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  1. Try out Ultimate Motor Works. They recently absorbed another smaller company (Bavarian Auto Services), which had a fair bit of experience with older BMWs. A couple of old AL members are directors of the new company too, can confirm that they know what they are doing.
  2. Supra_Natural

    Two door cars. Which is the worst.

    Bit late to this discussion, but having driven the majority of the cars on this list, I will still say that in a Lankan context a new MX5 is still one of the best fun cars you can buy for semi-sane money. The raw numbers are very low, but the sheer fun of the thing cannot really be explained in words, you really do have to try one out to get it (even I didn't at first, then I drove one). Considering our roads, traffic conditions etc, it is a great buy. Sure it's not cheap, but nothing is in SL anymore and with the right maintenance it will keep going for decades too. World's best selling sports car for a reason.
  3. Supra_Natural

    Suzuki Jimny JB33

    Speak to this guy - Prasad - 0773573228. He should be able to help you out.
  4. Please advise me whether the renewal procedure for faded old driving license (issued in 2003) is same as explained in this threat to date.   Regards.Thanks.

  5. Supra_Natural

    The All New Mazda 2 (2016/sedan)

    I would suggest talking to the agents regarding service intervals. As for the manual I assume the Mazda 3 one will work, you can probably get it online. Look at getting the UK or Australian version.
  6. Supra_Natural

    The All New Mazda 2 (2016/sedan)

    Have it on the 6 and the MX5 but not the 2. I generally switch it off when I'm driving in traffic. Worthwhile checking with them how exactly they disable the Istop and whether it can negatively affect anything else. I don't see how it can affect the starter motor since as far as I know it's done via compression like you said. But it could put strain on things like mounts, and definitely does affect the battery.
  7. Supra_Natural

    The All New Mazda 2 (2016/sedan)

    Great choice mate, I'm sure you'll be very happy with the car. Agents should be able to sort you out for any maintenance as I assume it's the same 1.5 Skyactiv engine and 6 speed box that the 2 has. What is your final landed price going to be?
  8. Supra_Natural


    Seems like a bit of guerrilla marketing is going on here....
  9. Supra_Natural

    Pajero Computer body

    All this time, I also thought the same thing.... But I did wonder because you never saw "Commuter model" in the brochure or anything, just High roof and mid roof. Wow, you learn something new everyday!
  10. Supra_Natural

    Mercedes C 160

    Doesn't it come with parking sensors? All C160s I've seen have them fitted. Learn to use them, far easier than a Camera. If you MUST have a camera I'm afraid you're going to have to go the agent route and pay whatever they ask. Third parties will claim they can install one but they will invariably have to mess with the wiring to do it and doing that WILL void your warranty, not really a good thing.
  11. Hi brother. I'm in search for an E34. I need a guiding light and proper leads to find one.

  12. All of these coatings are basically just an added clearcoat like layer, all of them will wear off eventually. For the price of those things, you can easily get your car waxed once a month at a proper place for years on end and still have cash left over.
  13. Supra_Natural

    Mazda Mx-5 (Jdm Eunos Roadster)

    Thanks man, 18 wanguwa run is still pending but I've done some other good roads already and it is amazing, the perfect sports car for Sri Lanka to be honest, just enough power to have fun in our conditions. Yup VVti and I have done some runs together, so you must have seen it in his pics.
  14. Supra_Natural

    Car Polishing & waxing tips

    I have no idea where you gents find the time these days to spend hours waxing your car. For me, I just run it to a good detailing place every so often and get the job done.
  15. Supra_Natural

    Mazda Mx-5 (Jdm Eunos Roadster)

    Aiyo that's really unfortunate, wish you could have kept it around. I guess family does change priorities, though maybe you could have kept it as your excuse for "Me time" haha. They are basically hen's teeth in SL, there are quite a few "Non Original" cars (similar story to the tons of Minis around) but I don't want to go that road so will keep looking for a legit one. NBs are even fewer, I think 2 cars total. Till I find one though, I have a mountain road corner carver in the garage because I replaced the Jag with a 2015 ND, which is a brilliant car. Mostly looking for the NA to keep it company lol. the E30 looks great too!