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  1. what about a Audi A4 2001 Diesel? I know the price is lower but considering all options at the moment?
  2. Hey Guys, Im looking at options and came across few, currently i drive a Pajero so im wondering if i can get use to a car also any thoughts for these... couldnt find any Sorento Diesel ones out there currently for sale though (plus my mechanic is not happy with them) X-Trail 2004/5 BMW E46/ E39 Mazda Axela 2007 Civic ES5 Peugeot 407 Toyota Altezza (not sure how this will work out)
  3. a Pejero SWB 2nd gen (a body permit one would be easy to find for around 2Mn)
  4. Hey guys, a little help in selecting a SUV or a Car around 2.8Mn to 3.0Mn range which is averagely reliable and fun to drive. Fuel economy i wont mind in the range of 7-8KMpL around Colombo. Hoping to buy for daily office travel plus a little adventure here and there around the country too Im absolutely clueless on what to select so its open for opinions Thanks
  5. thanx Machang. do you happen to know the current market range for similar Corona's ?
  6. Guys went through the Suggestions i was looking around and the problem i saw in Toyota's whilts looking was that the prices for such old cars are soo over stated.. Econimical wise i see that most of the petrol cars with engines (1300cc to 1800cc) would actully do 7/10KmL around colombo and not beyond (not the Axios) Still thinking a Diesels engine would serve the purpose as it would run daily around colombo and should be reliable when going out as well. only car that comes closer to the budget and the requirement is Corona's/ Camry's of Year 1992/1993. i would love the E36 idea but never came across any Automatics that are up for sale (not the exact requirement but i dont mind a classy roller) thanx.
  7. I was also looking around and saw a few 1993 Diesels Camry that are below my budget but cover the requirements, what if i go for that using the rest of the money to do a complete overhaul?
  8. Guys, im looking to buy a car for a small budget of 1.6mil for daily travelling purposes within Colombo and occasionally out. need your help to figure out the best solution. listed are some of the features im looking for Automatic averagely econimical to drive Less Trouble to maintain and find spares should have space to carry my baby's essentials when travelling (spacious is the word) my wife should be able to drive with easy
  9. thanx GMI. can you recommend a place for me as well
  10. hey guys, need a little help, i have mini 1.3 EFI manual, and on rainy days the RPM just dies when running and the engine wants to stop and die?? is it a electric fault or leak? also when i turn on the A/C the power from the engine is very low, what should i look for to find the issue?? Thanx,
  11. hi, what would be the current range for a top condition 1.3EFI manual?
  12. hey buddy u can get them right here in Sri Lanka - Accolade @ Seeduwa. google it up
  13. Plz im looking for a yamaha lanza ASAP
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