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  1. running on 4G63T. Maxxi power Road Runner

  2. Perry, Wat do u think now? WHO IS TRYING TO OFFENSE OTHER FORUM MEMBERS? Wat will be your reaction. ANOTHER WARNING FOR ME?????????????????????????? btw this is one of my fav. SPECIAL DEDICATIONS FOR BOOLAAZZZZZZZZZZZZ One love (Covered by MUSIC FOR THE CHANGE Musicians)
  3. Now show me if you are a real gentleman WHO IS TRYING TO INSULT OTHERS? WATS UR REACTION? People are waiting for it
  4. NOPE U are the embarassment. You are the one who abuse ur moderatorship. Sylvie was waiting for the moderation but YOU JUST FED THE PEOPLE WHO ABUSE AL TO INSULT other forum members while you were doing the same thing. Dilesh started this thread http://forum.autolanka.com/index.php?showtopic=8422&st=20 in May 31 2010, 08:54 AM. But did u moderate it? MADZ and others go and see Posts number 9,23,25,29,52,57 which were made by Pericles. This is Post number 29 Did he tried to stop it? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO he was just trying to back others up. But once he got some resistance against this vulgar and NON ethical act (post # 64) he locked the thread cuz he knew it would roll back to him (Post # 65) HE STOPPED IT AFTER LETTING OTHER SAVAGE AL MEMBERS TO HARASS A FORUM MEMBER BY POSTING 63 DAMN COMMENTS. After that he is saying "Sylvie ddn't wait for a moderation. He forgot to moderate it but to post 9 comments against another forum member while supporting bullies. WHAT A SHAME REPLY by a respectable gentleman? HUH THIS IS another shameful deliberate act of mr. pericles. "I HAVEN't FAVORED ANYONE. But I Let others to harass a forum member by purpose. BUT I HAVEN'T FAVORED ANYONE. Im the GOOD SAMARITAN" hmmmmmmmmm acceptable Our mr. GOOD OLE BOY just use his moderator power not to stop violations of forum rules but to stop OFFENSES FOR HIM SELF WHICH WERE MAINLY FOCUSED TO REVEAL HIS HIDDEN MANIFESTO which overrides the noble intentions of having a forum to help newbies. He is trying to make this as a gathering point for few outlaws and crooks and some CYBER BULLIES and his ass lickers. a) Why should i reveal my identity? Do u think u are the man? BULL SIT Im revealing the truth of GREAT GRAND poobha. BUT HE CANT TOLERATE IT. HE JUST WANT TO QUIET VOICES AGAINST HIS UNETHICAL BEHAVOIURS. Dat's why he warned me. If he is a real real MODERATOR Y Didnt he Warn Master Don, VVTI for using mothers and sisters for personnel offenses? Master Don Isnt it a personnel offense? But Did our Gentleman PERICLES Warn him? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO This is his answer Uploaded with ImageShack.us This clearly shows how biased our great poobah. According to FORUM DISCLAIMER "From time to time topics in the forum leads to arguments with the parties involved putting forward accusations follwed by counter accusations and the like. In this regard we would like to state that the creators and managers of this site is not responsbile in any way for the topics/discussions in our forum. The thoughts expressed are not that of this site nor its management and it is purly that of the participants. We would also like to mention that our forum is freely available to all members of the site and the liberty of the members to express their thoughts and opinions will always be upheld and respected by the site management. The only time a topic will be deleted from the site is if the discussions become abusive, foul languaged or citically damaging towards certain parties. Furthermore, we would like to encourage all parties to such discussions to accept discussions with maturity and use the free forum facility to solve disputes and work together inorder to further all aspects of motoring. Thus developing what we love the most. " We would also like to mention that our forum is freely available to all members of the site and the liberty of the members to express their thoughts and opinions will always be upheld and respected by the site management. According to this Site Management should respect other members and the liberty of the members to express their thoughts. But pericles (A man who represent the site management) also encouraged others to insult Sylvie by posting comments and letting others to do so and went against "RESPECTING FORUM MEMBERS". Admins do their jobs with flying colors and I really appreciate the intention of this forum. But unfortunaitly Few Members are trying to ruin the reputation of AL by neglecting their privileges and abusing the freedom of Autolanka. Also these kind of behaviours discourage NEW FORUM Members to actively engage with forum.
  5. "I suggest this entire thread should be removed as it's nothing but waste of time and pointed at one individual's behavior which most of us doesn't agree. Even we don't like him and hate him it's not fair to open a thread to do personal insults. going OT on other threads should be some thing we should address in that thread, not here i believe. p.s I also has commented on Sylvi but admins/mods should decide how fair and ethical to run a thread in reputed website like to to do insults to another member." Applause MKX
  6. ohhhhhhhhh damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  7. If I have been warned wat about VVTI and others who personnaly ATTACK Sylvie??????????? THE BIASED MODERATOR HIT IT AGAIN. PERICLES.. U DONT KNOW THE MEANING OF A MODERATOR. Favoritism KILLS THE ATTRACTION. Admins have to be much straight on this issue. Moderator is abusing powers of moderatorship. AL eke mod unaa kiyala loku size neme machan ok.......warn me fill it up with 100% then i'll create another ban my IP its ok im using a proxy
  8. SYLVIE Vs PERI , VVTI and HIS GA* GANG You all are against him but he is still on the game..............SHAME ON U GA*S
  9. Sorry if you dont know about those breeds other than your breed OHH SWEET RICEHOUND VVTI...........BOOLAAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  10. Hey pericals...Godee sudda boy.. i need a technical writer and a proof reader 20K Bonus ETF EPF Transport from Mnt To the Office Have to have Passport, Driving license
  11. ohhh BOOLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (VVTI) who will train u if I take that offer?
  12. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA goda sudda AKA MODA JOKE...............watszzzzzzzzzzzzz uppppp machannnnnnnnnnnnn.............?
  13. You have clearly indicated ur status man... lol HAVE Doubts about your BLOOD LINE?
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