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  1. Devinda_Z

    Replacing different tyre size

  2. Devinda_Z

    Replacing different tyre size

    Maintain the same or similar rolling radius Else your speedometer will be off for starters There are other implications on ride quality, height, fuel economy etc as well
  3. Devinda_Z

    Toyota yaris 2006 vibrates while idle

    Could be any number of things - idle control valve Does it stop shuddering when revved up? The when you switch the AC off at idle is there any improvement?
  4. Devinda_Z

    What is the best in NISSAN ?

    Well like with most things @chanaka paliskara it depends on your criteria - Resale? Reliability? Comfort? Cost and availability of spares? Uniqueness? Driving pleasure / handling? Performance? Fuel economy Purchase price? How would you prioritise all these? a lower purchase price doesn't always mean "cheaper" in the long run
  5. Devinda_Z

    Defender L number

    @tiv Solid run down 👍 The 61- 62- heavy vehicles weren't necessarily single cabs - the County Station Wagon 110's imported brand new by Colonial Motors were 10 seaters so those also ended up being registered as heavy vehicles but Motor Coaches Bank of Ceylon owned a fleet - some on 56/7/8- more 61/2/4- @nisala4423 just about every Defender you find now which isn't on a K plate or newer is likely a mix of parts - i don't personally know of any from the 1990's Defenders (bar one ) still running the original engine an gearbox in the spec as assembled by Land Rover in Solihull in the UK. @tiv there is a further complication on the chassis number - most of the police and army used one don't have the full alphanumeric chassis code but rather just a numeric one which is much shorter so it's virtually impossible to decode or find the original vehicle. @nisala4423 check the seating capacity and weight on the CR - book - be careful / avoid if the book hasn't been updated as it technically is illegal to do what so many have done modifying these 90's / 110's and thus skirting taxes Also note that anything pre-1990 isn't even technically a "Defender" but rather a 90"/110"
  6. Devinda_Z

    Which one is the best (kia or hyundai)

    So then shouldn't a Toyota of some description be your primary choice? or else if on a budget something from Suzuki?
  7. Devinda_Z

    GP1 AC issue

    Janaka - Suraweera AC Rajagiriya 077 942 7178
  8. Devinda_Z

    Which one is the best (kia or hyundai)

    Don't Kia & Hyundai share platforms anyway?
  9. Devinda_Z

    Silvia S13s for Sale?

    Re-exported post conversion or am I thinking of those older LHD cars/trucks that came here
  10. Devinda_Z

    Silvia S13s for Sale?

    There were a couple of S13's but they haven't surfaced in nearly a decade The one i remember ran a CA18
  11. Devinda_Z

    Can someone tell me hows this even possible ?

    Customs auction
  12. Devinda_Z

    Accident Repair - Honda Civic 2018

    c******o & SLIC usually pay I've dealt with the former and had repairs done at 3 agents - all paid in full to the company without my involvement. The trade off is the high premium
  13. The Tiida is more Renault Nissan than a proper Nissan - i've heard of various little niggles including the air conditioning Why not the Vitz? It'll have all the Toyota reliability and re-sale value going for it but be newer than the Vios The Axela is good proposition but is unlikely to return the kind of fuel figures some of the others will To be honest all your choices are pretty solid - what will set them apart would be the actual specimen Look for proper maintenance records - not just oil changes done at the agent - but actual bills and receipts for consumables like brake pads etc etc - the quality of the parts used and the place where the work was done will tell you a lot about how the owner has treated the car. Get it scanned for errors and inspected for accident damage too
  14. Devinda_Z

    Buying CiviC FD1/FD4

    A full service history from the agent or a reputed garage/workshop is always good to have Check about the timing belt change if it's over 100k kms Also if transmission fluid etc have been changed on time with the right spec oil Best to see if there has been any accident damage etc too
  15. Devinda_Z

    Toyota ae81

    Try L P Guneratne next to the Fire Brigade on Darley Road