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  1. The Don

    Current market trend for hybrid cars

    Hydrogen is one of the most abundant chemicals available and the process is completely reversible so it is sustainable. You produce it via electrolysis and the fuel cell produces water. In SL government policy sadly is not guides by what it should be in terms of sustainability, pollution and associated health risks. It is governed by exchange control and loan payments. So sadly we cannot rely on policy for the correct outcome.
  2. The Don

    Kia Picanto 2012

    I think the Picanto is a better option than the Viva. The Malaysian interiors didn't age as well, so the Korean has a little edge. The dealership is reasonable and you can find most parts outside these days. Body parts obviously aren't as easy to find as Japanese cars but not impossible.
  3. The Don

    Importing a Brand New vehicle from UK

    In terms of buying a vehicle from the UK, it is possible to side step the exporters but you need to wonder if there is a benefit in doing that. Most exporters only keep the VAT refund as their margin anyway. As a person you cannot claim the VAT back. Only a VAT registered business can do that and it takes a couple of months. Also remember the LC system does offer some protection and exchange controls might make it difficult to make payment any other way. Most UK car dealerships aren't setup for LC based exports. It is possible to buy a vehicle in the UK without paying VAT if you are buying it for export. But you have to be present in the country to do this and only certain dealerships have experience with this scheme. But it is possible. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/personal-export-scheme-notice-707
  4. A few things to consider. #1 There is an element of Sri Lankan value addition here. If there wasn't this car would be even more expensive. #2 Unlike Micro this manufacturing plan brought in foreign investment as its a joint partnership with Mahindra of India. #3 I agree on the gearbox option. Until they install an auto box, it won't be attractive at that price. It does need bigger wheels as well.
  5. The Don

    Rover Car

    This was probably the best Rover in many years but sadly could not save it from going down. This was designed under BMW stewardship though the engine I believe isn't BMW. Find out which engine it has before buying (it might be a Rover K series). I am sure you can find all the parts you need from a UK yard for cheap and the car seems to be in decent condition. Probably only engine and electrical work needed. Second when the Mini was made Morrin, Austin, Leyland and Rover were all just brands of the nationalised British Leyland motor company. So they were always made by the same company before BMW siphoned it off.
  6. The Don

    Issue with Honda CR-V 2018 JDM

    I am sorry, I had a chuckle reading this. I haven't really explored the options and most likely it is less than the JDM. But the Thai brand new import's stereo is in English and it sort of does the job. I wonder if these units are a straight swap. In time there will be UK market used units as well with more options. But great to read the efforts on getting the JDM units to work and sorry to hear about SD cards being stolen. This is why I hate the Ro-RO method of transport, even if it is cheaper.
  7. The Don

    Good Tyre Brand....!

    My wife's car had issues with the stock Dunlops on her Honda. Basically the sidewalls seem not as strong and cause wear on both sides of the tyre while the middle was ok. This rendered the tyres unusable earlier than necessary. The problem isn't just the tyres. In SL tyre shops do not inflate tyres to their recommended tyre pressures supposedly for comfort reasons and this is probably the biggest contributor, not the tyre itself. So I think Dunlops are fine, just run the pressures the manufacturer recommends (its on the driver side door column).
  8. The GPS locator is an anti theft device. If they are supplying it, they will most likely install it as well. It wont be visible to passengers and will be hidden behind existing panels.
  9. The Don

