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    BMW & Mazda
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    325i & Familia - BJ5W RS
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    2500cc Straight 6 & 1500cc VVTi
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    Mazda: S-VT head & down pipe Fuel pressure regulator Short throw shifter Straight through exhaust High flow K&N air filter Font & rear stabilizer bars 'Merwede' lowered sports coil springs 10" 22mm front disks BMW: none
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    Mazda: Protege` type instrument cluster Protege` tail lights Protege` head light housing Protege` illuminated door sills Authentic 'OZ-Racing' 15" wheels 'Pivot' digital speedo meter Oil pressure gauge Nardi Torino leather wrapped steering with air bag BMW: none
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    Mazda: Rear disk brakes Front and rear strut bars Rear stabilizer bar Greddy engine management system BMW: too many to list.. :D

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  1. If your attempt fails, I might be able to sort you out with a replacement cluster... Let me know. The pic says it's a VDO, does it have the RPM ? Cheers and all the best with the restoration..
  2. Have a pair of 301 and a Bose center
  3. Bugatti

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    How big a hard-drive do I need??
  4. Talking about Jabba... Where is that Fat Boy...?? Does he still have the STi ?
  5. Bugatti


    Buy it on ebay dude... http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_trksid=p2047675.m570.l1313&_nkw=36455+PT3+A01&_sacat=0&_from=R40 Or wait for BoraMora to reply.. he deals with Gaskets day-in day-out
  6. Didn't mean disrespect.. what I meant was that we would have loved to see more of it than have it parked in the dust.
  7. Bugatti

    Bmw E32 - 07 Series

    I know the car you are referring to. It is the only E32 manual in the country, and was owned by a BMW enthusiast. Sadly it was neglected due to unforeseen issues the owner had. It needs cosmetics attention as the motor was running fine until it was switched off for the last time. The expert in Kelaniya stripped off most parts before the finance company took away the car.
  8. Curious to know what the accident was.... Cos we couldn't see it. Either way, the high proclaimed GTR seemed to eat dust..
  9. How come we didn't know...?!?! don't tell me it fits only Alfa
  10. to my knowledge, no one has em.. not even Wurth
  11. Looks like he succeeded racing it...
  12. I record em on my DVR... did you watch last nights episode of the race to Oslo in the Merc McLaren?
  13. I have a different opinion on this... Installing an HID to a car that does not have a lens, makes the light scatter thus in most cases blinding the on-coming driver. This too can be reduced to a certain extent by adjusting the reflector and proper focusing. Then there are cars that came from factory with the lens, but without HID... and these, even with the aftermarket HID don't scatter light. Example, my 91' E34 has the lens on the low beam and I installed a Philips HID. My friends 99' E46 didn't come with a lens on the low beam.
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