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    Music To Drive By

    Im sure everyone here sometimes feels the need to "break free" for a bit right? I dunno about you guys but the way i do it is to hop in my car and take a nice drive..... and obviously, one important component is the right music, which brings us to the thread... Assuming you wanted to take a DRIVE, anywhere.. be it an early sunday morning blast around colombo, or a late night trip to the hills, if you could burn a single audio disc (im purposely making the limit here), what are those 15 or 20 songs gonna be? Top Gear did a feature on "greatest driving songs ever" a while back if you remember, and i agree with most of their choices..... but i wondered what the options would be if it was, say a CD of Driving music... well I thought about it, and here's My Playlist of the songs that IMO would be perfect for a proper Driver+Car+road kinda thrash..... Feel Free to Add, Agree/Disagree, or create your own list.... and i apologize if some appear obscure.... i have weird taste 1. Thunder Road - Bruce Springsteen 2. Little Red Corvette - Prince 3. Jump - Van Halen 4. Fuel - Metallica 5. Born to be Wild - Steppenwolf 6. Tonight is what it means to be young - Fire Inc 7. Don't Stop Me Now - Queen 8. Radar Love - Golden Earring 9. The Anthem - Good Charlotte 10. Proud Mary - CCR 11. Life is a Highway - Rascall Flatts 12. Livin' on a Prayer - Bon Jovi 13. The Weight - The Band 14. Dancin' In the dark - Bruce Springsteen 15. We Built This City - Starship 16. Someday We'll Know - New Radicals 17. Rollin' - Limp Bizkit
  2. Continuing the idea had here, http://forum.autolanka.com/index.php?s...c=5657&st=0 which I had totally forgotten about till today, here's the next price band. I guess my original idea to have descriptions and experiences was quite far fetched, so lets continue in the list format... any extra info of course, will be appreciated. My choices (will probably add a few later) BMW E30 3 Series - A good one will be a decent drive, reliable, relatively economical, "interesting" and can be maintained at reasonable cost if approached right Mazda Astina - Looks cool, drives well, good prices and reliable runner. Mazda Interplay - As above, More conventional though Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno/Corolla Levin - The legendary "hachi roku", RWD Chassis, Toyota reliability, practical and with great tuning potential. Good ones are kinda hard to find though Alfa Romeo 33 - Most are at the lower end of the price band, but definitely the left-field choice here. Fun drive, not expensive to run if you find a good one (So says our resident alfisti), and it's an ALFA!!! Mini - Blast to drive, economical, characterful..... can be a hassle as a daily driver though, and reliability is questionable. Honda CRX 2nd Gen - Light weight, nice handling, decent pace, Honda reliability. Nissan Presea First Gen - All the sensibleness of a doctor sunny, in a much nicer looking wrapping. Subaru Legacy RS First Gen - Subaru, All Wheel drive, Turbo. What more do ya need? Good luck finding one though. All that comes to mind right now.... will add more soon
  3. Supra_Natural

    The All New Mazda 2 (2016/sedan)

    I would suggest talking to the agents regarding service intervals. As for the manual I assume the Mazda 3 one will work, you can probably get it online. Look at getting the UK or Australian version.
  4. Supra_Natural

    The All New Mazda 2 (2016/sedan)

    Have it on the 6 and the MX5 but not the 2. I generally switch it off when I'm driving in traffic. Worthwhile checking with them how exactly they disable the Istop and whether it can negatively affect anything else. I don't see how it can affect the starter motor since as far as I know it's done via compression like you said. But it could put strain on things like mounts, and definitely does affect the battery.
  5. Supra_Natural

    The All New Mazda 2 (2016/sedan)

    Great choice mate, I'm sure you'll be very happy with the car. Agents should be able to sort you out for any maintenance as I assume it's the same 1.5 Skyactiv engine and 6 speed box that the 2 has. What is your final landed price going to be?
  6. Supra_Natural


    Seems like a bit of guerrilla marketing is going on here....
  7. Supra_Natural

    Pajero Computer body

    All this time, I also thought the same thing.... But I did wonder because you never saw "Commuter model" in the brochure or anything, just High roof and mid roof. Wow, you learn something new everyday!
  8. Supra_Natural

    Mercedes C 160

    Doesn't it come with parking sensors? All C160s I've seen have them fitted. Learn to use them, far easier than a Camera. If you MUST have a camera I'm afraid you're going to have to go the agent route and pay whatever they ask. Third parties will claim they can install one but they will invariably have to mess with the wiring to do it and doing that WILL void your warranty, not really a good thing.
  9. All of these coatings are basically just an added clearcoat like layer, all of them will wear off eventually. For the price of those things, you can easily get your car waxed once a month at a proper place for years on end and still have cash left over.
  10. Supra_Natural

    Mazda Mx-5 (Jdm Eunos Roadster)

    Thanks man, 18 wanguwa run is still pending but I've done some other good roads already and it is amazing, the perfect sports car for Sri Lanka to be honest, just enough power to have fun in our conditions. Yup VVti and I have done some runs together, so you must have seen it in his pics.
  11. Supra_Natural

