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  1. eyepea

    Wild Elephants On The Road, Any Experience ?

    For those who may be interested... Went on A12 few days ago, passed the elephant areas may be about 7:30pm. Did not come across any elephants though. I suppose that is early for any to be about. Btw some place between putlam and aunuradapura (forget exact place) one lane is under repair. But not a concern as there was hardly any traffic.
  2. eyepea

    Wild Elephants On The Road, Any Experience ?

    Old thread, but I suppose the info may be useful to some, even now. (I never got to make the trip on the A12 last Dec and last few school holidays went elsewhere. May be perhaps next school holiday will take the A12 ) Heard of an elephant attacking a van on the A12 road a few days ago. Some of you may have seen the news, and some of you may have not. http://www.adaderana.lk/news/36684/wild-elephant-attack-on-van-death-toll-climbs-to-2 http://www.hirunews.lk/141588/child-succumb-to-his-injuries-following-karuwalagaswewa-elephant-attack I suppose the time of the incident, speed and ignoring warnings are noteworthy. https://www.google.lk/maps/place/Mee+Oya+Bridge/@8.0454385,79.9226903,16z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x3afd182900a23283:0xb584d150724a752e!8m2!3d8.0452444!4d79.9220932 On google street view near Mee Oya bridge, can see an electric fence on one side of the road clearly, but did not see on the other side. May be I missed it. Hmm just wondered how the elephants get to the road.
  3. eyepea

    Anyone Knows A Place To Buy Jerry Can

    Try m*t*rcade braybrook plc. They had some several years ago. Anyway u could check with them.
  4. eyepea

    Need Advice On A Tyre Puncture

    ok thanks. will monitor. tnx.
  5. eyepea

    Need Advice On A Tyre Puncture

    Tyre has done about 25k km. Davy is right, there is a small bump on the sidewall. Ugh! Yep going to replace it. Oh well, now to find the $$ Many thanks for the input guys.
  6. eyepea

    Need Advice On A Tyre Puncture

    Had a Tyre puncture. OK no big deal. Went to a Tyre repair shop and got it patched. Nothing to write about. But later I googled about Tyre punctures and now am a bit worried due to reasons below. Hence the questions. The puncture was caused by a bolt about 3" long and a bit thick in diameter. I did not bother to measure it and threw it away at the Tyre repair shop. It was about 8mm dia. My previous experience with punctures are with very much smaller screws etc which were fixed with a plug type repair done from the outside of the Tyre. Tyre repair place said since hole is big, a plug won't do and a patch has to be done from the inside of the Tyre. Such a repair was done where a heated press was used for about 20 - 30 mins. A pic of the Tyre after repair is here : I hope it is clear enough. Concern #1: The info from the web in general says if hole is more than 6mm or 1/4 inch, do not patch. Replace Tyre. Well I wonder if there can be black and white definitions, where a 5.5mm hole is safe to patch and a 6.5mm hole is unsafe to patch. I suppose these are guidelines but numbers like less than 6mm have to be used to give the idea. Also this info may be for higher speeds in USA, Europe etc, than in an SL context. Hole is bigger than 6mm but less than 10mm, perhaps 8mm and a precise measurement can not be made. Is strict compliance of guidelines better? For the moment this Tyre is used in Colombo traffic. Tyre repair bass 'thinks' OK. What is your opinion please ? Would you do 100kmph on a highway with this Tyre ? Concern #2: The hole in the Tyre is not filled from the outside. The info from the web says the hole shaft has to be fully filled. I hope I understood the info correctly. The Tyre repair bass says this is the way they repair and no need to fill from the outside and it is OK. I have no experience in getting Tyre repairs for holes this size. But from what I see, I don't feel comfortable with it. Since that spot is a bit soft, I feel that a piece of rock like a typical kalu gal piece about 1" in size with a sharp corner, found in the road side 'may' damage the patch applied from the inside. I wonder if the pic is clear enough (if you zoom it). Is any filling from the outside done when Tyres are repaired (here in SL) ? Or it does not matter ? What is your opinion please? Safety is a major concern. I wish to make an educated decision on replacing the Tyre. I feel replacing the Tyre (I guess it will have to be two Tyres) just for any hole in the Tyre that can be safely repaired is a waste. But if it is safer to replace the Tyre I will do that. Your ideas and advice are most appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Appreciate some advice on the following please: I bought my vehicle on a lease from a bank several years ago. The lease was paid up and finished, a couple of years ago. At that time, I got both the reg certificate and a letter from the bank stating they are no longer interested in the vehicle etc. The reg certificate stated the absolute owner as the bank and current owner as I. I was supposed to go to the RMV and get this changed. Somehow it got postponed and I completely forgot about it. How important is it to make the above name changes ? (Am still using the vehicle and do not intend to sell it in the near future). What are the negative consequences if any that I may be faced with if I don't change the names in a hurry ? Thanks
  8. eyepea

