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  1. Wow - thanks for the info. So there must be an issue with my fuel consumption as I don't even come close to the figure - even a 9 would be nice to have. Would you be able to share a good place for me to take it to get a proper check up. Mine is the 1.3CC hence could be the issue as the car is way too large for the engine.
  2. Ahhh so that's why I see a lot of Guwan Planes on Mazda's - Well done now. Wonder who did the deal ? Colonial or Carmart. I'm sure it cant compare to flying in one of there planes but with a Mazda - I'm sure it's the next best thing on 4 wheels 🙂
  3. Ohhh She is sweet - A great misfortune for SL to have lot Ms. Wijwardana for what ever theories there may be out there .
  4. Is there an issue of using 95 ? True it's a tad bot expensive but after all you are forking out Apx 4.9 Mil for a MG or anything in the similar lines right ? Do you know that our 95/92 etc perhaps does not actually have the said values .
  5. Thax Devinda_Z Like to start off by thanking you for considering a Mazda . Devinda has basically covered all aspects . Selling wise I've had not issues for my past 2 rides and I never lost value either hence would not be hard to sell if she's looked after properly. Parts are freely available and there are establishments who bring them down in Delkanda and Aithidiya. Skilled People are there in addition to Manza to fix any issues. Good luck with the Hunt and be patient in your search for the one that you feel comfortable and get it check properly as there are some cars that have been messed up badly by people who have not looked after them properly e.g Gear Box issues etc Oh Yes - Fuel well don't expect anything beyond 10-11 in Colombo city traffic , outstations with good speed should hit around 15-16 per KM.
  6. Wishing all the members a happy 2020 and look forward for interesting topics to discuss in 2020 @ Madz - All the best to you and family for 2020.
  7. Hi SO the previous owner has used Mobil, Hope he has not used it for engine oil as well. Know to have a sludge issue and very common when used with Mobil in Mazda's. The Tiptronic Tyranny needs Mazda M V oil as stated on the oil stick which should be orange/red in color . Has the previous owner shared a maintenance file ? Check what exact oil he has used. I personally feel changing oil and checking the oil filter would be good. Any other out with a different view ? I recall reading in a Mazda article that the Mercon V viscosity is different to the M V oil hence could be an issue. As you have started to do a full service (Which is good) and get all checked. As for the suspension, I didn't replace any of mine form stock, but overall corning in Mazda are great fun and she holds steady at fairly high speeds.
  8. When you say Special edition RS - Is it a BJ series hatch or Sedan ? Whats the millage ? Best not use any of the above gear oils as they are not compatible with Mazda's - saying this a I've burned my fingers badly with a messed up box by previous owner Share some more info on the ride - it would help get a better answer
  9. What about other gears such as moving forward ? Is the issue only when it comes to a reverse gear ? Best would be to take it to a gear box specialist - If the gear oil was not changed least every 40,000Km, then best would be to do a change and see if it gets solved as suggested by Twin Turbo. If not then it's a repair - difficult to share a cost but my box costed me around Rs. 30K + and that was a few years back and a Mazda. there are 2 main Guys I can recommend- drop me a PM and I shall share the names ( If it's OK to share on the forum can do so )
  10. So the Rats love the new Audi's as well. The new showroom is coming up in Nawala and was told the workshop too will be shifted too a new location which is in the process of been set up but in the same vicinity.
  11. Agree with Hyaenidae Makes no sense to have it on old paint/old car unless you have repainted it fully with some good stuff . Best would be to invest in a good wax ( not the standard stuff which you get in your supermarkets ) but brands such as Meguiar's , Mothers carer care product range etc.
  12. Hi It could be reacted to Electric Current Circuit as I came across the same related to Mazda models after 2005. Hence if that's the case then there a lot to look in to. Best is to give a visit to either Colonial or Mazna Motors.
  13. Having had to live with a N16 ( When I say this, its due to the fact I made some decisions that I had no option at that time) I can share the below. * fuel economy is CRAP - if you are looking for N16, try to get the 1.5CC or better version * Looks - nothing much and very bland *Parts are relatively cheap and available very freetly There are better options out there in the market, do some test driving and take time to do a good research and most importantly , go with what makes you happy in the sense of look and feel - Got the mechanical aspects checked by qualified person - not a maka bass. (Sorry Cant Mention names but It starts with Car Ch%$#)
  14. Hi With regards to the engine oil, strongly recommend Castrol as said by the agents. On previous models such as the BJ , slug buildup was there for engines which used Mobil . Best avoid fully syntactic oil completely. castrol magnatec is a good oil and can run up to 10K without an issue but I changed in 7-8000. stick to the ratings mus as possible as the velocity is critical. As for the gearbox, Well I totally disagree with concept of "Lifetime" as said by one member, it means 50,000K . Having said that u need to ensure that you have the correct brand and oil type specified by manufacture. I had to suffer from a case where the previous owner not using the Mazda MV oil. Did a lot of research and found out that the MV or M5 oil velocity is different form other oils who claim it is compatible. Hence don't risk and try to get the correct oil. Also note the interval would be best changed at least 30-40000 Km simply due to the heat condition we have here along with the lovely traffic . PS not trying to promote the brand but just the simple fact that type of oils do have it;s own characteristics . Please delete if not allowed
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