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    Big Bike From 80's

    looking for a big Jap bike in good condition from early 80's Honda CB250N, CB400N, 250Hawk, kawasaki Z200 or something similar - those heavy air cooled, twin piped naked bikes - is what I have in mind any leads most appeciated
  2. HardHat

    4X4 Recovery Kills Two

    Yeah, remember that - and half way thorough when their cars started digging in, they tore off doors. seats, windshields and what not from the cars to reduce weight and left all the junk behind. It did not appear anyone was cleaning up after them. It was an insult to avid explorers and adventurers who do not even leave as much as a banana peel behind in natural environment.
  3. HardHat

    4X4 Recovery Kills Two

    from the newspaper article it seems the organizers were quick to place the blame on the victims. Having said that, this kind of grand stupidity is not uncommon even among the so called 'veterans' sometimes. If I remember correct, Clarkson, May and Hammond winched one of their 4WDs up a steep slope while standing right in the firing line, when they did that Top Gear episode in South America. Lucky the tow points and shackles held.
  4. HardHat

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    Obviously we can't agree with the car-rape but neither with the word "n***a". It's racist and offensive.
  5. HardHat

    Shelby Mustang Cobra In Sri Lanka

    to think that all these indulgence is probably paid for by common man's money which otherwise could have spent to put two slices of bread in the stomach of a poor child
  6. HardHat

    Are Air Coolers Any Good ?

    Main reason why one feels "comfortable" in an air conditioned environment is because the a/c reduces humidity. A water/ice air cooler, while they may reduce the air temperature a bit, considerably increases the humidity and if you're already in a humid environment, is likely to make matters worse.
  7. HardHat

    Land Rover 110_Timing Belt Problem

    while I cannot provide any further suggestion to what the members have posted above, I'm rather surprised, and I did not know, that Land Rover actually used timing belts instead of timing chains for the 110, which is supposed to be a vehicle designed for the toughest of conditions.
  8. HardHat

    Big Bike From 80's

    Ha, I see that this thread has been resurrected. fatjoe, good luck with your 250 Hawk restoration! Well as for me I found my CBX1000 back in 2010, but not in SL. My highlight of every weekend is taking the beast for a spin and listening to that throaty growl coming out of the 6x2 pipes. Miss the twisting and winding SL roads though. I'd love to ride this one up the 18 bends if I could one day.
  9. HardHat

    Headlights On At Daytime

    Mate, this law is not for the bikers to see the road, but for other drivers to see the bikes. I've driven in some parts of the world where it is much more bright and sunny than SL and to my experience a bike (or any other vehicle for that matter) with lights on is surprisingly more visible to others even under the brightest of conditions.
  10. HardHat

    Headlights On At Daytime

    While I'm for the head light rule, I would like to see at least 50% of the bikes with tail lights (or some sort of illumination at rear) on at night. It's no fun when you have to drive on low beam on an unlit road due to oncoming traffic, only to suddenly find a bike 15ft in front of you, riding with no illumination whatsoever at the rear and probably carrying a family of four.
  11. HardHat

    Headlights On At Daytime

    In some countries it is mandatory that motorcyclists keep their head lights on all the time. That's why there is no on-off switch for headlights on bikes made for these markets. You still get a Lo-Hi beam selector on these bikes. This is not a bad regulation as a head light draws attention (even in broad daylight) much earlier and further than the actual vehicle itself would. It helps even more in spotting the bikes in one's rear view mirrors. Now while on the subject, does anyone know why (most) drivers and riders in SL turn their headlights off as soon as they can bearly see the road at dawn and also wait until it is pitch black to turn them on at dusk? And why hardly anyone bothers to keep lights on when at poor visibility conditions due to overcast, rain or fog??? And if you try to keep any sort of light on on your vehicle under these conditions you get other drivers and even pedestrians jumping up and down telling you "mahaththaya, head light daala"?
  12. HardHat

    What Are The Engines, Can Replace 4D56 Engine?

    will fitting a turbo charger to the existing 4D56 be possible?
  13. HardHat

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    True. One of the best vehicles I ever owned
  14. HardHat

    Suzuki Xl-7

    Hi guys, resurrecting an old thread as I would like some advice Is the engine heating issue of the 2.7L V6 a common problem? (MY 2001)
  15. HardHat

    Increasing Ground Clearance

    What matters for the stress on the engine and drivetrain is the wheel diameter (or in exact terms, the outer circumpherence of the wheel), not so much the width of the tyre.
  16. HardHat

