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  1. dude.. wat is wrong wit u man.. ok fine call your Lancer a mover.. a fast car.. or a even a p***y wagon... but sex on wheels ? oh common man.. are you for real ?
  2. you know I was like you once upon a time when I thought my car was THE car.. but then I grew up and so should you... but then again these forums are full of "nothing to do 3year old" fagots.. so I guess we'll have to live with that.. and let them have some fun on their needs for speed break..
  3. FD1 for sure.. lancer is shit
  4. wow nice... now a cop who is reading this will never find out... sha mara idea
  5. try pettah 1st cross street...
  6. YES there is Manual Virs
  7. go to U*ul or W*s*ntha you can get it done. if you need the address's you can go to the Honda Club site and get it. good luck...
  8. yup thanks I guess thats the only solution in getting the jack replaced...
  9. hey guys I got a problem with my iphone, the issue is that it thinks its on headphone mode when there's not even a headphone plugged in it. I searched on the net and tried out all sorts of solution but nothing that helped so far. does anyone have the same problem ? I tried some of the iphone dealers but they are not willing to repair them since the iphone is not officially launched in SL. any help ?
  10. that car is for sale.. or you can even bring one down it will cost you around 34... its a very nice car.. its the replacement for the CRX
  11. there's still no bike that could beat that sound of a CD200. I share the same experience my Dad had one too, way back he got it brand smacking new out of the box. never got to ride it though as I was also about the same age. but we didnt use it much only occasionally we took the bike. Never actually owned a bike other than a Vespa Scooter. I have ridden a few of my friends bikes like. HONDA CBR 250 Suzuki Bandit 250 and a Kawasaki Cruise kind of bike 400cc which Ananda (Wedisinghe) let me ride once.
  12. LOL.. this is so funny because you always tent to spit on your face always... the long boring post of yours it self tells us that you got nothing else to do than waste your time on the forums which is why maybe you were given the job of moderator... well this is your dream Prev.. dream away.... oh and if you see something like a sky or a fairlady dont wet your pants ok ? the odor wouldn't be good on your neighbors
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