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    I used one for one year until last months, She never did 8 in the city and this was a non GT, I never had any major issues
  2. I remember seeing some thing like this at Parmamkada it was white and this was some time ago
  3. Why cant we all call our selves Sri Lankan's and for get this race part.
  4. I was just thinking as to why all these people living over seas were creating problems, like blocking roads and stoning buildings,then it hit me. After the war is over they might have to give up their life style and be ask to leave seeing that there is no war no more.
  5. SPOT ON KM sorry for the mistake b 4
  6. Man you are a work of art, you start with one and go to another which tells me man you have no Idea what so ever what you want.
  7. This is my first post so HI every one I have used four FB 15 (on rent) for about 3 years I have had only one issue once some time back a sensor were the car used to stall but bar that it was all good, the rids a bit hard due to the car been a bit low to the ground.
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