    Car Polishing & waxing tips

    I have no idea where you gents find the time these days to spend hours waxing your car. For me, I just run it to a good detailing place every so often and get the job done.
  12. Supra_Natural

    Mazda Mx-5 (Jdm Eunos Roadster)

    Aiyo that's really unfortunate, wish you could have kept it around. I guess family does change priorities, though maybe you could have kept it as your excuse for "Me time" haha. They are basically hen's teeth in SL, there are quite a few "Non Original" cars (similar story to the tons of Minis around) but I don't want to go that road so will keep looking for a legit one. NBs are even fewer, I think 2 cars total. Till I find one though, I have a mountain road corner carver in the garage because I replaced the Jag with a 2015 ND, which is a brilliant car. Mostly looking for the NA to keep it company lol. the E30 looks great too!
  13. Supra_Natural

    Mazda Mx-5 (Jdm Eunos Roadster)

    Any updates on this project @MrCat? Please do keep us posted. Also, your photo links are broken. I'm also looking around for a Mark 1 Miata over here, but they are on the rare side.
  14. Supra_Natural

    Project R - March 2018 - Katukurunda Drags

    Congrats again doc, so glad to see your years of effort pay off man!
  15. Supra_Natural

    Buying a used BMW X1 2012

    Please stop opening multiple topics to ask the same question.
  16. Supra_Natural

    Used luxury SAV for 6 to 7 million?

    Any particular reason you "prefer a luxury car brand"? Because you should know that neither of those options can exactly be considered a luxury car.
  17. Buying a used car is not really as complicated and threatening as the average person seems to think it is. All you need to do is inspect any prospective purchase properly, make sure it has been well maintained and buy it at a fair price. There are places that can do the inspection in an unbiased manner nowadays too. Of course it takes some time and effort on your part so you need to have the patience for it. A good start is the excellent guide "How to Buy a Used Car in Sri Lanka" which is on the forum, written by member Saturn. It is a few years old but all the information is still spot on.
  18. Supra_Natural

    Need a help about Subaru sti4/ gc8

    Do some research, plenty written about them online and even on AL forums. Good cars, great fun but they are all old now and some will have been abused. The majority you will see on the market are conversions so you need to make sure the job was done by someone who knows what they are doing. If done properly, this is not an issue. Original cars are super rare, I'm guessing there's a maximum of 20-25 GC8 chassis WRXs & Stis of all generations (1 through 6) in Lanka, possibly less. Make sure you get any prospective purchase thoroughly evaluated by someone who knows these cars, ideally by two separate parties to be extra careful. Lastly, if fuel economy is a concern, please buy something else.
  19. Supra_Natural

    Hyundai Sonata H Matic

    Why are you replying to a thread from 6 years ago?
  20. Supra_Natural

    Audi Q5 - what's it like?

    You realize that there is no such thing as "reconditioned" when it comes to car parts right? Those are just used parts, from a scrapped car. Their durability is basically a lottery.
  21. Supra_Natural

    Buying a new car between price range 5mil-6mil

    Perhaps do some research, before shooting off an opinion? The R & D was not done in the UK, that's not how car manufacturing works these days. The Civic especially was intended from the start to be a global car.
  22. Supra_Natural

    Buying a new car between price range 5mil-6mil

    I actually wouldn't mind making the bet, I personally feel that as long as the cars are maintained properly (not with makabaases obviously), they will do ok. The fact that the agents' offshoot company is also bringing the Civic down should add a certain level of confidence. For all we know, they might end up officially importing it soon enough. But really only time will tell. Everyone (including myself) was super convinced Hybrids would fail but they seem to be soldiering on, even the older ones. Now the VW group 1.0 liters that are coming in on the other hand....
  23. Supra_Natural

    Buying a new car between price range 5mil-6mil

    I strongly disagree with your view of the Civic. Long term durability of course remains to be seen but I do not think Sri lankan conditions will have a major effect on the Civics if the maintenance is done properly. This is not a Ferrari, in every other aspect it's a fairly conventional car, just the engine that is novel and even that had had a LOT of development work put in, as Honda couldn't afford to mess this one up. I've driven one extensively and it does not feel overweight or underpowered and drives basically like a 1.6l Civic of the previous generation did, with a bit more mid range response. Guess we'll have to see what happens with time. Plenty of us (myself included) were predicting doom and gloom when Hybrids first started coming in en masse too. But for the most part even the older ones seem to be doing ok.
  24. Supra_Natural

    The All New Mazda 2 (2016/sedan)

    When I bought my 2 sedan the sedan was from Thailand and the Hatch from Japan. I sat in and poked around both extensively before deciding on the sedan. As iRage said, there is no difference in build and assembly quality, both are at a very high standard. I doubt the shock mount issue will recur as they said it was a manufacturing issue for certain parts and such things are sorted out on the run when they come to light. Anyway it appears quite early and the warranty will take care of it.
  25. Supra_Natural

    Good car polish and wax

    Personal opinion, Autoglym all the way. Super Resin Polish is a good regular use polish/wax (despite the name it's not a traditional polish, but it does have a very slight cutting effect which does really well for removing swirl marks etc. If you want even glossier then the HD wax is where it's at (at a price though). One coat of each gives a finish that must be seen to be believed, lasts quite long too.