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    Chevy Camaro In Sl

    HI Guys, am totally out of topic but... any one have any idea how much a Datsun 240Z or 280Z is going for . Any idea if z for sale.???
  2. Saw a old black Ferrari down alexader road on wednesdaytowards the afternoon. It was a beaut man... wonder if any dude in this forum owns it. Unfortunately i was on the other side of the road, wanted to have a closer look. (

    Congrats Madz

    Congrats dude wish u all the very best to you and ur family
  4. Crap man, hope they dont cut power..... will have a time with the little kid. During President Premadasa's time these guys wouldnt have even dreamt of stiking, Have to give the devil it's dues man............ He lead with example.
  5. I dont thik this is for speeding rite??? only trafic light offence??? CRAP...... Ive seen this. Well very soon some bus dude will crash through it hehehe
  6. Toyota Hilux is the best choice i guess.......... I'd go for it.
  7. Hi Dude their is a 18- Vtec if your interested. Needs a paint job and little repairs. Body condition is good no major dents or accidents. If your still looking gv me a buz 0773171274. Ohh n it needs new set of tires. My estimation is all can be done under one lack.
  8. Ya man cool, all hand painted. Would have taken the dude months...........
  9. Hey come on guys, give the dude a break........ Its the owners kick to modify it no matter waht the car is. See dude Depends what you can afford. Some of us have the option of going for a better car and some dont..
  10. LEGACY

    Classic Restorations

    Real SWEET................ that Mat black real hot. do any of you guys have any idea if a MR2 reg book for sale or a bashed up car??
  11. Guys h have any of you seen a dude who has put mustang badges on the car and done some body modifications.... its an old toyota i tink, me is not sure.. Must try to get a picture of it some time.
  12. LEGACY

    Jaguar Xk In Sl

    This Jag owned by a Stock broker dude , thats his wife driving... He owns another 4 door Jag and a merc. U can see this car down charles drive.
  13. Beauty Baby....................Dammm am drooling man, wish i can buy an old Land Rover
  14. Yep my cuz STI3 does abt 6.5 in cmb. Ma 2lt Legacy which is non Turbo does around 8.........
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