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  1. Boon against Passo - My experience

    Won't do anything for the registration book, which will still be Daihatsu.
  2. Best vehicle to buy post Nov 2017 budget

    Very interesting and certainly not in line with what is generally seen in service here. For Mazda (and Nissan, Subaru, Acura, Mitsubishi) to rank lower in vehicle dependability than BMW, Mini and freakin' JAGUAR means that there is something that the data is not telling us. Must look into this more. One thought I have is that people tend to report minor issues like not being able to figure out infotainment systems also as problems in these surveys. Still this raises a good point. EDIT: Did some reading, the above mentioned issue with the JD power survey has been noted by other sources too. Infotainment issues are also considered "Problems" on the same level as mechanical issues. https://www.autoblog.com/2016/02/25/jd-power-rethink-vehicle-dependability-opinion/
  3. Best vehicle to buy post Nov 2017 budget

    Well I have 3 of them at the moment (a 2014, a 2015 and a 2016) and so far they have all been fine. So I don't know what to tell you, other than the importer was lying as they usually do.
  4. Best vehicle to buy post Nov 2017 budget

    First time I've heard of an Aqua doing 25 KM/l, was this when you were pushing it downhill? Joking aside, under what conditions were those figures obtained? Because I know several Aqua users and I've even used one myself for a few days and the average they have done is at best 17-18 KM/L in the city, certainly not 25.
  5. Advice on BMW E46 & E36

    The majority of what you mentioned that appears to have failed in the cars you used appear to be cooling system related. It is a known fact that cooling system components need to be replaced with age, especially so on euro cars. Vacuum hoses are also age related failures usually and not really deal breakers. The N47 timing tensioner issue now has an upgraded part I believe.
  6. Advice on BMW E46 & E36

    3.5 million should actually get you into a new Japanese Kei car as well, don't write them off as they do really well in most conditions one is likely to encounter in SL, especially if you get one with a Turbo.
  7. Nissan Skyline

    Depends on many factors, such as condition of the engine, maintenance, driving style etc. Those figures were for a car in good running shape.
  8. Honda CR-V 2018

    8-9 sounds fairly realistic for the 1.5 turbo as long as you don't drive it hard. Remember that the 1.0l has to work harder in most situations (even with the turbo, it needs to be on boost more of the time) as the Civic is a fairly large car, so 10 or so is acceptable, as it's basically the same as an old 1.5-1.6 non turbo would do (slightly better actually). Just because it's a 1.0l doesn't mean that it will do Alto level fuel consumption, I do hope nobody bought Civics thinking that as it would be hilarious! You can expect similar performance from the CRV, the 1.5l is an efficiency/emissions focused replacement for the previous 2.0l engine so fuel figures will be slightly better but you can't expect it to be amazingly so as the CRV is still a fairly big vehicle and the laws of physics still apply.
  9. Best vehicle to buy post Nov 2017 budget

    Wow, so much discussion and you end up with something not even considered in the first place. Talk about Yanne Koheda Malle Pol. Anyway, glad you've finally made up your mind. Best of luck with the new car. I hope you do realize that it is absolutely NOT going to do 32 KMPL in Sri Lankan conditions btw.
  10. Best vehicle to buy post Nov 2017 budget

    Attitudes like this basically sum up why two decade old Toyotas with half a million on the clock still sell to ignorant fools for millions in Sri Lanka. Mazda is a Japanese company with a very good reliability reputation over years of service, the only issues they have had consistently in the US are related to rust in the snowy states where salt is used on the roads - which is a non issue here in SL. Consumer Reports generally rates them quite highly as well, so I don't quite know where your data is coming from (Not 100% sure I don't have access to full CR data, so please do correct me if I'm wrong.) Also Scotty Kilmer is a loudmouthed hack who is more about the drama than actual substance, so maybe don't use him as an authoritative source.
  11. Nissan Skyline

    If that is the first question that comes to your mind, then you shouldn't be buying a Skyline V35. And to answer your question, it will be around 5-6 KM/L in the city.
  12. Honda CR-V 2018

    A Civic 1.0l turbo does NOT have the same engine as the CRV. Also, "Only 10-11 Km/l"? In the city? That is actually very good fuel consumption. What kind of fuel figures are you expecting?
  13. 2015 Chevrolet Camaro

    Best bet to check the conversion cost will be to ask the local operation that does it on a limited basis for re export. I believe it is connected to Edirisinghe brothers. I'm guessing they will quote a couple of million at least because to do it properly is neither easy nor cheap. Might be better if you check in Japan if an RHD Camaro is sold there.
  14. 2015 Chevrolet Camaro

    age limit is 3 years
  15. BMW E12

    What a waste of a BMW.