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  1. E L N I N O

    Good dash cam for the Car

    I can too vouch for this info about this cam. I've been using the same for sometime and no complaints so far. I've used the Mini0805 before that and the night footage was superior on the mini IMO. But it started giving issues with bootup, probably due to heat screwing up its batteries so I moved to viofo which uses caps instead. I generally check dashcamtalk (https://dashcamtalk.com/) when I'm hunting for a dashcam. One thing I also did was buying a memory card which can withstand the heat. I'm using a 'Transcend High Endurance' one. It's bit expensive but it's sure worth it.
  2. E L N I N O

    Guess who bought a Lancer EX

    Hey Davy, it's been a while. Sorry I wasn't active here for a long time. Thanks for dragging me back in About the cover, it's not OEM, I bought it off ebay or Aliexpress (can't remember exactly) after seeing the 4A9 DOHC 16valve lettering on it. I wish it said MIVEC though. It wasn't a direct fit, I had to do some work to get it properly in place. And BTW it didn't come with any heat insulation. You were right. I checked my engine bay, it has the black heat shield but not the uppermost lining. Probably the brand new imports never came with it, thanks to UM 🤬 Thanks for the compliment I'm planning to upgrade. I neither have money nor space for two vehicles so have to let her go, sadly.
  3. E L N I N O

    2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    Saw the 2017 civic hatch being advertised for 6.8mil.
  4. E L N I N O

    High-Pressure Car Washer

    Did you buy the one on this page? http://innovex.lk/other.html It's advertised as 100 Bar though. If that's the one, could you please PM me your agent's contact? I'd like to buy that. Thank you.
  5. E L N I N O

    Mitsubishi Lancer RalliArt

    Wow awesome pick man! Congrats!!! Sorry for being late for the party. Feel so happy for you Drive safe.
  6. E L N I N O

    Brake Disk Facing

    I inspected the disk and seems a fine strip is machined off the inner edge. No sign of damage or any other irregular thickness around it so probably that's how it came with the car. Yeah I should have scrapped the disks though, never knew they are cheap. I checked out some Brembo disks while I was buying the pads and was surprised to know they cost less the 4k. May be next time. The braking power is absolutely mad now. I suppose it'll get better with time when the new pads seat in properly. I threw in FBL branded ones and yet to see how they score against the brake dust problem. I flushed the brake fluid too while this repair got done. Not sure if that had an effect but sure it helped me to sleep at night in peace
  7. E L N I N O

    Brake Disk Facing

    Thanks Davy, I never knew that. You learn something new everyday
  8. E L N I N O

    Brake Disk Facing

    Yeah I noticed that too. It seems like the inner face has some irregularity. Not sure how that happened, but I don't think the disk is warped. That sort of offset on the outer face wouldn't go unnoticed.
  9. E L N I N O

    Brake Disk Facing

    Thanks maersk and Davy for your input. I actually went today morning to get this done and although I was skeptical I opted to try out the new method. It was just as Davy had explained and a neat portable lathe fixed right into the caliper assembly. Captured a video since it was cool. The job was done professionally, no mishaps.
  10. E L N I N O

    Brake Disk Facing

    Thanks Don.
  11. E L N I N O

    Brake Disk Facing

    My front brake disks are having quite a bit of grooves and was adviced to get them faced before replacing the brake pads. Found a recommened place called "Viskam Brothers" from this thread and after going there I found out that it's a machine shop and they do not do the removal and fixing stuff. So opted to go to a nearby garage and they quoted 3500 for both disks to be faced from Viskam and to fix back. Then I found another place around Pachikawatta called "MyTools" which quoted 4000 for both and they said they are not removing the disk for facing, instead they fix some machinery to the wheel and do it. They claim it's the better way to do it as it doesn't mess up the current setup how the wheel sits on the hub. Has anybody done it that way? Is there any truth to what they claim? Any other recommended places? I would like some place around panchi as I need to go find brake pads while the disks are being faced. Thank you.
  12. E L N I N O

    Lancer Silencer

    Try Elcardo. They might have cheaper ones. Fuel figures will drop about 1kmpl from whatever you have now.
  13. E L N I N O

    Toyota Passo Fuel Consumption Problem

    Your figures are just about right. I had the 2007 model of the same and it never did more than 10kmpl in city.
  14. E L N I N O

    Road Rules And Common Courtesies.

    I took this pic at Negombo road, Ja-Ela close to Rukmani Devi statue, where the road was reconstructed recently so both islands and the markings are brand new. So either they screwed it up while marking, or had second thoughts. Anyhow the rule is clear at least
  15. E L N I N O

    Road Rules And Common Courtesies.

    I was losing sleep over this marking so when I was driving to work I pulled over at a cop who even had the new traffic bike, just to clarify it myself. He stared at the pic like he saw this marking for the first time and when I asked about the legality of crossing it, he said 'ya ya you can do whatever'. But from the tone and his expressions, I was pretty sure he had no clue. Then he quickly went on asking who I am, where I work and shit. Waste of time, sigh...