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  1. Why, putting to P while taking a fast turn makes you a Drift King
  2. Same here... classified would be the best way to go and I doubt that there are many iLs around.
  3. Despite all this there is a leak according to the info, so it needs checking again. So get some competent mechanic to check all again.
  4. Lol... took you long enough
  5. stay away from quick fix bottles. Find the root of the leak and fix it. Could be a loose hose clamp somewhere. But the leak test should have pointed out where the leak is. if done correctly. When you say leak test, did you pressure the system to operating pressure? and observe? The operating pressure is indicated on the cap. Is the radiator itself leaking? How about he heat matrix inside the dashboard? If oil cooler is leaking then there should be oil in the coolant.
  6. VVTi

    Service Except Pres**

    Can do machang, not an issue. Workshop is in Thalapthpitya, off the Japura Hospital Road. Let me know if its a diesel or a petrol. We are a level 4 Prestige authorized repair center so if you like we can get you the Prestige parts installed for you. Or we can get it for you ourselves or if you like to, bring your own parts and we will fix for you with labour and other charges applicable. . Although for the latter no warranty will be given.
  7. VVTi

    Service Except Pres**

    LOL... thanks machang. Who needs help?
  8. But doesn't mean I don't stalk the forums... looking for Them Hinganna threads... To the OP... yes we can Code your car. Send me a PM with your Chassis number and the upgrade details.... and your phone number
  9. Not necessary, Preference of auto over Manual is no longer a case of Masculinity Vs Femininity. Its the reality of our times with time spent hours stuck in traffic. I'd rather be stuck in an Auto car in morning traffic than in a manual.
  10. Insurance companies goes through docs with a fine tooth comb. there is no guarantee that they will pay you even after you registered the car as the day of registration and the day of the accident will raise questions, and if they dig they can easily say that the cover was given in good faith and you withheld crucial info. This is a write off, trust me, for write offs they go through EVERYTHING!!! If a comma is out of place they will find a reason not to pay.
  11. You sound like a real KUNA... Typical Hybrid owner
  12. Didnt the GOSL tell you monkeys wait till the budget is over?
  13. Machang, really, if you are not going to run that much you are better off with a cheap Jap run around.
  14. Are you certain you used enough Question marks?
  15. there is. we just don't let the Japanese and Indian car community join it. For the simple reason that many people buy Italian cause misguided assholes buy them cheap and complain about their idiosyncrasies and we don't like that. You don't buy an Italian cause you ran out of option in buying a car, you buy an Italian cause you have all options yet choose Italian Because of that yes, we don't allow fcking losers with Thel Hinganna and Full Option and Re sale value mentality to join.
  16. VVTi

    Aqua Fuel Efficency

    Something is seriously wrong with your freaking car. Sell it and buy a normal car. For the money you spent on that hunk of junk, you should be getting your money's worth. Your are obviously not. There is NO WAY you can get 12 in he city and 24 in the Highway. Check your fux capacitor and see it if its giving out 500mV.
  17. Tell the truth... your neighbor bought a new car, right?
  18. He does. Still there. Still works on mine.
  19. Did you see a difference in the stream before and after the clean up? Physical cleanliness of the injector surface is irrelevant. What is key is the change in the spray pattern.
  20. all cars running on fossil fuel has the risk of burning....
  21. Well, if you are serious about Italian ownership, some sacrifices will have to be made. If oyu plan on cutting corners, sell it and buy a Maruti...
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