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  1. Hi MD, Thank you sooooo very much for the pick, I would luv to see your TR someday if that's fine with you
  2. Hi MD, It was red when it was with my uncle but the last time I was it at Riley's it was painted white the number was EL cant remember the rest my uncle was Bently Jayasekara. I have been following your project with so much of interest, happy to see what you have done and I know it has taken a lot of effort from your end, as a lover of the TR car I will say you rock dude,
  3. Hi MD, What is the difference tween the TR3 and TR3A ??? TR cars have been some what of a obsession of my from the time I can remember I use to sit in my Uncles car which was a TR 2 and pretend to drive it when I was small.
  4. Hi MD, Just wanted to know, how many TR2's and TR 3's are there left in this country
  5. I did not have my cam or phone on me but I this my friend who was with me took some I will ask the guy.
  6. Hi Komi, Been there a few year back, when going to Yala, yes u can truly call it a grave yard
  7. Hi MD, Great work man, The TR 2 has been one of my dream cars from the time I was a kid, my uncle had one and after he past away my aunt sold it to the Riley a few years back. looking at what you have done gave me back a few old memories
  8. Rily

    Toyota Starlet Ep 71

    No issue on parts and its not expencive It’s a nice car, Parts were not hard to find and not that expensive. Mine was not the best EP71 on fuel cuz it was a turbo, but people say stock car does well on fuel. I don’t know the market rate off them but I think it will be about 600k for a stock car, but I might be wrong.
  9. Rily

    Toyota Starlet Ep 71

    What do you want to know???? I had a GT turbo (EP 71) some time back
  10. Rily

    Quick Trivia

  11. Rily

    The Big Jump

    Congratulations machan. Could you up date us about the Operation and how it all works. I would like to know if there is a big deference in price as well
  12. Rily


    Thanks for clarifying that for me, always nice to learn As for the B/S Stories man don’t make up stuff just to get attention its short lived “just a bit of advice”
  13. Could you tell me a bit about this car please and whey its called the monster. Please do mind my curiosity
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