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  1. milinda

    A mild performance increase for 1NZ-FE

    How much you weigh? 120kg... well that explains....
  2. milinda

    Some Info On N 16 - New To Nissan

    You know N16 sylphy came with a 1500cc (FG10) too.
  3. milinda

    Worst Customer Experience At E*ti*lat

    You would be surprised to hear that I spent half an hour to write down all serial numbers of 50 sterling pound notes on a paper when I wanted to deposit them in my NRFC account at BOC- peradeniya branch.
  4. milinda

    Toyota Hilux

    Ask for a premium wash @ any service station, they come with under carriage wash; would cost you 6 pounds though
  5. milinda

    Rugby Season 2012

    If its unethical for the TCK principal to rule out Isipathana's complaint as invalid, I wonder what you would have to say to the Principal of Kingswood College.(The President of Sri Lanka Schools Rugby Association)
  6. milinda

    Rugby Season 2012

    .......and few coaches as well (Srilankamirror) – The rugby coach of Royal College, Colombo is accused of sexually abusing the children under him, Neth FM reports. In a letter to the director of school sports, parents of Royal College’s rugby playes allege the coach, Bilal Yusuf, had abused a child during a three-day workshop in April. That child victim, in turn, got favoured and was given the opportunity to play in every game during the last season, says the letter. Also, the coach stands accused of turning the children to alcohol consumption after every game at parties at five-star hotels. Following a game against S. Thomas’ Colleg, Mt. Lavinia, he had forced the children to dance half naked. The parents’ letter also accuses him of buying referees and collecting money from the children for the purpose. The coach was sacked from two schools previously on sexual abuse charges, and the parents request the director of school sports to take appropriate action against him.
  7. I currently have 4 leases with People's leasing (3 commercial vehicles and 1 car) & I found them quite flexible & much reasonable than some banks and most other leasing companies
  8. milinda

    Smart Vigo 2.5Cc

  9. milinda

    Car Full Detailing Centers In Kandy?

    Try "Grooming s" on Peradeniya road near Art Lanka (Getabe)
  10. milinda

    Best Suv For 4.5 Mil To 5.5 Mil

    Nissan X trail 2007 unreg goes for 5.5 - 5.8mn range
  11. milinda

    Smart Cab

    Well now there's one. I bought a Navara 2x4 for 3.75mn
  12. milinda

    Nissan Vanette

    This is damn rude Pericles..... Shame...you reminds me of a typical sri lankan policeman
  13. milinda

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    Hahaha!!! Dilesh I remember you used to be the same (some good 4 years back) when you first joined this forum. Hence I find your statement amusing