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  1. First Car

    I wouldn't be so quick to discount the 406. Although it is a very comfortable car indeed, it will also be the most fun to drive of any of the choices in your budget because the chassis really is superbly set up. (If everything is in good condition of course). And if you get a 2.0 Litre version it will have more than enough speed as well. The downside is that fuel consumption will be in the 6-7 range and the electrics are a bit fragile but in my opinion the plus points more than make up for it.
  2. toyota vitz Vs mazda demio

    That's actually pretty strange to me as I personally feel that 2 has better response than the 6 at the low end. The 6 takes a little time to wind up compared to the 2 but of course at higher speeds it has the advantage.

    I would honestly suggest that you continue to search for a good FD1 and buy that, or even the model after that. Will give you trouble free motoring. If you want something larger and more comfortable, you should easily find a 2009/2010 Accord within your budget.
  4. The All New Mazda 2 (2016/sedan)

    Sorry just saw this, Colonial couldn't sort it out the first time I took it in. The sound went away for a couple of weeks but then came back. After that they replaced the shock mounts completely with new items and I haven't had an issue since then. Car has done almost 10,000 KM since the repair. Haven't had any noise issues on the 6 so far and its at 45k KM now
  5. Eva! My Journey With An E36

    Shaaa... Eva looking sharp!
  6. Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart

    Car's looking great man! One thing I keep forgetting to ask is whether the Ralliart is AWD like the evo? I presume it is... Also, any plans to bump up the power?
  7. Sorry for not responding earlier @Sampath Gunasekera missed out somehow. Congrats on the conclusion of a successful project and so glad that the car is sorted and back on the road! Thanks for giving us the highly detailed thread also which I'm sure will be helpful for anyone who may want to rebuilt an S40 at some point in the future. Cheers!
  8. Converting honda crv RD1 fwd to awd

    So you bought a vehicle that you thought was AWD and didn't first check whether it was working? Wow...
  9. Honda Integra

    Not that many I believe, they all came as one batch in 98 if I'm not mistaken. The man to ask is Doctor Project R (if you've heard of him).
  10. Honda Integra

    If it's the Silver-ish coloured car, I've heard it on good authority that it changed hands quite recently for 1.4. As a general rule, that's an ok price if the car is in absolute mint condition. If there is any work to be done then it should be closer to 1.5-1.6. Either way get the car inspected either at the agents or an independent inspection place.
  11. Tax Exemption - Lanka

    I really have no idea why you felt the need to dig up a 5 year old thread just to go on a ramble about terminology... Kindly stop digging up old threads.
  12. Thoughts on BMW E34 as first car?

    Most of the good cars don't even get advertised as they change hands within the BMW enthusiast circle. Get in touch with the members mentioned before, be a bit patient and they will hook you up. E30 2 doors do not exist in Sri Lanka unfortunately and E36s Coupes are also super rare with only 4 or 5 examples in total. If one comes up for sale a price premium is very likely. Therefore you're better off with the saloons. Even a decent E36 4 door will suit you quite well I feel and there seem to be a few about at the moment.
  13. Thoughts on BMW E34 as first car?

    You have no idea what you are talking about.
  14. Good Mechanics/ Technicians/ Workshops

    Kinda forgot this thread existed for a while. Here's my recommendation for anyone looking for a good guy to fix Jaguars. Pradeep is an ex employee of the (now former) Jaguar agents IWS and he worked there for 9 years. He has been trained as an all round technician on Jaguar as that is how Jaguar structured their technician training back then. He's most familiar with the models from the late 90s upto 2008/09 but he has worked on older and newer cars also. What I appreciate most about the guy is that he takes the time to figure out the problem and has never (to me anyway) suggested expensive replacements straight off the bat. (As I hear most Jaguar specialists in Sri Lanka seem to be fond of doing). Of course I suppose it helps that I know my car fairly well and I do my research but in 2.5 years of working with the guy I have always been very pleased with the way he does things. He also listens when I tell him about something I saw in a forum or Jag website when it comes to solving a problem and even though sometimes he feels that his method is better (and he's sometimes right), he never dismisses it out of hand as some of these "experts" seem to do. Overall, I'm very happy with his work and his service. He can be reached on 0779701463. At the moment he visits your place and does the work but he is in the process of setting up a workshop of his own with the full load of equipment.
  15. Hi Supra!

    Can you recommend a trustworthy place to restore a vintage "Lucien Piccard Sea Shark"?

    Thanking u in advance