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  1. Devinda_Z

    Corrosion and repaint

    Any particular location that would be convenient for you?
  2. Devinda_Z

    Nissan patrol Y60 engine Swap/conversion

    @Dave8781 don't take this the wrong way but i'm seeing tonnes of various threads - have you decided on a particular model of SUV and bought one or are we still shopping around?
  3. Devinda_Z

    Nissan patrol Y60 engine Swap/conversion

    If it is a legit 420k kms that's still better than buying an engine with no provenance from some yard with mileage you can't verify Again, any idea how you're planning on swinging the engine capacity change with the RMV? Don't forget the rigmarole of getting it weighed etc etc
  4. Devinda_Z

    Nissan patrol Y60 engine Swap/conversion

    @Dave8781 what you've got going on right now is a whole lot of "interesting" ideas on paper......the practical realities may surprise you....
  5. Devinda_Z

    Quality of Sri Lankan Service Centers?

    It's not that straight forward Your duty cycle and oil type will have a bearing on your service interval That extended run may cost you in the long run if those factors above aren't congruent
  6. Devinda_Z

    Isuzu wizard Thoughts??

    There are less than a half a dozen Wizards in town Check if the numbers are legit - some were "rebodied" on Isuzu double cab books @iRage it's known to be unsafe and unstable - just watch this - 1:30 - look at the door!
  7. Devinda_Z

    Kia Stonic offerred by Kia Motors Lanka

  8. Devinda_Z

    Nissan patrol Y60 engine Swap/conversion

    @Dave8781 how do you plan on getting around the engine capacity change with the RMV if you're not planning to go with a stock drivetrain replacement? What engine is on the Y60 now?
  9. Devinda_Z

    Misfires and loss of power

    @VVTi perhaps Ultimate Motor Works can help?
  10. Devinda_Z

    Eclipse Cross

    Hmmm does it give a RON figure? @iRage correct me if i'm wrong but isn't "super" or "premium" in Japan 100 RON with their "regular" sitting not too far below that but above our local base regular 92?
  11. Devinda_Z

    Owenrship transfer letter

    Use the vehicles chassis number and engine number to identify an unregistered vehicle
  12. Devinda_Z

    Hilux vigo G vs Hilux invincible

    Aren't the Vigo's Thai made? Some UK imports (Mostly the Nissan Navara's, less so the Hiluxs' afaik) suffered from rust (possibly from the salted roads)
  13. Devinda_Z

    Isuzu bighorn VS Hilux surf

    Aren't tonnes of these 32- ex-plantation 80's (short wheel base in somecases) vehicles which had Bighorn bodies slapped on
  14. Devinda_Z

    Volkswagen Agent in Sri Lanka

    There was some snafu surrounding the car assembly plant in Kuliyapitiya which led to Senok losing the VW franchise and needing to establish a separate business unit as DriveOne to handle Audi exclusively. http://www.dailynews.lk/2017/02/08/business/107022/volkswagen-plant-sri-lanka-setting-record-straight The good news as @Crishan mentioned was that the Senok Subaru division at Grandpass now handles VW repairs - the facility was recently upgraded. In addition there are dedicated VW/Audi/Seat group specialists in the form of Vishwa Motors in Boralesgamuwa and Safe Drive in Kurunegala
  15. Devinda_Z

    Good Tyre Brand....!

    Aren't those the Malaysian made Turanza's?