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  1. @Kavvz apologies! 🙏 @Crosswind good one ! @iRage is it an Alvis Speed 20 or something similar?
  2. Welcome @Udara Weerasinghe Hmmm the Nexon is certainly a curious proposition Sadly no personal insights to offer but let's see if any other members do
  3. @iRage isn't it ill advised to mix & match dampers between the front & rear is what i assume to have differing damping ratios/rates & possibly different mediums (is that even the right word?😅) - oil or gas?
  4. Thanks @sathyajithj99 @Kavvz waiting for your clue!!
  5. So are Aitken Spence, SriLankan Airlines & Virtusa apparently - not all functions or departments, just some
  6. No no - go for it 👍
  7. Damn it @Kavvz beat me by 1 minute 😕
  8. @Pericles what's the car?? The fact that there is "meat" left on the pad isn't always a good thing. Some brands like TRW have compounds that refuse to wear but don't really give you the right brake feel either. Then there is the issue of rotor wear - have you had the disks skimmed or resurfaced?
  9. L : 1969? Ford Mustang owned by Sidath Fernando R: 1970? Chevrolet Camaro then owned by Yevinda Amarasinghe
  10. @Vega I believe @Hyaenidae 's suggestion is a good one. The Axia isn't a particularly special car to drive (I actually feel the Alto 800 of the same vintage with the manual gearbox is a far more enjoyable car to chuck about) but it'll tick most of your boxes. My view is based on a month using the Axia as a daily city run about so it might not be enough to give you the insights you need as I don't recall if i ever took it out on the highway for an example so can't comment on something like highway cruising stability etc. but it's decent little car. There's very little to go wrong. @Hyaenidae is also right about the sites member profile 😅 I don't think we've had many (any?) active qualified mechanical engineers, mechanics or technicians here right @iRage in the last 14 years i've been around that I can remember off hand. Lots and lots of IT guys though, make of that what you will😅
  11. @wathsala_adhikari aren't these cars at different price points? The Camry i though would cost far more than the others
  12. @Vega since you said let's stick to cars, i'm not going to address that quote above 😅😂 Regarding your point about used cars, I hate to break it to you, but no matter how much due diligence you do, you're always rolling the dice buying used. So given your aversion to risk or the need to minimize or mitigate why not buy brand new?
  13. Like @Twin Turbo said, it does depend on the car On a semi related note, heavy carpets can be useful if you want to improve your noise, vibration & harshness levels so it's not just about keeping the car clean
  14. @GayanR does MM Organisation in Panchikawatte still get down original parts?
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