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  1. I guess I am left with few options now. Mazda Familia 323 - avoid EFI versions AE80 (Much lower cost) - Need details - Much lower cost, if ur lucky u may find a good copy AT 150 Carina - Is it good/comfortable? - does it looks OK? Ford Laser 1990+ -
  2. Im using opel corsa b (1995) for more than 4 years, did 47,000Km + no parts issue in colombo, can bring down any body parts if necessary. sathosa motors still in operation(only once i went there ) but recommend to have a good opel mech for ur mechanical repair work. in this 4 years replaced all sensors for less than Rs.10,000/- (ebay ) T belt change with water pump Rs.13500/- repaired radiator 3500/- shock absorbers repaired Rs.9500/ (new will cost 32,000/- for all) A/C fully repaired Rs.35,000/- (it was fitted in SL) plugs replaced once Rs.4500/- brake serviced two times Rs.9500 each (front brake pads only change once) did paint job once doing service on time with multi grade oils (my engine still strong with same performance)
  3. this is true for petrol engines and if any repair to be done it will not cost fortune ! go for any Nissan or Toyota YOM after 1998
  4. any coolant loss after a trip like 10-15min traffic ? if yes do following check ur radiator cap , do full service for radiator (removed it and check for blockage) , fill with new coolant, install new radiator cap , ask radiator repair guy to check water pump status (professionals know how to) thermostat looks like ur fan RPM ok but not coolant flow inside engine,
  5. check for vacuum leaks, horse going in & out, TB seating, metal cable ties etc etc Note : i had a bad miss like u said, after repairing brake booster(vacuum leak) it disappeared, mileage reading jump from 12 Km/l to 14Km/l (out station with A/C)
  6. Seal - from Auto A/C repair person, people who repair injectors has spares but they wnt give if ur not repairing/cleaning injector do take sample(old seal) save ur time. rubber horse - any auto shop will give. so take sample(old horse) tell that u will be using for TB, they will give correct type which is expensive (1 feet 250/- ) also keep the distance between TB and MAP sensor very short. u only need flat screw drivers to open TB housing, and good allen key set to unbolt then take out injector,replace the rubber ring(this is not an ordinary ring which should work in high pressure+petrol) between injector & TB injector holder
  7. im using single point EFI euro car (Opel Corsa B - 1995 12NZ engine), and had same fuel fingers with A/C when i was buying (3 years back),now im getting 14-15Km/l (mixed driving with A/C) start with - 1.Injector (only one) seal - replace only cost me 350/- 2.replace horse going from TB (ur electronic carb) to MAP sensor cost 250/- for one feet. above work u can do it your self if u have tools
  8. went batti same route no issues, driver from office took pasyala > narammala > Wariyapola>Padeniya > thabuththegama > kekirawa > habarana > polonnaruwa > to batti thambuththegama > kekirawa road - not the best Avg speed 70-80Km/h time 5 1/2 h to polonnaruwa (weekday, 5 a.m - 10.30 a.m) 45min stop for baraeckfest @ dambadeniya (after passing town 300m to ur left hand side > best plc in this route for me) btw anyone got update abt Kurunegala > Dambulla road status ?
  9. Spectra is one of the best cars i ever drove(my friend's car). 5 people on board not a issue, good space, confy seats etc etc, 8km/l with A/C in city 12 Km/l Max in out as for owner, if ur family & friends think cars only made in japan only. then re think ! if not go for Kia any car with regular services on time + average rev can use that engine for long time, suspension & interior depend on ur family size , age and number of kids under 10.
  10. try Philips X-treme Vision , i had same issue, my reflectors old need to replace, Philips X-treme Vision cost me Rs.4400 for both in SL and rectified 70%
  11. my brother in-law looking for a repair person in kandy for his freelander. ????
  12. i used to reset ECU when necessary(yes DIY ), like LancerL said not many makabass do that, specially makabass dont have proper knowledge to understand necessity of it.
  13. You said " I do not experience this issue on a cold start" ....... so if i were u, will concentrate engine only, so SCAN it !!!!!
  14. CE110 - petrol ? btw since u still smell petrol, check following 1. Throttle Body - if not clean for more 10,000Km clean it check for vacuum leaks 2. Plugs - check and replace if necessary, (if not used same brand heat range difference apply) 3. Scan - check for any error codes , 4.If u think all above expensive just remove ur car battery negative wire and leave it for over night then re-plug, you may feel like issue fixed, but it may come again, if so start from step 3 to 1
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