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  1. chathura86

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    දුකයි, ශෝකයි
  2. What type a 121 you drove. everything i drove was really slow.
  3. Not a bad car if you just want to commute from point A to B. But the market is over priced. If you can find a good one for like 2.2M then it's worth it, otherwise there are plenty of good options out there.
  4. chathura86

    Shock Absorbers For Primera P10

    Hi guys, Seems my rear shocks need a replacement. can any one help me on selecting a good shocks for that what is the best place to go out for shopping and what are the brands i should look for. also what would be the average price. thanks.
  5. chathura86

    Nissan Rz 1 Hb 12

    Hi im planning to buy a Nissan RZ 1 HB 12 -1987 (2 door) can anybody tell me about this model, is it a good one to buy and what about the parts and maintenance cost and etc. also what is the average price range for a car in good condition. some people say that 2door cars are hard to sell in local market, is it true? Please update me. Regards