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  1. Rebel

    Honda Civic Es8

    Yes. It should have EPS
  2. Rebel

    Colombo Stock Exchange

    Do the smart thing and go with a Unit trust. At least till you up skill yourself
  3. Rebel

    Honda Genuine Parts

    Access Motors, Panchikawatta 0714019925
  4. Rebel


    Lol, I think everybody's a 'metrosexual' or some such shit..
  5. Rebel

    Steve Jobs, 1955 - 2011

    He was both... 'they' say.
  6. Rebel

    Engine Rpm

    My previous FB15 went all the way. As per the tech at A*W it was supposed to; the current Honda doesn't. As per the forums, its not supposed to.
  7. Are you sure it has more space?
  8. No first hand experience but based on what I've read on the forum; these are two opposites.
  9. Rebel

    Suzuki Astar Car

    Auto comes to about 2.2mn Manual to about 1.8~1.9
  10. Rebel

    Mobitel Vs. Lankabell

    Ping 68 Download 0.46 Upload 0.11 Lankabell Pita Kotte
  11. @ [email protected] You need to read my first comment before commenting on my contribution to the topic. The only reason there were two wasted posts was because of an annoying comment and an equally annoying defense to said comment. Anyways I really don't need to waste time on you and I'm sure you feel the same way about me, so I'll just quit now.
  12. @ [email protected], yes it is harsh. I'm happy you can tell the difference. I intended it to be harsh; Why? Off the top of my head; 1. He has bad netiquette. 2. He is self opinionated and righteous 3. He barges in to a topic; that whilst may not interest everybody certainly interested the OP, and proclaimed his views to the forum without the intention of helping the guy. refer 2 above The cesspool comment had nothing to with the fact that he preferred 'driving' his car. You seem to have misunderstood. It’s a derogatory reference which is expected to convey my disgust at his attitude towards the forum. And by the way he is not special. Of all places, AL is probably where you would find this attribute the most. If I recall, this may be the first time I contributes to a fuel consumption thread and that too because I wanted to clarify on the subject. You too are not special. Search the forum and you'd find a million knights defend the trodden. If he has an issue with me. let him say it. Get off your stool, your initial comment whilst not be original in any sense, was acceptable since it was made at least relevant. And FYA, 10kmpl is not an urban legend. You need to get out more..
  13. When any of us need to know what the hell you think about our choice in automobiles; be it 2, 3 or 4 wheel; we'll just give you a holler. Till then crawl back in to the cesspool you seem to dragged your self out of. The comments on this thread didn't advocate hypermiling or fuel conservation;not that either is bad mind you; we just contributed to the OPs query.
  14. Are you sure about the driving on a highway bit? I always though shifting in to N took advantage of the built up momentum whereas leaving it in D and taking the foot off was not as effective since the engine breaking effect.
  15. Rebel

    Parking In The Sun

    Also I've seen many extend the wipes so hat its sanding clear off the windscreen. I believe the logic is that the rubbe heats up and is effected. Sound logic