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  1. Hi Guys, Im having GoodYear tyres in the front & the rear tyres need to be replaced soon. I recently came across a promotion for Nex*n tyres (Korean made) offered by RP.(Arpi**) Does the brand is good enough to replace for my old tyres?? Appreciate your opinion!!
  2. Hi friends, Recently I experienced a sudden sound generating from underneath of my car, Nissan N16 - 2000 model, when i started to move from 01st gear. It gradually decreased when i moved into higher gears. After a while I experienced a little stiffness in my steering wheel & this kept on increasing in the same ride making it so hard to turn the car. I somehow managed to drive back home with unbearable stiffness in the steering & wonder why this had happened so quickly since I used to service my car at regular intervals. Kindly let me know the reason for this as I'm clueless about it & appreciate if you all could suggest me a good place around Kiribathgoda area to get the problem fixed. Cheers.
  3. Guys, Thank u so much for all ur replies... Yep, I'd probably do so & go for a repeat test... Fingers crossed X X X CHEERS.
  4. Maheshw, thanks a lot for your reply.... Yep, refer the attachment for a clear image of the report. CHEERS. untitled5.bmp
  5. Guys, Kindly take a look at the report I got after my car (Nissan N16) went through the Emission Test. To my surprise it failed the test & I was advised to have an engine tune-up to solve the issue. (Actually an engine tune-up was done a couple of months back at a reputed place @ Ja-Ela) Therefore pls let me know what is actually indicated in the report & what remedial action I should take to get the problem permanently fixed. GASOLINE SPEED HC CO LAMDA O2 CO2 OVERALL RESULT ESTIMATED FUEL WASTAGE RPM (PPm v/v) (% v/v) STANDARD 1200 4.5 FAIL % Rs/Ltr IDLE 670 242 1.288 1.015 1.24 13.34 4.89 7.28 2500 RPM 2414 318 5.294 0.89 1.05 11.16 15.35 22.87 STATUS P F Thank you in advance... CHEERS
  6. Thanks a lot for all your valuable comments. I'll upload an image of the emission test report. By the way do you know a good place to have a complete scanning of the engine for error fixing and replace the worn out parts? How about Kle_ _ n Park @ Ja-Ela for a comprehensive service?? Guys who have previous experiences, pls do share your thoughts!!! CHEERS
  7. Guys, I had an engine tune-up done for my car (Nissan N16, Manual, 1500cc) two months back at a place in Ja-Ela & they replaced spark plugs, cleaned injectors,throttle body,regulator valve after conducting a system scanning (Which cost me around 9K ) Recently I took my car to a place @ Wattala to get the emission test clearance for the revenue licence but failed since it indicated an engine issue. I was pretty much puzzled with the outcome since I didn't feel anything extraordinary with my car & they advised me to do an engine tune-up again! Pls share your valuable thoughts on this matter & let me know what action should I take to correct this CHEERS.
  8. Hi, Just an update to my post.... When I tried to start my car today morning It started normally, then had a severe vibration & suddenly stopped. The same thing happened over n over again and an indication was also visible in the dash board itself. Guys, pls let me know if the issue is with the airflow sensor would I be able to replace it at my place or do I have to take the car to a garage to get the job done (I wonder how to do that since the vehicle is on permanent halt...) Also if there's any good mechanic around Kiribathgoda area who does outdoor vehicle repairs kindly share his contact info. Appreciate your comments!!! Thank You.
  9. Thanks a lot for all ur replies!!! @CJ5 - No mate, I did the tuneup just b'cos the milage went pass 100k & no issues were there at that time. @HardHat - That's a good explanation
  10. RoughRider

    Acceleration Issue

    Hi Guys Need some help from u all to identify the root cause of the acceleration issue of my car (Nissan N16,manual,1500cc,milage 107k) I had an engine tune up done for my car during January this year @ a well known place in Kotta Road,Borella & upon his recommendation went to Ro***n Motors in Rajagiriya and had an injector clean-up and also replaced the petrol filter. Normally I drive my car during weekends & It all went smoothly until the beginning of this month. I had a sudden acceleration issue while moving up a steep hill in a low gear as the vehicle started to vibrate and eventually stopped. Since then I’ve been experiencing this issue on a random basis where on certain days it runs smoothly without a problem. Kindly advice me on what I should do to rectify this issue….. CHEERS.
  11. I got the engine tune up done today @ Mr.Dhammika's place & yes, all your comments on his work proved correct. He took about 1 hour to complete the job & concentrates on his work rather than anything else. Once the job is done he briefed me the status of the engine & his fee was far too reasonable (Rs.2500/-) The engine seems to be doing well after the tune up & I too felt that while driving back home. You people are really supportive & thank you once again for all your comments mates !!! CHEERS.
  12. Thanks a lot for all your valuable comments. Appreciate if I can have the address to his place... CHEERS.
  13. Guys, I'm hoping to do an engine tune up for my car (Nissan N16) & as most of our A/L members recommended, I thought of getting the job done @ Mr.Dammika Fernando's place in Borella. I've been told that he's charges are reasonable & does a decent job. Share ur thoughts if u all have previous experiences with him & also kindly let me know the exact location of his garage... CHEERS.
  14. Appreciate all your comments mates.... Well, I bought the car couple of years back & inserted a security system during that time. I had no major issue during this period of time (Though I experienced a sudden unlocking followed by a halt in the engine a few times & got the problem fixed with the same guy who installed the system) All this drama started once I forgot to switch off the headlights during daytime accidentally. Had to jump start the vehicle since the battery got weakened & it gave rise to this start-up issue. I changed my battery recently but the problem got worse & now I'm not being able to start my car even with this shutter up & down gimmick!!! I'm looking for a good electrical guy to solve the matter & pls. share your opinion to avoid this kind of stuff in the future. CHEERS.
  15. Hi Guys, My car is a Nissan N16 (manual) & I've been experiencing this issue for a couple of weeks now. When I insert the key & rotate, it does give a click sound but the car doesn't start ( The dashboard turns up without a problem ) Interestingly, when I press the door button & bring the shutter down I'm able to start the car with a single attempt !!! There's no issue with the battery & would you be able to give possible reasons for this and how much would it cost me to get the job done?? CHEERS.
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