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  1. mazdaspeed

    :::: Autolanka Stickers ::::

    are these still available? if yes from where Please ?
  2. mazdaspeed

    Mazda demio 2018

    If the 2018 Demio is with Sky active - they you would be getting better mileage for sure. If not mistaken the Demio comes with a 1.3 L engine as opposed to a 1L in Vitz. Demio also comes as Mazda 2 in a slightly different variant from Demio. As iRage said - Demio is above the Vitz grade in all aspects.
  3. mazdaspeed

    Vehicle Permit

    Should they ????
  4. mazdaspeed

    Do dreams come true? = YES (Bought a lancer ex)

    Congrats On the New Ride- She does look amazing . At the same time bit sad you leaving the Mazda Family ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. mazdaspeed

    Pinion gear for a RC car

    Tamiya have a shop in Battaramulla junction - closer to Pizza Hut- try they tend to have parts but not too sure if it's only for the same brand.
  6. mazdaspeed

    Any experience with colonial motors

    @ Chathuai - sent u a PM
  7. mazdaspeed

    Honda Civic EK3 2000 - Bad Fuel Consumption.

    I'm no Honda expert but I feel you should stick to taking the guy to a Honda Expert (Honda Related) - Not all tune up guys can fix issues - A one fits all policy does not work. The simple fact that he could not locate the scan port means he has very little experience with Honda's . Hence sometime you may replace the O2 sensor for no reason where as the problem may lay somewhere else. Glad to hear that most of the issues are sorted.
  8. mazdaspeed

    Any experience with colonial motors

    I Don't think Colonial would be an option for engine replacement with a recon- as advised best best is Mazna Motors. They have the parts and experience to deal with any Mazda issue. Also state your vehicle please it helps other to give you more inputs. Transmission - having had a tiptronic box with heaps of issues, I can clearly recommend Nilwala for gearbox repairs- many have confirmed their satisfaction. But keep in mind he Simply does "gearBoxes" not like the chaps who claim to be able to do any fix. PM me if you need options
  9. mazdaspeed

    Laugfs Engine Oils

    Well since itโ€™s that important for some to use Laugh oil , I suppose it would be OK to use for your QQ, Maruti and stuff ( Not offense ) but best stick with known brands for the Jap/European ladies - even for Korean Ones.
  10. mazdaspeed

    Isuzu Trooper Power steering Box oil leak

    @ Romello -Sorry for going a bit OT and hijacking the original question . Pl dropped u a msg also with a contact but cant' recommend as I'm in the blues as well. Is it recommended to repair the steering rack or replace with a used rack. Getting mixed feedback. Would some one know/ share some information for a Nissan N 16 - Nissan N 16 rack repaired or replaced - How do I check a recon one to see if it's good . Some advice would be helpful Thx
  11. mazdaspeed

    what to buy Mazda 3 2015/14 or Civic 1L 2018

    Sweet ride - congrats on the new purchase.
  12. mazdaspeed

    Mazda Bj5p Repair

    Like Sig has said, have a chat with him and let him do a test drive, He will fix it if it- naturally if it's something minor, you may have to live with it. also when driving do you simply put your foot on the accelerator and let it increase speed ? I had a habit of taking it off and pressing down - this help increase speeds much faster and shifting was better for me. may be it's not the correct thing but worked for me.
  13. mazdaspeed

    MAZDA BJ5P Can Use Tyre Size 195/70/R14

    Yes - you can use the size, I've had 195 /60/R15 so should not be an issue
  14. mazdaspeed

    Garmin Gps Maps For Sri Lanka

    Does any one know how/where to get the map for a 2014 Mazda Axela ?
  15. mazdaspeed

    Mazda Axela

    Sorry for going a OT- Could any one please help with sharing some information with regards to converting the default map that comes with the 2014 1.6 Axela to Sri Lankan map ? Any one who has done it with a recommended place who will do properly. thx in advance