    Express-Way Updates

    Fully agree. With the "new life" the country started to flood with any and every kind of import brought over from every corner of the world, regardless whether those were essential for a country like us or not and regardless whether our economy could afford to import all that luxury. No effort was made to make use of our strategic global location, natural resources or the highly intelligent workforce. Decades on now the local farmers and industries are dead, local entrepreneurs are fighting a loosing battle against cheap imports, country is in debt in Billions of $$ and our soul has been sold to the international 'donors' and 'lenders'. Of course there were issues of how the things were handled pre-77 which needed sorting out and no govt post-77, including the current one has done half a job in setting the economy on track either, but a careful study of history will reveal at which point this country did a major shift from a moderately self sufficient careful spender to an extravagant 'live beyond your means by many times over'
  17. HardHat

    Best Mid Size Rv/suv

    ahh, just had a light bulb moment - why not an old Samurai / jimny?
  18. HardHat

    Best Mid Size Rv/suv

    Can but don't on tarmac. The toyota line up (Rav4, Prado and Land Cruiser and if I'm correct even the Surf/4Runner) are full time 4WD (i.e. AWD) so they handle the usual wet roads, gravel and light mud quite well. The center diff lock is to handle more challenging slippery conditions. why not consider an old Sportage or an AWD X-trail? Both come with center diff lock, old Sportages got a manual shift Hi-Lo range center diff lock and the Xtrail comes with a button operated only Hi range though BTW, none in your list perhaps bar Terrano can handle 2-3ft of water. If you must wade, take the usual safety porecautions i.e. 1) ask your least favourire passenger to do a pilot wade across the water on foot to check depth, flow speed and hidden pot holes, etc. 2) drape a tarpoline or a sheet of plastic over the front grill and bumber to cover the air intakes 3) drive across in one continous motion with just enough speed that you maintain a bow wave at the front of your vehicle but not higher than the front end of your bonnet. 4) If you had to stop in the middle of water - pray alternatively, find a rig which is fitted with a snorkle. You won't be able to go scuba diving but will give a bit more safety against that dreaded water-ingestion into the cylinders. However, considering the your budget the vehicle is most likely to be quite old and used and will leak through every door beading
  19. HardHat

    New Helmet Law

    Well if the rumour is correct back in the '80s crash helmets became mandatory for riders and pillians of motocycles not because anyone gave a rats a$$ about health and safety of public, but because someone connected to a top politico brought down a few container loads of helmets but was finding that there was no local demand for them. Nevertheless the benefits of helmets are endless so whatever the undelying intention was, the law is a good one for the public. Then during the late '80 civil insurgency full face helmets and tinted visors were banned. There were cops literarly standing at road blocks with hack saws to cut the chin guards off the helmets. If I'm correct helmets altogether were banned for a short period - remember riding the Chaly with wind in hair So now the full face is a no-no again eh?
  20. HardHat

    Australian Road Trip

    Hmm.. before I got my Aus (WA) DL I visited Aus a few times and rented cars with my SL licence without any trouble
  21. HardHat

    Australian Road Trip

    Mate great idea but my advice for a bike tour in Aus - do it in a convoy of 2-3 bikes at least and not alone. Not so much due to a security concern but finding yourself alone in the middle of nowhere with a flat tyre or a bike that has given up the ghost is no picnic. Dead of summer (Dec) is also not recommended as temp can go 40c+ sometimes. Sep-Oct or Mar-Apr are the best times for bike rides. And for the kind of long trip you're thinking about, you'll need a proper tourer bike (think BMW R1200GS or similar) which will set you back a lot of $$$ to rent. If you can't get a couple of mates to join you for a bike ride but wanna expereince Aus hands-on, then I would suggest hiring a small motorhome (most can be driven with car license) and connecting the dots between caravn parks in places you want to visit. That way your take your transport, bed, kitchen and toilet all with you so no hassel in checking in and out of motels, looking for a place to eat and pee and what not. Motorhomes for hire are plenty and you can pick them up at any major city and drop them at almost any other. and BTW those south east Asian bike rides - mate don't even think of doing one of them alone.
  22. HardHat

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    really? I thought historically the Easterns civilizations and cultures had values that are more pronounced on compassion and caring for each other, high regard for life be it for life of self, family and freinds, strangers and even of enemies and animals. Not the same could be said with regards to most Westerns cultures. The degradation of values in Eastern coutures / countries seen at present could be attributed to a number of socio-economic issues.
  23. HardHat

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    what the... can you believe that? It's heartbreaking to say the least. Not only the bastards who ran over the poor kid, but also the others who passed by should be tracked down and hanged in public.
  24. while a set of large diameter wheels and low profile tires do improve the looks (and if done correctly - the handling as well) of a high performance car, they make most SUVs look stupid, IMHO
  25. No wonder mate! By going from 16inch to 20inch now you've got less rubber on the side walls to absorb bumps. And just in case you used to take your SUV a bit of off-roading before, better off not doing that anymore with your new 20" wheels, unless you wanted to run the risk of ripping apart your suspension and a host of other problems.