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  1. Nissan Note e-power

    How about contacting someone who imports cars and asking them?
  2. Perodua Bezza

    Don't own one but lived with one for several days while doing a review for an automotive publication. It's a decent vehicle overall with TONS of space for it's size and price. Rear seat does not feel cramped for two people and it has a huge boot as well. Interior is very much like the Axia so it's decent quality for the price and feels durable. The 1.0l is the only engine option we get at the moment (with a 4 speed auto gearbox) and it is sufficient to move the car reasonably well. When loaded up and overtaking in a hurry etc it needs to be revved hard as you would expect for a 1.0 litre. Gearbox is absolutely terrible - always goes to a high gear early and does not down shift unless you punch the accelerator right into the floorboard, so you will need to shift it manually if you want response. Economy should be good, with hard driving was observing 10-12 in the city. Ground clearance is very decent and it is quite easy to thread through traffic and into tight parking spaces. Visibility is also solid. If the saloon shape is important to you and you need the big boot, then it is a good buy. Otherwise there are hatchbacks that are nicer cars for the same money. (Hyundai grand i10 for one). With tax reductions I believe a Vitz or a Swift RS-t will also be only a few hundred k more than the last price of the Bezza (3.6), unless Bezza prices are dropped also.
  3. Mini-suv under 2.5 mil.

    Is a double cab completely out of the question?
  4. Hybrid battery cell voltage drop Issue

    Good on you for not trying to hide it and pass the buck on to some other guy. Did you try calling the Hybrid Hub people? They advertise that they have solutions (I have no personal experience). Worst case scenario you can just drive the car like some have said until you save up the needed funds.
  5. Hybrid battery cell voltage drop Issue

    You sir, are a great example of why we as a country have so many issues.....
  6. 2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    Discussing the budget and any effects is allowed on this thread but DO NOT drag politics into it other than in a very general sense. Keep your political opinions to yourselves. This thread WILL be locked otherwise.
  7. KIA SORENTO 2010-12

    There are no "Different types of engine capacities", that is just idiot advertisers not knowing what they are selling. The diesel engines available here were 2200cc and the Petrol engines were 2400 cc, both 4 cylinder. That's it, full stop. Other markets had a 3.5 V6 but I don't think any made it here. Obviously the diesels are more expensive because the Sri Lankan market prefers even their SUVs to be cheap to run so whenever there is a diesel option it will have greater resale value. In the case of the Sorento the diesel is also considerably more powerful and has more torque than the petrol so it will be better to drive. On the downside, the Hyundai/Kia CRDI engine is not as tough as an old school Jap diesel and is more like a euro model in that it needs to have been run on super diesel, needs to have the correct oils etc. Even then, you're likely to be looking at an engine rebuild when the vehicle reaches around 180-200k Kilometers. Petrols are very thirsty, an AWD model will get around 4-5 KM/L at best in the city and maybe 8-9 outstation. In terms of resale there are LOTS of diesels in the market and far fewer petrols but the diesel should in theory be easier to sell if you get a good one and take care of it properly.
  8. Ford Focus Hatchback

    Future Automobiles. They are based in Battaramulla.
  9. I see our OP has not responded and has even edited his post. Good thing the reply quotes don't get altered.
  10. Ford Focus Hatchback

    The Focus is a good car overall and very highly regarded internationally as you say. There aren't many of them (or many modern fords at all really) here due to the former agents losing interest in the brand and focusing on selling indian bikes and 3 wheelers. The current agents seem to be doing a decent job with promoting the brand again but it will take awhile to establish itself in the Sri Lankan market with our peculiar belief systems. Realistically, the Focus will be fine to use and the only concern will be parts availability locally as you will have to depend on the agent for everything for the moment. If you're even slightly internet savvy though, you can get down everything you need yourself from the UK. Member @Crosswind has a focus sedan, he might be able to help you out with specific tips.
  11. A car for max. 3.8M

    I vote Grand i10. Drive the others and test drive it last. You will be impressed.
  12. Suggest me a vehicle below 2M

    And exactly what kind of fuel economy are you expecting from a car the size of a 323? 10 is very good for regular running.
  13. 2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    What exactly is the point of listening to gossip and looking for people "closely with Finance Ministry"? How can you verify any of that information? The only way to know for sure is to wait for the damn budget to come out.
  14. Advice for a Hatch back around 1.8 - 2 mil - Auto

    Says who? This kind of idiotic thinking is what leads people to buy unsafe indian deathtraps. It's perfectly possible to find 15 or even 20 year old Japanese cars that are in good shape. You just need to be patient with the search and careful in your selection. Age/mileage has nothing to do with it, trouble only happens if maintenance has not been done properly.
  15. Having said that, there's nothing much wrong with the 141 either if you find one that hasn't been crashed or mucked about with.