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  1. Many happy returns of the day machan!!!
  2. ash

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    I don't mind having one, e-bay???
  3. ash

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    These days I'm trying to keep a tank full whenever possible to avoid a panic situation of news of a fuel shortage. Never know these guys.
  4. Better Truck "SEX 2010" & trailer "HIV 2012"
  5. razordj Velocity is not a place... a members profile name. His Name is Dimantha (Jayawardena - not sure) Sadly don't have the contact number... but many of the forum should have. someone will post soon. 1st page of this thread got his posts... try to pm him.
  6. ash

    Post Whoring - Part 2

  7. Once my experience wasn’t tiresome at all. A car rear ended my car once, the damage wasn’t bad, but he was blaming me for stopping my car all of a sudden. I actually had to do it because the car in front did a turn without a signal or courtesy. The argument went on and I also didn’t want to let go simply he was talking big. Went to the police station and logged a complaint against him. That’s all my hassle, police took the case there on. He had to appear in courts for two sessions, pleaded guilty for the offence, had to pay 4000/- plus to the courts, and instructed the insurance company to settle damages on mine. Got a copy of the case through a lawyer that I know, but I didn’t claim it since it was too small damage and hardly noticeable. All he had to do was to say was “sorry”.
  8. ash

    Datsun: Coming Back?

    It's been more than two decades since Nissan Motors phased out its Datsun brand to strengthen its own company name. But times and circumstances changes and here we are with Nissan now planning to wake up its old Datsun brand from the dead, according to a report from Japanese business daily Nikkei that was forwarded by Reuters. The newspaper said that Nissan wants to use the Datsun brand name on a new lineup of low cost vehicles tailor made for emerging markets starting from 2014. The move is reminiscent of Renault's decision to buy out the Romanian automaker Dacia in 1999 for the same purpose. Nikkei said that Datsun's new range of vehicles will be priced at around 500,000 yen (equal to US$6,200 or €4,630 at the current exchange rates) and at launch will be manufactured and sold in India, Indonesia and Russia. Nissan officials told the newspaper that they expect annual sales of around 300,000 units. c/o CARSCOOP
  9. ash

    Subaru Sti 11

    I'm sorry for my ignorance.... What is STI 11, Is it the 2nd gen Sti 10 or the New 2011 Sti sedan?
  10. I actually drove my friends newly acquired 2011 T-Spirit (1.8) Prius last week. In the Power Mode it moves comparatively better than other modes. BUT you have to floor the pedal, still high revving sound does not really matches with it's acceleration. My friend is so thrilled about the acceleration of the PWR mode. His own words "Vidala yanawa". Didn't say anything since he's still so high abt the new ride. I'm planning to take him a round in my humble ride this Sunday. BTW... My vote went for "SUCCEED - Hybrids will become accepted and 'mainstream' and will 'SUCCEED' in Sri Lanka". It's like if MR becomes president even in the next election, that does not mean every citizen accept his wills and ways.
  11. Am I in the right site???
  12. Many happy returns of the day DD!!!!
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