tests within a fair margin. Every time am in the margin. So Having thoughts to replace the carb with preferebly a brand new unit or a re conditioned one. The engine is a GA15DS, and has a ECCU, It is a dual barrel carb. The car model is FN14. I thing B13 (doctor sunny) has the sane engine and the carb. Guys, Do you have any Idea where i should look to find this carb?
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