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  1. Just came across this info as well. I've also replaced the throttle sensor but currently running without the Thermostat; hence could be giving a wrong reading. Defective Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor - The MAP sensor determines the level of vacuum created during an engine's intake stroke, and sends this information to the ECU. During low vacuum the MAP sensor assumes the engine's throttle is in some degree open, meaning you've stepped on the pedal. It relays this information to the ECU. The ECU, in turn, sends commands to the fuel injectors, or carburetor, to increase fuel delivery. A defective MAP sensor will not report the correct information to the ECU, thus disturbing air/fuel ratio. Usually when the ECU senses a defective MAP sensor it will learn to ignore its data, and rely on preset values, and other sensors such as the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS), and Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensor; Fuel delivery will not be as accurate and high CO may result. Defective Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensor - Low engine temperature requires more fuel. When the ECU is unable to determine what the engine's accurate temperature is, it will not adjust fuel delivery properly; resulting in high CO. As explained above, the Engine Control Computer prefers to send more fuel rather then less to avoid a lean fuel mixture.
  2. C Crosswinf is rigght - It will be a hassels for sure . Maybe an oppertunity to drop his asking price to the ground owing to the hassel if you are keen to take it on. By the way Whats the vehicle if you dont mind ?
  3. Agree on the number of accidents - majority due to carelessness, recklessness and not having understood the basics from driving schools on the principles. Getting a license in SL is the most easiest thing - compared to other continues. Bikes are safe vehicles . Just yesterday - signals put well in advance to tun to left to a narrow road form a major road, Bike fellow overtakes me from the left and tuns- my reflexes are generally good Still ( Touchwood) so managed not to hit him. Bikes are safe vehicles till you become stupid
  4. Yes the Recons don't have this issue Yes replaced with a brand new one - no point of going recon as the price difference is not much. Some how though I passed the test, the engine idle value of Co is relatively high. Hence need to see what the issue is it effect the burn of fuel. Will check on the voltage of the MAF also as you have said. Thanks for the input
  5. Ahh thanks for the comment - I can now show this to my wife as she seems to thing my thinking patters are outdated and democracy plays it's part in in SL -
  6. Hi petrol heads. It was time for revenue license renewal this year after the pandemic. Guess what the bloody N 16 failed again. The good part is I was able to get a detailed picture on how to address the issue so here goes. In my case, I had replaced the Airflow sensor , new plugs, cleaned injectors and throttle body, Cleaned radiator tan and replaced water pump (Old one was busted ), replaced throttle position sensor. Before going for the test, do your general checks : Clean the airflow sensor & replace or clean the Air filter Check the plugs A throttle body clean would also be good if not done for a long time including an injector clean If there is a lot of carbon in the tail pipe, Hose it down with a pressure wash hose. The N16 does not come with an oxygen sensor – God knows why Nissan left it out in a 2007 manufactured vehicle. Hence the air to fuel mixture ration is adjusted though a valve – This is located in the left side of the fuse box marked as CO- a tiny thing that can be adjusted with a small plat pin. Lower and adjust that and you pass the Emission test. My story : After replacing almost the entire engine parts, and also connecting the scanner to check on the cars which said all values were all correct. ( I had a high temperature shown and later found out that my water pump had nothing left as it has corroded and got stuck in my radiator) At the test place in Bellanthara Junc, the young chap advised me to control it though the valve. I called my mechanic (On speaker phone with the emission test chap) and he said that all the values on the computer were correct. The emission guy replied saying to further reduce it , which my mechanic did and the next day it passed without any issue. Also make sure you follow the flowing steps before going to the test : - Run the car till it’s properly heated up – and I mean till the fans kick in - At the test site, do not switch off the engine and keep it running - Do not have the AC on either Hope this helps and good luck
  7. What about the new Bajaj - thingy bob with the 4 doors ?
  8. Thanks a lot for the links- I did a Ford Mustang once but this is great. Sadly printer is out of Ink due to sons homework. Last time I took it to a place called Leaf and printed it .
  9. Brings back a lot of lovely memories
  10. Wow - thanks for the info. So there must be an issue with my fuel consumption as I don't even come close to the figure - even a 9 would be nice to have. Would you be able to share a good place for me to take it to get a proper check up. Mine is the 1.3CC hence could be the issue as the car is way too large for the engine.
  11. Ahhh so that's why I see a lot of Guwan Planes on Mazda's - Well done now. Wonder who did the deal ? Colonial or Carmart. I'm sure it cant compare to flying in one of there planes but with a Mazda - I'm sure it's the next best thing on 4 wheels πŸ™‚
  12. Ohhh She is sweet - A great misfortune for SL to have lot Ms. Wijwardana for what ever theories there may be out there .
  13. Is there an issue of using 95 ? True it's a tad bot expensive but after all you are forking out Apx 4.9 Mil for a MG or anything in the similar lines right ? Do you know that our 95/92 etc perhaps does not actually have the said values .
  14. Thax Devinda_Z Like to start off by thanking you for considering a Mazda . Devinda has basically covered all aspects . Selling wise I've had not issues for my past 2 rides and I never lost value either hence would not be hard to sell if she's looked after properly. Parts are freely available and there are establishments who bring them down in Delkanda and Aithidiya. Skilled People are there in addition to Manza to fix any issues. Good luck with the Hunt and be patient in your search for the one that you feel comfortable and get it check properly as there are some cars that have been messed up badly by people who have not looked after them properly e.g Gear Box issues etc Oh Yes - Fuel well don't expect anything beyond 10-11 in Colombo city traffic , outstations with good speed should hit around 15-16 per KM.
  15. Wishing all the members a happy 2020 and look forward for interesting topics to discuss in 2020 @ Madz - All the best to you and family for 2020.
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