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  1. LashNeo

    Mazda 323 BJ-II Astina SP20 Hatch

    oh man !!! all those cars rotting away!! my jaw is dropping to the floor 😱. Wish i was there too pick up few bits and pieces for my 323.
  2. LashNeo

    Purchasing a new car.

    How about a turbocharged full option kei Van such as the Suzuki Every Join, Daihatsu Atrai, Nissan Clipper Join etc. More space, More versatile and easy to maintain.
  3. That’s a good read. Actually, It’s really difficult to change the mindset of Sri Lankan’s. Just look at how many vehicles go in the road with only one passenger even during high traffic times. We cannot really blame them due to the damn level our public transport is in. However, we can try to improve the situation as much as we can. One such way is carpooling. But, this is not popular among Sri Lankans. There are some carpooling and ridesharing websites as well as Apps but I really don’t think we are using them. I posted on each of these sites offering my ride for sharing several months ago. But only two people called me back. One person’s destination was a bit far from my workplace and hence had to refuse it and the other was a lady and she did not call me back when I said that I travel with my Wife in the morning . I even made a post in AL as well. So, there are little things we can tryout by over selves to improve the situation. But, very few people are willing to take the initiative it seems.
  4. LashNeo

    Quality of Sri Lankan Service Centers?

    Was wondering.. when you take it to the agents, does washing, vacuuming, engine dressing come as a must? Isn’t there a way to select only mechanical inspection and servicing such as oil change, cleaning the brake system, refilling fluids, engine scanning etc. only? The place which I take my car for servicing uses this policy. They don’t do washing, but does mechanical inspection and repair as well as servicing and you get to keep a service record as well which is similar to a service record given by the agent.
  5. LashNeo

    Quality of Sri Lankan Service Centers?

    That’s the way to go. I think undercarriage washing is not something that needs to be done regularly. Often the places which gets dirty are the wheel wells which can be cleaned at home as per the way you have mentioned on a weekly basis. Undercarriage can be cleaned usually after the end of a rainy season. I usually do it only when it is needed.
  6. LashNeo

    Quality of Sri Lankan Service Centers?

    That’s why people need to be comfortable with little bit of elbow grease and some sweat. You go to a servicing station, waste your time waiting in an A/C room while worrying what’s going on with your vehicle. How about, spending that time at home doing it yourself? It’s a simple process which requires few tools and you’ll be saving your time, money and will be getting a good work out as well. You’ll get to know your vehicle as well. For the past 13 years of vehicle ownership, this has been my process. I take my car to service stations only for oil changing and running repairs. Washing, Polishing, Vacuuming and interior cleaning is all done at home as DIY jobs. It’s really satisfying as well. That’s how I have been able to maintain a 20 year old car in good condition without any electrical or cosmetic issues. 😊
  7. LashNeo

    Mazda 323 BJ-II Astina SP20 Hatch

    Of course. She's still with me and will be with me for a long time as well. Even if i want, my kiddo won't let me part with her. She has this unconditional bond with it and cries like hell whenever i talk about selling. Did few cosmetic mods recently. Got herself a protege body kit etc. And as for your one, if that thing was in Sri lanka, that would be the one and only Mazda 323 hatch running a 2L under the hood as far as i know and it will be a good contender to Amesh's (M*na Motors) 323 hatch which is arguably the best kept 323 hatch around SL.
  8. LashNeo

    Mazda 323 BJ-II Astina SP20 Hatch

    Aha.. tell me about it. Guess its normal to drive a mazda and then immediately fall in love with it. Welcome to the 323 club bro! It would have been great if you were around to share all the 323 stories.
  9. LashNeo

    Good Tyre Brand....!

    *UPDATE: Went tire hunting on the weekend. Didn't went with high end brands this time and thought about experimenting with mid range ones. Finally ended up with a set of Federal Fermoza AZ01's at 12,000 a piece (195/55/R15). It seems like a good option for the price. Not quiet as the previous Ecopias with little bit of road feel but actually i like it. Handling, Cornering and Braking seems to have improved a lot. Let's see how they perform as they age.
  10. LashNeo

    Good Tyre Brand....!

