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  1. @MaleCortana Toyota Mark II X 110
  2. @MaleCortanatake my turn pls
  3. Nissan CIMA F50 @harshansenadhir
  4. I've been using one of these for the past 3 months & I must say I haven't been so pleasantly surprised by a car in a while! The engine is a 1.25L Turbo diesel coupled to a 5 speed manual gearbox & is perfectly capable of getting the rather specious Ciaz to move along briskly! 160 kmph is easily achieved (yes it was irresponsible & yes I did get copped for it, so lesson learned!) It'll return 21-22 km per litre on the expressway & 14 urban. Mixed cycle on my Mt. to Katunayake daily run these days has it doing 17.5 kmpl. It feels very premium for an Indian built car. Acres of space & the ride very supple. Very well equipped for what it is with modern conveniences of factory fitted Bluetooth, reverse sensors & steering mounded in car entertainment system controls. The hybrid system per say is very primitive as it's just a Stop Start set up, which can be switched off via a switch on the dashboard. The upside is that there is no secondary or hybrid battery so one less thing to worry about. Super vehicle if you're looking for a new-ish sedan which is comfy, large, competent & most of all fuel efficient. I'm saying all this having put about 4,500 kms behind the wheel of one.
  5. Shame @fiat fan Sure it's an Emperor car but still it was originally Silver High spec back when it used to come to A*W - automatic twin turbo with the HID's & a LSD Oh & Super HICAS!!
  6. Hey hey who sold his Nissan first ah @Pericles?? 🤪
  7. @fiat fan so much has transpired over the last decade and a half! The Z is long gone but the Defender still plods along, 18 years on....
  8. @Gummybr Citroen XM?
  9. @matroska it was a lifetime agoğŸ˜ž I owned it around the time i joined AL about 14 years ago!
  10. @fiat fan nope - the chap who bought it from me had it for a while (5 years perhaps?) & it was largely stock bar the bonnet cutouts It made a brief appearance at one of the CMSC/Yes Fm Drag races as well I believe The abomination was relatively recent
  11. He was asking some obscene amount of money! They all were! Like 3 times what i sold it for a little less than a decade ago No @fiat fan I gather that this was just a choice to "improve" Mr Toshio Yamashita's design work 🤦‍♂️
  12. Mind you @fiat fan that was the only 2 seater coupe in the island! All the others were 2+2's Notice how the rear glass/windscreen isn't present in the pictures either
  13. @matroska Toyota Raum ?
  14. @fiat fan sadly the car is now ruined! It sports a widebody "Ferrari Testarosa" body kit! Came up for sale last year
  15. You had me at Quattro @fiat fan 😍 About the VQ35 - any experiences with the Murano??
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