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  1. akila_9692

    Looking For A Glanza

    Guys, I need some help. Anyone knows if there are any Glanaza V's available for sale? Something in good condition. Looked at a few... Very poor condition or with the 1.5 engine. I'm also on the look out for honda civic hatches. If anyone knows, i would appreciate the heads up Thanks
  2. akila_9692

    Quick Trivia 3

    XK8 actually.... but the XKR is close enough... over to you.
  3. akila_9692

    Quick Trivia 3

    This should be easy..
  4. akila_9692

    Quick Trivia 3

    Oh we did this before i think... Daihatsu Copen...
  5. akila_9692

    Quick Trivia 3

    ... Someone go ahead and take my chance.
  6. akila_9692

    Quick Trivia 3

    Daihatsu Copen?
  7. akila_9692

    Quick Trivia 3

    Oh yeah... I think its a jimny too...
  8. akila_9692

    Quick Trivia 3

    Jeep Rubicon?
  9. akila_9692

    Buying A Sti

    Thanks guys for the comments.... I think the best way to check is with the numbers. The gauge clusters were different in the sti 3 and previous models, also the intercooler was place slightly tilted. What do you think the market is for one of these?
  10. akila_9692

    Buying A Sti

    Hey Guys, Okay I'm not sure if I can post this link, but I really need to check this with people who have an idea about this matter. http://autolanka.com/ad.asp?ID=103209 Is this a original STI? or is it a convert? The YOM and it being a STI 3 threw me off. Also the back lights aswell. Waiting to here what you guys have to say. Cheers.
  11. akila_9692

    Mini Q

    People consider the mini to be weekend cars because of its small size... Heating issues n all! I use mine daily.... Gotta fix it up tho... Maintain n all. But thats the fun part of owning one... Believe me... Once you get used to driving one... You wouldn't want to drive anything else!
  12. akila_9692

    Maser Quttroporte Landed To Sl

    Hahaha... this is hilarious go on!
  13. akila_9692

    Formula 1 - 2011

    Do you guys know any good sites...where i can stream the race?? Thnx
  14. akila_9692


    There's a Gray one too... supposedly owned by someone related to the Honda importers. I think the Yellow ones for sale... double check with someone
  15. akila_9692

    Brand New Ford Mustang Cobra On Our Roads

    Errr... That's not an ordinary Cobra.... That's the Shelby Version!! :blink: