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  1. Wow thanks guys, so my suspicions were correct about the kero. The idea of soap n' water sounds good since we already have a pressure washer handy. I cleaned and oiled the chain yesterday, but took it to a nearby garage and got them to spray kero on and then once it was clean, lubed it (Got a can of Repsol Lube from Panchi for 800/- for a approx 100ml or 150ml can). Gear changing became so much more smoother, never expected such a major difference simply by oiling the chain.
  2. Hi Guys, I recently bought a CBR-250 Fireblade. I'm quite new to biking and this is the 2nd bike I have owned, and the 1st bike which requires proper TLC (my previous bike was a Pulsar). So need a few tips from you guys. I have read on many CBR forums that the chains need to be cleaned with kerosene and oiled/ lubed regularly. In our Sri Lankan conditions how often should i clean/ oil the chain. Though I am concerned that the kerosene could harm the O-Rings, the previous owner, and a few mechanics i spoke to said it is ok to use this. After cleaning the chain, what is the best Chain Lube that I can use which is best suited to our local conditions, and where can I get this? (My mechanic had a look at the chain and sprockets and said they are in good condition.) Secondly, I want to replace the body kit, it has the original plastic body kit, but there are few cracks on it so I want to replace it (I'm obsessive about keeping my vehicles in brand new condition :S). Any tips on where I can get an original Japanese Body Kit for this n' how much it would cost. My mechanic says the ones on Ebay are not the same quality plastic as the original. Thanks in advance for your advise.
  3. There are few people I know who drive and are also blind in one eye. So i guess it is allowed.
  4. Talking of breakers, there is a guy in kottawa who runs a yard of classic ford recondition parts, PM me for details, went there few times he has quite a few hard to find parts with him.
  5. Yeah your correct, I am a soundbuff I guess, n' yes most times I find myself feeling like most systems don't match upto my system. But then I'm very critical about sound n' picture quality. I used to sumtimes use the TV sound wen I had the Pioneer, which had very gud speakers...but the sound from the new TV's are intollerable. The sound from my HTiB is pretty ok. But since my TV room is big somehow doesnt seem powerful enuf. Correct about the guys at Yamaha, they are really helpful. They are the ones who put me onto the B.A. speakers. 1st Had my heart set on the Yamaha NS, or the JBL ES or Studio speakers. But the sound from the B.A.'s are simply divine to me atleast, sounded powerful, but well balanced n' the sound was closer to a Live performance. I dunno wonder if I too am taking my HTiB for granted (it was high end when i bought it 8yrs back with a Twin Driver sub, 2way 6inch wooden bookshelf fronts, n' 3 Satelites.). Am worried abt electricity cos used to get an earful from mom when i used my Pioneer for long, n' even the Onkyo. But yeah like you say will consult a profesional.
  6. Machan, do you use your theater alot?, as in even for watching TV? I used a relative's system for a while (Onkyo / Tannoy) and found out they are very power hungry, electricity bill increased drastically. I currently have a Sony "Home Theatre in a box" system (Power Consumption 120w), which I use for watching TV also, but wanna upgrade to a Yamaha / Boston Accoustics system. But don't wanna increase my electricity bill too much. I was thinking of the Yamaha 671 or 673, n' Some Boston Accoustics cubes n' Towers. Really wanna upgrade my sound system, but wanna be able to use it in peace also. You think it's advisable to upgrade? or stick with my current system?
  7. According to the reviews, seems that Sony HX853 series is currently the best LED's available, closely followed by Samsung, but LG's are getting mixed reviews. Also seems Toshiba is good.
  8. Thanks for sharing that link GTAm, that was really informative. I personally go by the global reviews when buying any electronic product (eg: Cnet.com, HomeCinemaChoice.com, WhatHifi.com n' for Phones "GSM Arena" and Stuff.tv for any electronic gadget) Been doing this since randomly read a review off HCC, prior to purchasing my first HDTV in 2005 (Pioneer PDP-435XDE), it was only later I found out that Pioneer picture quality was legendary (I did not know a thing about flat screens at the time.) Had to unfortunately go for a lower-end Sony LCD (KLV-40BX400 @ 120K) in 2011, when my Pioneer sadly stopped working. I'm a bit of a Videophile, so constantly keep check for the latest and best out there. What I've found is: 1) Plasma while not having the brightest images, produces the most comfortable and Cinema like images. However, they are extremely power hungry (435w for my old Pioneer 43", compared to only 120w for my current Sony 40"). So they are suitable if your viewing environment is dim to moderately bright. (Best Plasma's at the moment Panasonic ST, GT n' VT series, the 64" VT50 on display at softlogic is absolutely heavenly). Colours are not however as bright as n' vibrant LCD's or LED's. Also not very well suited for SDTV viewing. Even larger Plasmas (above 40") generate less eye strain when watched in a moderate to dimly lit domestic environment. 2) LCD in my experience colours are more vibrant than Plasma (however Plasma Images look more natural to me when compared side by side). Much more brighter than Plasma too. However need to be used in a Moderate to Extremely bright room (I know this cos I need to switch on more lights when watching my LCD than when I used to watch my Plasma, otherwise eyes start to hurt after sometime). SDTV seems to look better than on Plasma, more clearer and sharper. 3) LED Images are extremely colourful and vibrant than LCD, and therefore best to use in a Moderately to Extremely Bright environment. Seems to me both these LCD technologies are more suited for commercial use than home use, due to their very bright images, which can be rather harsh on the eye in a domestic environment. Again however Plasma looks most natural. I supposed LED and LCD are okay for a smaller TVs when compared to the viewing area (less than 40" for an average sized room). All this said the Samsung 46ES800 is an awesome TV when viewed at the showroom (not lucky enough to buy one, at about 499k i think). As for 3D, I dunno, personally seems a bit gimmicky to me, n' don't like the idea of having to wear special glasses to watch TV. Plain old 2D seems good enough. Also, in an ideal world, where energy costs don't matter, I would go for a Panasonic plasma without second thought. (Even more reason to do so, cos they bought Pioneer plasma technology and factories, when Pioneer stopped making Plasmas.) Also the new OLED's seem really exciting, if phone screens (like SII, SIII) are anything to go by, they shud be absolutely brilliant and easy on the eye as well. Also been mulling over the idea of upgrading to an HD Projector, to get a giant picture n' a comfortable Cinema like image. PS: Funnily enough even a 2" increase makes a big difference when selecting between 40" / 42" / 46".
  9. hey Devinda..... hehe ya back aft ages alright..... yes it is the Indian one....nt sure about the charges tho......seen a few places advertising that they have Dish TV units for sale....so i guess they are legal checked it up online tho...n' their channel line up isn't that impressive tho....check it out... http://www.dishtv.in/ not sure if this is the line up they offer here also.....(in comparison to DTV and LBN) also came across another company called SAT Lanka, now their channel line up is quite impressive....and they even offer HD channels.... @ xXx....nice one...yup sounds typical of Dialog's cust service..... here's another Dialog cust service related joke 4 u all... enjoy.....
  10. I have been using DTV since the days of CBN on which i had the full package, then without any prior warning DTV went and introduced a Premium Package on top of that, Having no other better choice I subscribed to the Premium Package few months back, and then these Clowns at DTV Go add these two channels on top of that. Having spoken to the customer service and even the head of DTV CS, I happen to know could not get a solution as this was aparently a policy decision. I was also told it would be the same story if they add channels in the future. We would have to pay for each individual seperately. Seems like DTV is quite intent on extorting us like this since the is no other competitive provider. I even checked out all other options when they did this thing with TURBO, however seems like none of the other providers are able to offer a better service, though their pricing is competitive. I wouldn't expect much different from Airtel either, since from what we have seen they haven't really delivered on any of those fantastic promises they made, during the mobile launch. Has anyone here tried using DISH TV, it seems like they are pretty good....
  11. i hate sl cops....99% of the time all they evr do is mess things up n' keep bribe hunting..... blady idiots copped me yesterday.....for 74 on da a9....when da road was virtually empty....n' dey cheekily...aggreed to let me go for a 550/- fake 'fine'(bribe) cos dey ddnt even giv me a ticket..... here's an idea..fit a backfirin exhaust to our cars...n' giv them sum flames....evrytime one stands behinds us......hehe... evidence of our cops dumbness: i got copped on da way returnin after installin ma beat barrel.......n' da cop thought ma old silencer which i had jus taken off, had fallen off ma car while i was drivin....
  12. gr8 price dude for those specs....jus dat da HDD is a bit small....nt a prob for a lap...tho cause u can always get an external HDD.....Gr8 Buy....
  13. shit dude....this is hott, n' 2 think ma dad had one of these as his first car....remember riding in this it as a 3yr old....damn didnt hav a clue this was so special....WOOW....
  14. NICE WORK MADZ. ela new forum, jus checked it out, maxxa, maara posh ah hehe....seriously dude, nice work........
  15. Happy B'l8ted B'day KLM, sorry for da delay dude....hope u had a gr8 day..
  16. dude u evr chek'd out da brighton national speed trials.... it's awesome....went 2 c it once ma'self......
  17. man thats hot...... i want a car like dat guys chk dis out....suuped up skyline http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQoQhDXeT_I 1000hp skyline on topgear http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YyZUQKwxhHg
  18. damn u guys r lucky......nice....game.... wish i cud get ma xbox fixed jus playin nfs carbon on ma pc still
  19. hey cool. so she can really turn invisible ha.....niiice.....
  20. well as far as i kno, seidles don't deal with vaio's...pls do let me kno if u hear otherwise..
  21. @ The Don n' xXx ok now FYI as follows; i was in streetkia's position when i was buyin this laptop. I was lookin for a gud poweful allrounder at a gud price. i am aware dat a £1300 laptop is way outta budget, however i stick to my point dat VAIO is now tryin to enter da average user's market in a big way, hence da gr8 VFM. da prices of da new vaio's r jus amazin 4 da features u get. i almost bought a hp dat was bigger in size wit similar specs. n' da price was a bit higher. i luk'd at dell, ibm, acer n' toshiba also, n' as surprisin as it was to me da VAIO offered da most features at da lowest price, plus it was alot sleeker dan da rest as well. of course da acer was a bit cheaper dan this but i heard it had major over heatin issues even to da point of certain parts meltin inside(dunno how tru this is but was afraid to risk it). as for da overheatin issues, yes i did hav them for abt a month or so, da prob was nt serious at all, n' was sorted wit sum updates frm da VAIO site. now it's workin gr8. jus to remind u all again i hav no clue of da local market.
  22. ok well. here's a bit of ma limited laptop knowledge.....just a warnin havnt checked out da local laptop market at all...... ok in my opinion da best value for money is da VAIO, u get a super config, cool software at da best price for dat range in da market.....for example, i got my VAIO a yr n' a bit bk at £1300....it's a core duo 2400(1.83 ghz) processor...15.4 inch wide HD screen, 1gb (upto 2gb) DDR2 Ram, 160GB 4200RPM hard disk, DVD DL Writer, NVDIA shared graphics wit turbo cache n' 256mb shared memory....as for gamin capability, i play NFS MW, n' carbon on it wit no issues...(i use da lowest pixel count n' max detail resolution tho...), dey gave me Windows media centre wit it, DVD editing software vid recording SW, lotsa other cool sw, wit da standard office sw's..... da competition; HP advent(cant remember da model), 3.4G P4 HT processor, 1gb(-2gb) ram, 17inch widescrn hd monitor, 100GB hdd, DVD DL RW, ATI independent 256mb graphics, media remote, came wit media centre....price £1500-1600....da toshiba's of da same spec were more, dell was more too..... i hav heard dat da acer has overheating issues, otherwise their prices also were quite gud for da specs dey were giving..... plus da best part is wit da VAIO u get da cool n' sleek luks.....but no agent in SL.....tho most countries do hav a agent..... think da apple's are quite gud too, but there hardware configs r a bit different to window's based laptops, cause of da MAC OS platform....but da new range is quite reasonably priced.... hope i helped
  23. there is a thread. cant't find it. yes there is i guess. i know a few ppl. who got copped like that. most of da time, it's just our dirty cops lukin for some of da green stuff as u sd. da law is that the sound of da vehicle should nt be excesive(sorry no clue abt da technicalities.). i wud think this applies to cars built for racing, due to da sound generated by their straight thru exhausts. really dunno, ne guru's on SL motorin law in da house??
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