    Side Mirror Theft Toyota Premio,Ward Place

    My take is there is no point being too precious about the car. As long as insurance takes care of damage/ theft, you should just consider enjoying it. After a while you will realise the time effort spent to protecting it outweighs the benefit you get from it. We have resorted to self insuring our daily runner (3rd party) because once we counted the hassle and the deductions of having a comprehensive policy due to the car being a bit old, and the frequency of claims, made more sense just to pay for the damn repairs than pay for comprehensive insurance year after year. The car lives a hard life and accumulates bumps and scratches regularly and can't afford much downtime. So it only really stops for regular maintenance and repairs The rest is considered war paint.
  10. The same engine is used in multiple vehicles, and tweaked for the characteristics required for that vehicle. For example the 1.0 turbo engine used in the Swift RS is also used in the Vitara. But the way the engine is managed is not the same. Suzuki would tweak the engine to deliver more torque at lower rpms compromising fuel efficiency a little as the Vitara is a heavier car. I don't think the ECU programming for a vehicle is based on country of manufacture, more on the vehicle and application. However in larger markets there will be market specific customisation And as the programming is static, each of those ECUs will have a different part number (hence when replacing you can't just base it on the engine). Also you can't really say one is more superior than the other It's set up for the specific requirements of the vehicle and market.
  11. @iRage I think another reason some of the options are not available even for selection is the origin of manufacture. As some models imported new to SL now come from Indonesia/Thailand whatever developed for those markets is essentially what we get as well. On the options I can see the benefit of adaptive cruise control and cruise control on motorways. I'm yet to use a car with adaptive cruise control but I use cruise control quite a lot, even in SL. The adaptive will deal with the issue of encountering traffic on the way. I'm not a big fan of emergency brake, because sometimes the best cause of action to avoid an action is not to brake or brake lightly. Also the system completely ignores the situation behind you which you are taught when learning to consider (at least in the UK) before slamming on the brakes unless an extreme emergency. Finally as you point out a massive pain for the car to keep breaking when it thinks when three wheelers, motorcyclists etc are filtering quite close to you not to mention pedestrians. On the issue of the permit, I think the OP should consider the following. #1 Buy new if at all cost effective but try to stick to models which are not too different from the JDM. That will ensure a good supply of spares and body parts and keep long term ownership costs down. The CRV is a good option in this sense. #2 Consider the agent. I've dealt with Toyota Lanka and Stafford and both seem to be decent. Note Stafford does slap an agent commission on top the purchase price and there is a long wait, and personally on Honda's I do not consider warranties that important (to be honest this will hold true on most Japanese vehicles, except hybrids where the battery warranties can prove useful). Warranties are essential if buying a European vehicle. So on japs carefully consider third party importers as well. #3 Make optimum use of the permit. Buy something of which the duty figure is close to the permit exemption. #4 If possible avoid made for the Asian market vehicles. It's not because these vehicles are bad, it's just we do not yet have as big a supply of spares from these markets, plus they are a bit like us so don't really throw away vehicles, so have to rely on the agents for new. This is somewhat true of Korean vehicles as well though things have improved a little. The other reason is some of these made for asia models are made for a lower budget, so won't have the same interior build quality of their international cousins. Often mechanical s are derived from other models so rarely an issue.
  12. The Don

    Side Mirror Theft Toyota Premio,Ward Place

    Kanishka, you are facing the sad reality of parking in public places in Colombo. There are thieves everywhere. All the suggestions above are good. They are: 1. Fitting a security system which activates on motion detection and 2 way alerts (you will get an alert on your remote when something happens) 2. Covering the car with a car cover after parking 3. Parking close to a home or office with CCTV 4. You can try to cables etc, but while as they will make it difficult to get the mirror off the car, they would probably damage it trying and that would mean replacement anyway. But anything that makes yours less easy to steal would hopefully encourage the thieves to go elsewhere 5. Use a dash cam with motion detection which will record anything that happens around the car even when parked. The slight problem here is when parked near a busy road you will run out of space quickly And finally consider public transport options / taxis when working in offices which do not provide secure parking for their staff.
  13. The Don

    Toyota Tyre Repair Kit

    The repair liquids are all the same and pumps from different brands are very similar as well. The only difference I have noted is in how the pump connects to the repair liquid bottle. The replacement repair kit bottles have come down quite a lot from what they were. You can buy a generic one and keep and they work the same. The tyre place will just scrape the foam off and repair the puncture properly afterwards, though it is a bit of a mess. Good to keep a spare if there is space but most cars with repair kits no longer has a spare wheel bay to keep them.
  14. The Don

    Some Concerns?

    If you are new to cars, I think its best to stay away from the GP5/ Vezel just for the moment. They are not bad cars, but dual clutch transmissions need to be driven in a particular way to reduce wear and tear on the gearbox and both have had various software issues that have mostly been fixed via recalls. The dual clutch units are bit on the expensive side for replacement though as a technology they are superior to fluid torque converter traditional automatic transmissions. Both the Swift RS with the 1.0 turbo and the Vitz 1.0 are excellent cars. Out of these I would pick the Swift for better interior, more power and more add on's on the top end versions (the so called safety). The Vitz feels a little less premium compared and we are considering buying one for ourselves (having done a bit of research at this price point). The GP3 is also a pretty good car. My wife owns one and it has been trouble free apart from regular maintenance and a new 12V battery. Do note the Hybrid batteries will need replacement soon as these are all now beyond the 5 year mark. They aren't as expensive as the Toyota ones because they don't have as much capacity and the system isn't as reliant on them as the Toyota Aquas/Prisus/Axios are. Just my 2 cents.
  15. The Don

    BMW 520d

    I think there is a market for these car's so you won't be stuck with it forever. The key thing is to get it inspected by Prestige or a reliable inspection company to get an idea of faults you need to rectify. Known issues include premature engine wear due to low quality diesel used (these engines need low sulphur diesel, which is marketed as Euro 4 diesel), suspension and steering problems due to being used in rough roads. Also check if the cars have run flats and how much of the tyre is left as run flats are fairly expensive to buy in SL. Some cars didn't come with run flats but the repair kit and tyre inflater.