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  1. Guys, I need some help. Anyone knows if there are any Glanaza V's available for sale? Something in good condition. Looked at a few... Very poor condition or with the 1.5 engine. I'm also on the look out for honda civic hatches. If anyone knows, i would appreciate the heads up Thanks
  2. XK8 actually.... but the XKR is close enough... over to you.
  3. Oh we did this before i think... Daihatsu Copen...
  4. ... Someone go ahead and take my chance.
  5. Oh yeah... I think its a jimny too...
  6. Thanks guys for the comments.... I think the best way to check is with the numbers. The gauge clusters were different in the sti 3 and previous models, also the intercooler was place slightly tilted. What do you think the market is for one of these?
  7. Hey Guys, Okay I'm not sure if I can post this link, but I really need to check this with people who have an idea about this matter. http://autolanka.com/ad.asp?ID=103209 Is this a original STI? or is it a convert? The YOM and it being a STI 3 threw me off. Also the back lights aswell. Waiting to here what you guys have to say. Cheers.
  8. People consider the mini to be weekend cars because of its small size... Heating issues n all! I use mine daily.... Gotta fix it up tho... Maintain n all. But thats the fun part of owning one... Believe me... Once you get used to driving one... You wouldn't want to drive anything else!
  9. Do you guys know any good sites...where i can stream the race?? Thnx
  10. akila_9692


    There's a Gray one too... supposedly owned by someone related to the Honda importers. I think the Yellow ones for sale... double check with someone
  11. Errr... That's not an ordinary Cobra.... That's the Shelby Version!! :blink:
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