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  1. My father also has a 1996 L200 cab. It seems the low breaking power is a known fault in this vehicle. We also tried, all the available options. But failed. You can not expect the breaking power of a modern car. Like someone once said, these vehicles are not made to go fast, but to go any where. So my advice is to keep your distance and drive safely.
  2. Yap. AC is running on re-circulation mode most of the time.
  3. Hacking to someone else thread Recently my Mazda 3 BL got a noise when the AC is on. I assume it's from the blower. Sounds like a piece of paper hitting the rotating blower fan. And in an recent trip I've notice that the air stopped flowing after some time. Specially at nite. After stopping for some time or turn the cooling not to heat. It starts to work. But again after sometime same happens. My guess is Ice forming or water freezing in the lines. And finally after sudden acceleration around 3500 rpm and above I can smell a burning smell from the AC wents. I assume slipping compressor clutch. Can anyone recommend a good place to repair these issues. Know how on how to remove the parts and put it correctly is a must. And also at a reasonable cost. I'm in Pannipitiya. So nearby area would be grate
  4. Hi Guys, Can anyone recommend a good garage/mechanic to do an engine overhaul for a L200 cab. I'm lining in Pannipitiya so if near by then it would be. And any idea about the price of an recondition engine. It's a 4dr5 engine.
  5. Hi Guys, Can anyone recommend a good garage/mechanic to do an engine overhaul for a L200 cab. I'm lining in Pannipitiya so if near by then it would be. And any idea about the price of an recondition engine. It's a 4dr5 engine.
  6. Hi All, My dad's L200 is having sealed beam headlight and it is very difficult to drive at night. Is it possible to replace it with normal halogen bulb headlights. From where can I buy the headlights. I do not thing I'll have to redo the wiring. Can anyone recommend a good place to buy the headlights and also a good mechanic to do the job with a reasonable charge around Kottawa area. Thanks.
  7. hi Guys, Went there today around 7.00 a.m. Security let in around 7.45 a.m. Got the temporary license around 9.15 a.m. Mind you that I went there to get to get the new license for the older version. The process is quick. But the people in werahera are not very friendly and helpful. The just do their job. And they did not ask for the medical from me. But if you are coming for the new license or renewal then you need the medical certificate. On the side note when I went to the cafeteria for a snack, a broker or a kaakkaa (crow) guy sat next to me. And time to time people come and ask for help from him. For a guy who failed the 3 wheel driving test he said the charge is 3000/=. And also for a guy who failed the IQ paper he said sit again and give him the information, for 4000/=, he'll make sure that he will get passed It seems that this is the process that most of the three wheel guys and private bus drivers obtain their driving license.
  8. Getting life to an old thread. My driving license was faded and even difficult to see my face on it. And most of the times, when police stopped me for various reasons, their face turned red when they see my driving license. So I thought of putting to an end of this. Tomorrow I'm planning to go to the RMV in Werahera and renew the driving license. Not planning to go for one day service since I'm not in an emergency and they will give you a temporary license till you are getting the license through post. According to the information on this thread, it is better if I can go there by 7.00 a.m. in the morning. And I need to take my old driving license and the NIC. Wear slippers, loose pants and a T-shirt. Questions : Has this process been changed? Is there a application form that I need to download, fill it and take with me Can I get a medical certificate from outside and provide it? If so do they accept medical certificates from any doctor? Thanks
  9. Try the agents or any reputed spare parts dealer for Nissan. I've seen the glass replaced for a Mazda familia when I took my car to M**na M**ors. They said they are having the meter panel front glass. But that's for mazda. Try the agents.
  10. Thanushka

    1300 Cc

    I had a BG3P, but a manual gear version. Mostly did driving in Colombo. Good pulling power. Feels a bit under powered with 5 on board but it wasn't a big issue for me. It was my first car and and fun to drive. Good solid ride. Had scored around 30,000 KM on it. No major repairs. It made me a Mazda lover .
  11. Still I did not had the opportunity to go out station on it. I bought it about 5 months back.
  12. Hi I own a one. Does around 8.5kmpl in Colombo. Superb handling and comfort. Fuel consumption is not a big issues, I recommend this car.
  13. It is not always true mate. When I was looking for Mazda 3 2nd generation, I've found that all of Mazda 3's are about 3.6 mil and most of the 141's and axio's are less that that price. And most of the Mazda's are sold. For Mazda, my general option is that there is a crowd that looks for Mazda and are willing to pay a premium for the brand.
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