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  1. machan tell me where you live because i know a good garage.he only undertake a job if he could do it perfectly and the charges are reasonable too. we took our old nissan double cab to him for an engine overhaul and he did it perfectly. and he charged only about 9000 rupees.
  2. Hi machan one of my friends converterd his old nissan blue bird to power steering some time back. I am not 100% sure about the current prices but at that time(about 1 year ago) he paid around 15000 rupees for the required parts(used parts). those include the new steering rack, the power steering motor and the other pipe lines required to feed oil to the rack and since the power steering motor is driven by a belt you'll need to buy a new puley(this is connected to the crank shaft and all the belts are connected to this) that can facilitate the additional belt. First take out the current steering rack and take it with you when you are going to buy the new steering rack and always take a good mechanic with you if you dont have knowledge about these parts. You'll be able to find a good steering rack for about 8000. Always go for a good rack even at a higher price. And make sure to tell the used parts dealer that you'd bring the parts back if the are found to be defective.Normally they give a gurantee for about 4 to 5 days. I dont know a good garage for the conversion but please be carefull when selecting one. because the mechanic that my friend hired didnt do the job well and now there is a play in the steering rack.
  3. can get it from quantum. priced around 1500.
  4. Hell no man you dont have to replace them every year.
  5. what is that thing machan? what sort of a engine is it?
  6. The fee for one day transfer would be around 1500 (i think its less than that). Go the RMV before 9 and as soon as they open the gates rush in. Then you'll be able to get it done soon. I think you need 2 passport size photo graphs and a copy of your NIC as well. Machan i advice you to fill all the forms instead of photo copying them.Read the instructions on the tranfer papers carefully. If you use the oneday service you'd be able to get the new documents in the evening. Normal service would take ages machan and during that period if you decide to see the car that would be a head ache. As far as i know there is no time frame but what they advice is to get it transferred as soon as you buy the car.
  7. How old is the car? If it has a valve through which you can inject grees them you have to lubricate it periodically but machan if it doesnt come with a grees nipple then you are not suppose to lubricate it. May be your ball joints are too old and due for replacement.
  8. In terms of performance it wouldnt make a very big difference. Changing the muffler is only one part of the jobto make it a full performance exhaust you'll have to change the header and the exhaust pipes as well. Using bigger pipes that match your muffler would make the exhaust restriction low. And machan equipment such as catalytic converters increase the exhaust restrictions. So what some people do is they remove that as well. But this would be disastrous on the environment. But if your catalytic converter is not working and if you dont plan to replace one(ofcourse you wouldnt do it in srilanka) i dont see a reason as to why you keep it. Archon checkout the picture below it'll show you the difference between a stock exhaust system and a full after markat one.
  9. OOOps forgot that ill edit the post machan. I should say that after they installed the exhaust there was some improvement in performance. And machan fuel comsumption was very high when i pushed the car hard. And i didnt find a big difference when i drove the car normally(when i drive the normal way i shift gears at 2000rpm). No machan they didnt give any technical data.
  10. Bloody 25000 rupees and i dont think that the build quality would be as good as foreign ones. His name is....well everyone knows his name which ...D******
  11. Thats great bro 4-2-1 is good for street use. Hmmm rite now you have a CAI and a exhaust header is on the way so bro whats next ......a turbo package and what are your future plans with the car?
  12. If you wonder how exhaust headers improve performance read the notes below machan. During the exhaust stroke, a good way for an engine to lose power is through back pressure. The exhaust valve opens at the beginning of the exhaust stroke, and then the piston pushes the exhaust gases out of the cylinder. If there is any amount of resistance that the piston has to push against to force the exhaust gases out, power is wasted. Using two exhaust valves rather than one improves the flow by making the hole that the exhaust gases travel through larger. In a normal engine, once the exhaust gases exit the cylinder they end up in the exhaust manifold. In a four-cylinder or eight-cylinder engine, there are four cylinders using the same manifold. From the manifold, the exhaust gases flow into one pipe toward the catalytic converter and the muffler. It turns out that the manifold can be an important source of back pressure because exhaust gases from one cylinder build up pressure in the manifold that affects the next cylinder that uses the manifold. The idea behind an exhaust header is to eliminate the manifold's back pressure. Instead of a common manifold that all of the cylinders share, each cylinder gets its own exhaust pipe. These pipes come together in a larger pipe called the collector. The individual pipes are cut and bent so that each one is the same length as the others. By making them the same length, it guarantees that each cylinder's exhaust gases arrive in the collector spaced out equally so there is no back pressure generated by the cylinders sharing the collector.There are two types of headers that you can use one is 4-1(four into one) and the other is 4-2-1.(4 into 2 into 1).Usually, the four-into-one header is a better choice for high RPM operation and wild camshafts. For street use where a broader torque band is desired, the 4-2-1 is usually a better choice. However, VTEC Hondas are almost always better off with a four-into-one header because of their inherent long valve timing events. you can get a custom built one from one of the famous car modifying guys in srilanka. Once i took my honda there and since the price was too high i dropped the idea.
  13. Hi bro i got my muffler from el**** ind******* 1.5 years back. They have a wide range of mufflers. I got mine for about 10,000 rupees. Its stainless steel and still in superb condition and it gives a great sound at low rmp.Look at the picture below.
  14. If a car is priced Unbelievably below its market value always check the history of the car well. Because they could be stolen ones.
  15. Machan how much did you pay for the battery at that time? Do you know the price of one now? Thanks.
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