    So, I went to Autodrome last Tuesday and here’s what happened. I showed all my service records and bills and showed my tires to the manager at the service station. He went through all the documents and inspected the tires and even he could not come up with a good explanation on what may have caused this unusual wear on my tires. He checked the alignment of the tires as well and there was a slight misalignment which may have attributed to the ware but it was not the sole reason. I asked him that I previously ran on Dunlops, GT’s and Nankangs which lasted for more than 30K but why does these Bridgestones gone flat in just 15,000km’s? So, he was like, Dunlops are hard but these ecopias are built for comfort and fuel efficiency and they tend to wear of quickly even due to slight misalignments. But I asked him even so, you expect them to last at least 30k isn’t it? He acknowledged it but again re-iterated they have to be taken care of. In the end he offered me a new set of tires at a very low price. He offered 11k for 17k worth tires at a special discount which was actually a good deal. I didn’t have complete evidence to back my claim as I have lost one of my wheel alignment reports and he was saying that these tires can ware off even due to a slight misalignment. So, all in all people at the place was very helpful and I think the offer was reasonable as well. But, with his comments I was reluctant to go ahead with Ecopia’s again even though he promised me a higher mileage with them given that the wheel alignments should be done with them at 5000km intervals. So, my verdict on Bridgestone Ecopia 200’s (Thailand) is, it gives you a very comfortable ride with minimum road feel but that comfort is provided by sheets of rubber which melts like butter on sri lankan roads. So even with very good care, they will not last long. I believe when you purchase your tires; you need to consider the country of origin as well. I believe the durability of Japanese Bridgestone’s are still way ahead compared to the Thailand ones. And it’s time for tire hunting elsewhere…
  11. LashNeo

    Good Tyre Brand....!

    That's the sole reason why i don't check tire pressure from the same place always. Even when i do it at a fuel station i always do it myself. Inner ware due to over inflation or outer ware due to under inflation would be clearly visible on the tires itself. But in my case; the tires have just worn off completely flat. Will see what the Autodrome people have to say.
  12. LashNeo

    Good Tyre Brand....!

    You know me ne machan.. with all that car pissuwa i regularly check the tire pressure and keep it to the specs of the car.. What's so confusing is that the entire surface of the tire is flat. it's not uneven. tires have worn off like butter. Will share a pic or two when i get the chance. I drive like a maniac at times.. but no drifting at all
  13. LashNeo

    Good Tyre Brand....!

    Is there anybody in the forum with experience on using Bridgestone Ecopia EP200's (Thailand) ? My set has worn off completely and i have done just about 16,000km's!!. Actually there's no tread remaining at all. It's really disappointing and I'm planning to take the car to the agents which is Autodrome and make a claim. There seems to be a factory defect on them. Othewise; how can the entire set ware off so quickly...
  14. LashNeo

    Daewoo laganza 1600cc model year 2000

    Travelled to the upcountry in a hired Daewoo leganza during my Honeymoon way back in 2008. That was one decent ride with great comfort and ride quality. Pickup was also good while travelling the upcountry roads. As i recall this was somewhat popular choice among rent-a-car guys those days mainly due to the comfort factor. But that was 11 years ago. Due to scarcity of parts most of these cars must be in poor condition now. Hence i guess its better to keep away from them. I know it seems like a good option mainly due to the damn low prices but in the long run you might regret. A decent car though...
  15. LashNeo

    Experience With Local Agents

    The last time I went to an agent to repair a car was way back in 2008 when I owned my Sunny B14. It was A*W at Union Place. (Not sure whether they have it at the same place anymore) Those days it was allowed to be at the service area and I thought most of the Agents still allow it. Honestly, I also don’t feel comfortable leaving the car to the service personal and being in the comfort of the waiting room. I like to wonder around the car and do my own inspection while it’s jacked up coz you don’t get that chance at home. One can argue that it’s a nuisance to the service personal. But; they need to build that trust first with customers. Once the trust is built that their car is in good hands, people would not go and wonder around their cars. But yet, someone like me will always hover around the car due to pure curiosity 😁