    Wild Elephants On The Road, Any Experience ?

    ok. Thanks for the info
  9. eyepea

    Wild Elephants On The Road, Any Experience ?

    Lot of helpful info. I hope everyone will continue to update this thread of any new areas. Located Thabbowa lake - Karuwalagaswewa area on A12. Tnx. Other areas mentioned too would be helpful when planing trips. Any Google map experts in AL? Wonder if we could add elephant zones like construction zones that are shown when getting driving directions . Many thanks!
  10. Anyone driven on the A12, Puttalam - Anuradhapura road during night time ? Someone asked me to beware of wild elephants crossing this road at night. Just wondering if it is some leg pulling or something to be of a concern. Being concerned of elephants crossing the road may sound funny to some and being chicken to some others. I have experience some time ago where car was chased by a cow and was butted. I think a calf got scared and the cow decided to attack the threat. Nothing to be afraid of about a cow, but resulted in some damage to the car body. But personally, I don't want to find out what kind of damage an elephant may cause to a car first hand :-). So anyone's experience on meeting elephants on roads, would be useful, specially how you tackled it (engine off, lights off, keep quiet or make a dash or charge at the elephant ;-) ?). If anyone is aware of any main roads, areas to be best avoided at times like dusk or traveled as a vehicle group at certain times, that too would be useful when planing routes. Please be specific about the areas / stretch of road. Sometimes avoiding them would be better. Consider a situation where stopping and staying silent would make the elephants just go their way but you have a kid in the car and the kid screams. The elephant might react? Few months back, there was tv news on elephants attacking villages in some areas. What am interested in is more relevant to main roads rather than villages. Anyway village areas too would be helpful in a way. Thanks.
  11. Found the post i think : http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/6737-air-condition-refill/?p=100530 Still any other comments are welcome. Thanks.
  12. Anyone any experience with Tharaka auto A/C, down pannipitiya road from battaramulla junction pls ? (This place is opposite potato-estate garage). I remember reading a post on this place in AL long time back, but could not locate. A search gives me Tharaka auto windscreen in nugegoda, which is not what I am looking for. Someone mentioned this place for car air con service. I would appreciate any comments from AL members too. Thanks.
  13. eyepea

    Thieves Removing Side Mirrors On Vezel

    when using cctv, has anyone considered remote recording ? Is this easy to implement? I heard of a hardware shop that had cctv. Burger had located and taken the DVR.
  14. Ah yep! almost forgot parking under hot sun. Guess (?) in dash units are built to withstand the heat. I suppose nav units that are mounted on the dash or windscreen are designed to withstand the heat too (depending on the brand). That is an option to consider. I do prefer an Android unit. But any comments from guys using Garmin or other units from SA** or any other place are welcome (specially regarding the heat issue if you are leaving the unit permanently fixed in the car while parked and while driving) ? Few of the minor points for me to look for an in dash nav unit is that in my current set up, once in a while the suction cup slips down the windscreen due to the heat (may be due to cheap phone holders in the market) and the smartphone screen freezes due to heat (I presume due to heat since at cooler times and night have not experienced so far). I do not have any heat film applied to my windscreen yet. (Something to try). Bit of fun when it happens while driving and following a route. Actually may be more fun than when you get the 'GPS signal lost' error msg :-D. Thanks, had a peek.
  15. Interesting idea :-) Currently am using a smart phone for the navigation. When mounted on the windscreen, on long trips it has heating problems. If mounted near a/c vents lower down on the dashboard to solve the heating issues, the sky view for the gps antenna is rather restricted. These issues and of course forgetting to pocket the phone when getting out :-D and a few other points are what made me look into android car units. Usually android devices designed for double din installation comes with a separate gps antenna than can be located elsewhere. I doubt if usual android phones allow an external gps receiver to be connected. Perhaps specific devices do. Of course whether mounting the phablet on the 2din opening will be a concern may depend on the dashboard.