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  1. thanks, so what can i buy for about 1 M to 1.1 which is an auto ?
  2. hi, can some wonderful people opiniate on the A33 model on performance, fuel consumption ? i heard that there is a 'neo lean' engine version which does ok on fuel , is that correct? thanks
  3. mightymini.lk had some (bullet types) on sale when i checked yesterday!
  4. thanks i'm looking for a sedan though YOM 2000 onwards , auto 1.6 litre Jap one at that ....keep me in the loop pls. once again thanks.
  5. hi....the verdict is you need to take a mint with you to see a 'mint' condition car!! ok so i'm quite impressed with the interior (specially rear) space of the car...lots of room for the kids vis a vis FB 15. anyone knows a 1.6 litre auto for sale around 1.3 -1.4 M ? thanks again.
  6. thanks a lot. will test drive & return with the verdict!
  7. hi , need your expert advise on the mazda hatchback 96/97model (bj5w i think) ; * market price (for auto 1500cc, sunroof, dual airbag,sunroof version) * fuel consumption * availability of spares * performance of car much appreciated !
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