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  1. mazdaspeed

    what to buy Mazda 3 2015/14 or Civic 1L 2018

    Sweet ride - congrats on the new purchase.
  2. mazdaspeed

    Mazda Bj5p Repair

    Like Sig has said, have a chat with him and let him do a test drive, He will fix it if it- naturally if it's something minor, you may have to live with it. also when driving do you simply put your foot on the accelerator and let it increase speed ? I had a habit of taking it off and pressing down - this help increase speeds much faster and shifting was better for me. may be it's not the correct thing but worked for me.
  3. mazdaspeed

    MAZDA BJ5P Can Use Tyre Size 195/70/R14

    Yes - you can use the size, I've had 195 /60/R15 so should not be an issue
  4. mazdaspeed

    Garmin Gps Maps For Sri Lanka

    Does any one know how/where to get the map for a 2014 Mazda Axela ?
  5. mazdaspeed

    Mazda Axela

    Sorry for going a OT- Could any one please help with sharing some information with regards to converting the default map that comes with the 2014 1.6 Axela to Sri Lankan map ? Any one who has done it with a recommended place who will do properly. thx in advance
  6. mazdaspeed

    Emission test report CO high.

    This was the same case for Nissan N 16. Failed it several times and did all sorts to get it fixed. The bloody car does not have an oxygen sensor - thus the fuel mixing is done though a manual unit which does not change as per the ones which has an oxygen sensor. So once I left the engine running for a short while, it passed. This was explained to me by a mechanic who worked for [email protected] Mind you when I took the vehicle to [email protected] with the issue, their reply was that the car was manufactured in 2007 hence emissions can fail.
  7. mazdaspeed

    The Ford Focus Thread

    @tbird Congrats on your purchase- She looks nice. Do update the fuel figures also- that way users may be convinced to look at Ford as an option as well.
  8. mazdaspeed

    E-BG3P computer box-Mazda 323

    A hard task- Drop me a PM with your number and I shall send some persons
  9. I too suspect a faulty Ignition coil - the issue is that when you run the scan, the coils might be working fine, but when running it suddenly decides to give up Has the petrol filter and pump been checked. ? Replacing them at 100K is recommended.
  10. mazdaspeed

    Servicing Audi A!

    A known person is looking at bringing down an Audi A 1 but the issue is in servicing. Any one know how well the Place in Borelasgamuwa is equipped to handle the A1 and the like ? Any alternatives? I thought there was a new dealer for Audi ? if they is wonder if it’s the same stance
  11. mazdaspeed

    Mazda Demio AC Compressor Noise

    Mazda does not use the piston version of compressors and the noise is a common problem. Like Twin Turbo said try oiling the compressor at a AC service center. Timely servicing of compressor and system is very important for Mazda
  12. Hi Members, Seeking your help with regards to some one who knows his stuff who can repair a Denon Home theater system – Model number is AVR-2105. It does not power on and was working fine till one day it just didn’t power up. The unit is an old model but sounds and stuff are excellent. Please PM me with any reliable source ideally guys who deal with sound systems . Thanks
  13. mazdaspeed

    Failure In Emission Test

    Need some advice guys, a long story short – I’m using a N16 and it failed the test (First time ever that a car of mine has failed) I’ve taken it to A*W and they have scanned and said the MAF is OK, replaced plugs & air filter with genuine Nissan parts, cleaned throttle body & Injectors as well. However I did not do a very aggressive run like some have said, will that help ? The mileage is 180K + and I’ve never replaced the MAF, or throttle sensor. A*W said all was fine after I gave it to them and it failed again ( Yesterday) so called and blasted them, wanted me to come again – but loaded with work and it’s a challenge. Any specific place or direction I can take .
  14. mazdaspeed

    Familia BJ5P Special Edition Rear Brake Caliper

    also Ichiro Motors highlevel road , they had a few in stock.
  15. mazdaspeed

    Need Help Sti 4 Airflow Sensor

    Hi, Did u try pleasure racing services - it's in front of Arpico at Nawinna. They stock and bring down Subaru parts Good luck