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    Motor Racing, Subaru's are a few of my favourite things.

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    Currently doing an Advanced Diploma in Automotive Engineering, hoping to get bsc Automotive Engineering with Motorsports and Msc in the same.. Progressing to motorsport engineering in England or Germany.
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    Driving is a passion, cars are art, engines are perfection. Subaru's make all these happen. STi- Subaru Tecnica International!

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  1. Hey guys don't forget Katukurunda is this weekend. So keep your sunday free to head down to Kalutara and watch some super racing action!
  2. It has been postponed, will be on the 15th and 16th of September
  3. Those cars have been there for sometime TBH! Guess now the hectic work will start though
  4. ok so this might be (finally) the end result! #### September 1st it is then?
  5. SL-GT 1. Ashan Silva 2. Dinesh Deheragoda 3. Pasindu Peiris (Dinesh and Pasindu results with held due to a protest) SLH 1600 1. Ashan Silva 2. Dilan Seniviratne 3. Dinesh Jayawardana Formula Ford Post 85 1. Ashan Silva 2. Rikaaz Khalid 3. Rohan De Silva Formula Mclarens Race 1 1. Rumesh Rajakulendran 2. Raees Uvaim 3. Chandima Gunaratne Formula Mclarens Race 2 1. Tharindu Gamage 2. Clement Senerath 3. Rumesh Rajakulendran Mclarens Alto K10 1. Praveen Madugalle 2. Zulfi Sulaiman 3. Rohan De Silva
  6. Yes! Lets call it that. (though it does sound rather disturbing )
  7. Ahh yes Sorry, I can't remember the exact timings, However Mclarens Alto K10 1. Praveen Madugalle 2, Rohan De Silva 3. Sheran Fernando (I think) Formula Mclarens 1300 Grid 1.Tharindu Gamage 2. Zaakir Wahab 3. Clemant Seneratne 4.Chandima Gunaratne 5.Andrew Choksy 6. Sabry Salam 7. Rumesh Rajakulendran 8.Rangana Budawatte 9.Raees Uvaim 10.Rukshan Halpita Formula Ford pre 85 1. Emdad Hussain 2. S.A Harsha 3.Kaushal Samarasinghe
  8. whoops! I think we've posted at the same time mate! =l Peri could you merge the 2 perhaps pls?
  9. Hey Guys, The 2nd round of the Speed 2012 Championship will take place tomorrow (The 27th May) at Pannala! Some results of todays qualifying rounds, SL-GT 1. Pasindu Peiris Evo ix 1:00:402 2. Ashan Silva Evo ix 1:00:588 3. Dinesh Deheragoda Evo X 1:00:833 SL-H 1600 1. Ashan Silva 2. Dilan Seniviratne 3. Dinesh Jayawardana 4. Ishraq Wahab Formula Ford (post 85) 1. Dinesh Jayawardana 2. Shirendra Lawrence 3. Ashan Silva Try and drop by pannala toms as the racing will be very good.. (SL-GT and SL-H Should be a cracker) Sorry for the late post btw..
  10. Shame about the 5 place penalty, but its absolutely fantastic that a 43 year old man can still get pole position in a formula one Grand Prix.. Absolutely delighted about Schumi and hope he has a super race toms!
  11. DRS issue man, means he lost about 0.5 seconds on his lap time (makes a big difference when the top 17 were seperated by 1 second) hope he can pull off something good today!
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