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  1. Devinda_Z

    To buy

    CT210/212 Carina P11 Primera SU14 Bluebird
  2. Usually sceptical about using additives but i've used Ceratec on a couple of cars now and the difference in the overall NVH levels is palpable Runs much smoother with it LiquiMoly products unlike most other lubricants and additives are actually designed, developed, tested & manufactured in Germany as opposed to being manufactured by large consortium's and repackaged in some other part of the globe before being dumped here in the 3rd world
  3. @Crosswind thoughts on common choices like a Carina or Nissan Sunny? Or perhaps less obvious like a Bluebird or Primera P11?
  4. Devinda_Z

    To buy

  5. Devinda_Z

    Engine oil for Toyota AE110 | Please share your idea

    The brand, type and viscosity of the oil you currently use sounds fine but i'd be more concerned about the oil level decreasing.... Any noticeable leaks? Any residue under the car when parked overnight? How much oil do you top up and how often (in terms of km's run between top ups?)
  6. Devinda_Z

    Engine oil for Toyota AE110 | Please share your idea

    I'd say a 40 viscosity semi synthetic but again knowing the mileage would help!
  7. Devinda_Z

    Pest Repellants

    https://greasemonkey.lk/product/liqui-moly-marten-protection-spray-200ml-1515/ LiquiMoly has a rodent repellent spray available locally with Semini Motors LiquiMoly Product code is 1515
  8. Devinda_Z

    Engine oil for Toyota AE110 | Please share your idea

    What is the mileage like on your AE110? What oil are you currently using?
  9. I've ordered from Partsouq with no issues but i'm with the rest of the folks here - importing shocks can be very tricky The weight doesn't help as the shipping fees usually negate any product discount and there is the drama with duty, declaration
  10. Devinda_Z

    Mg 6 Turbo Petrol

    I was pleasantly surprised when I got a chance to take a look at one. The fit and finish isn't as cheap i expected it to be and this particular specimen seemed to have held up well. Didn't get to drive it so I can't speak for the mechanicals. The valuations on those were significantly higher given the age and options - all manuals though if I'm not mistaken
  11. Devinda_Z

    Car parts

    Try https://partsouq.com/ perhaps or RockAuto I've used both for Subaru's - the parts have been good, reasonable and delivered quickly enough
  12. Devinda_Z

    Where can i buy 3M products?

    Most of the local e-commerce platforms/website usually carry Check the John Keells X backed Grease Wandura as well
  13. Devinda_Z

    Need Help Sti 4 Airflow Sensor

    Bot? If not, to answer your question there isn't one AFAIK Drive train swap if you want one
  14. Devinda_Z

    Tyres - What Brand To Choose?

    What is the tire size you're looking for if you don't mind me asking and what is the vehicle it'll be going on @invisibleuser?
  15. Devinda_Z

    Tyres - What Brand To Choose?

    Depends on how keen a driver you are.... Things like road noise or comfort are hard even for the uninitiated to miss but the limits of grip lets say most ordinary drivers will miss I've noticed drastic differences even in tries made in certain countries/for certain markets made by the same (well reputed) manufacturers so it's not just the brand but also the product line and the characteristics attached that make a difference in how the tire really performs