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  1. Devinda_Z

    Car Insurance 2019/2020

    c******o Premiums are very high but service has always been good and claims have been settled in full directly to the garage so i haven't got involved in the process but there haven't been any delays as far as i'm aware
  2. Devinda_Z

    Car Polishing & waxing tips

    @mazdaspeed I haven't used it personally but perhaps a product like this might help? PLASTIC DEEP TREATMENT LOTION - http://liquimoly.lk/product/plastic-deep-treatment-lotion/ https://greasemonkey.lk/product/liqui-moli-plastic-deep-treatment-lotion-250ml-1537/ LIKE NEW PLASTIC CARE (BLACK) - http://liquimoly.lk/product/like-new-plastic-care-black/ https://greasemonkey.lk/product/liqui-moli-like-new-plastic-care-black-250ml-1552/ https://greasemonkey.lk/product/liqui-moly-one-deep-treatment-250ml-1650/ Liqui Moly Cockpit Bright - https://greasemonkey.lk/product/cockpit-bright-200ml-1510/
  3. Devinda_Z

    Low Cost Paint

    If it's a basic paint job and you aren't looking for a fancy finish try Madushan on 0777 805 002 in Kalubowila
  4. Pitstop is A*W owned (Al Futtaim group) - located off Baseline Road near Borella Kanatta
  5. The guys who actually did the work at U&H (the balancing & the alignment technician) were both fine - it's just the blokes who remove the wheels are notoriously reckless
  6. @amsandun yes you should Where are you based? U&H on Malay Street has a Hunter Road-force balancer but their staff can be careless/reckless when jacking the car up so you've got to personally ensure that they only use the jacking points and then put it on stands. Pitstop used to be good but they switched from CORGHI to some rubbish (Indian??) machine some years back - if they've got a proper machine back the old crew were quite good. Most recent place i tried was Sanka Wheel in Pepiliyana - decent
  7. The Vios feels light and nimble but at the same time flimsy It'll also be a lot older, twice as old as the Cerato, Focus or Fiesta, with a lot more km's on the clock in most cases - the newer shape post 2007 ones will be well above 3 Mn
  8. @Gihan138 also don't forget that some Fords have the added advantage of sharing the same platform as some Mazda's - so contrary to what people/the masses assume, it's actually quite easy to source original or equivalent high quality parts for these cars. As an example, the Fiesta shares the same suspension components as the Mazda Demio & Mazda 2 so things are very straightforward
  9. I'm with Crosswind on this - maintenance and even more so preventive maintenance is key in ensuring one has a reliable and pleasant vehicle ownership experience, especially when it comes to Euro's, so don't be afraid to pay a premium for a vehicle with all the work done in good order, verified by a specialist or independent assessor as well
  10. 3-4 i believe There's one on the market right now
  11. Was the sedan designed by Pinninfarina or just the coupé?
  12. Devinda_Z

    Audi A4 B5 1.8T 1996

    Try Jayantha at Golf Motors 0112 438 285 if it's just the part or Vishwa Motors (077 309 9281) for the repair/replacement work as well
  13. Devinda_Z

    Proton Waja (Impian) 2007 AT 1.6 L

    @navindra80 any particular reason you decided on a Proton?? @Pericles used one some time ago - he may have some feedback
  14. @amsandun they look good! Simple and nice - matches the style of the car 👍 Happy to have been able to be of assistance
  15. They do - it'll be the rack on the left as you enter the building at the back Plenty of options in Delkanda too - check ###### as well or else a road trip to Kurunegala 😅