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  1. Whatever happened to uncle Sylvi and his windscreen polishing service? Anybody know?
  2. Hi all As it has been about 8 years since I first posted this, bumping it in the event any member can post the complete 'action steps' given the deteriorating situation on our roads, this could be very helpful.
  3. Properly built roads don't need to be 'maintained' year in and year out. Instead of blaming 'yahapalane' for everything, try blaming the people who built them badly in the first place.
  4. This chap apparantly has experienced it: An oldie but a goodie. The moron commenting at the end is lucky he got away with his life
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__p05Zicu0sv
  6. It surely cannot be that hard for you to just search on google? Here are two links that should answer all your queries: http://b-pro.ca/jdm-auction/ http://www.pakwheels.com/forums/vehicle-documentation-registration-import-lease/240577-jdm-vehicle-auction-sheet-how-decode
  7. This one's in HD: I find it amusing how the cars involved are similar to the Wijerama incident (a black BMW, a white BMW, a White Merc, and a Prius ) Except that it would've been me beating the shit out of the BMW driver had it been my car he hit.
  8. Caught myself wishing the same thing no sooner I had passed, but was still frothing mad at the near miss and it didn't occur to me at the time. That car's probably totaled or at the very least will never be the same again.
  9. To the morons in the white BMW (e36 I think) chasing the black BMW that almost side-swiped my car (and many others) at 100 miles an hour at the Horton place/Wijerama junc around 1.30 am before promptly braking like idiots while taking a turn, crashing into a parked prius and then ending up with a (probably condemned) car facing the wrong way in the drain - here's a big F YOU. Not only did you almost force several others off the road, crash into their cars (and get left behind by the black BMW that was either your buddy or was just being chased), you could have easily killed innocent people had you crashed into an occupied vehicle. There's a difference between having an accident (why it's called an 'accident') and deliberately behaving like idiots in a car you brats are obviously not skilled enough to handle. Good thing you'll didn't crash into that wedding Merc and ruin someone else' day as well. I echo the couple of drivers who passed by giving you guys the finger as you stood around looking a sorry sight...it's what you deserved. Oh...and next time you decide to take a turn at that speed, try not to step on the brakes at the wrong time...it just lets us know that it's a disaster waiting to happen...
  10. Never you mind...I was indicating that I have only dealt with them for commercial work (anti-shatter and solar film for office windows), not car.
  11. W*dac is not a small outfit, they are one of the oldest and most established interior companies in the country. They have been installing Llumar (established US brand) solar films for my OFFICE projects for the past 20 years. No complaints. Good service, prompt attention to any minor issues that arose during their 10 year warranty. However I have NO experience on their car tints but if the quality is the same as their commercial installations it should be good. Kleenpark used to deal in 3M products, have done a few commercial projects with them but they have had high staff turnover and their present staff is frankly rubbish...clueless with bad attitude, and I've no idea about the NDFOS product (they claim it is used in the Samsung displays but I don't see how this is relevant nor find any info on the same)...I think they messed up the 3M brand and had it removed from them and now peddling this Korean product...may be good or may be garbage, no idea. Not impressed. They claim the NDFOS product is 3M equivalent or better. I'd be a bit hard pressed to believe that.
  12. Ashroff's car does carry the CC label, have seen him step out of it a few times. He probably is consul for some country.
  13. The car is owned by Mr Ashroff Omar (Brandix). The family generally does enjoy their cars.
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