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  1. LashNeo

    Any experience with colonial motors

    That’s a good decision. Trust me, I’ve been a customer of Mazna for more than a decade now and I’ve been personally promoting their service since they surely do provide a good service. However; business is business. You need to be a bit vigilant when it comes to dealing with local businessman. I know that they brought down a load of used (but good quality) Mazda parts recently and they must be looking to push them to the customers as quickly as possible coz maintaining an inventory is a cost for any company. So, cannot blame them on that. At the end of the day your problem will be solved but you will be paying something extra. Actually; you can do few things yourself to see whether there’s actual oil burn. Do you notice things such as blue smoke from the exhaust? Oily spark plugs? Rough running engine? Etc. If not; better to fix the oil leaks first and then run the car for some time to see whether the oil level actually drops after the leaks are fixed. Furthermore; what was the condition of oil when you bought the car? Was it clear? Do you have any maintenance records from the previous owner? If the car was maintained properly for sometime, it’s somewhat hard believe that a sudden oil burning issue would occur. Maybe I’m wrong here and Mazna people have done a correct diagnosis. But, it’s your car and your money. So better to be open minded, I guess. Some of the guys at Mazna might be actually reading this post and they know me very well. But, what the heck I’m just being true to myself.
  2. LashNeo

    Any experience with colonial motors

    So, now the question would be can you source a good quality, low mileage, reliable engine for your BJ5W for below 75K from somewhere else? Have you checked on that? And also, did you got a second opinion on the condition of your engine? Maybe it does not need replacement. Just a service with few components may solve your issue. Coz, 240,000Km is nothing much for a Japanese Petrol engine given that the mileage is genuine and it was routinely serviced. Thought of suggesting that since you mentioned that you went to fix an oil leak at Mazna and you said that oil burns for about 1l for every 3000kms. So, maybe the oil was actually leaked but not burnt ?
  3. LashNeo

    Corolla121 or ES5/8 or Mazda 3 or GP1

    I’d somewhat agree on the Rusting issues in Mazda’s. As per my 323, rust on the rear wheel wells was bit of an issue. You need to do a proper wash under the wheel wells or else rust tends to form. However; its not a big issue if you take good care of it. However; the rust issue of the ‘Spare wheel well’ (not the wheel wells mind you) which Hyaenidae has highlighted above should be mainly blamed on negligence of previous owner. I think there must have been a water leak in the boot which must have caused the rust and he must have fixed the leak without doing a proper paint job on the rusted wheel well. He must have applied some anticorrosive paint to cover it up. However; once I noticed the issue as described in above thread in 2012; I cut out the spare wheel well out and welded a new wheel well made out of new metal sheets and did a proper repainting job. After 7 years; It’s still holding on quite good. It was my bad for not updating the original thread with what I did. 😊
  4. is it between 20-22 or 20-28? if it's 20-22 then you already own one of the best cars to own in that league. Care to explain why you want to get rid of it?
  5. LashNeo

    Corolla121 or ES5/8 or Mazda 3 or GP1

    Would you like to explain why? coz, here i'm an owner of a Mazda 323 for a decade which is truly worth every penny that was invested on it and two of my colleagues followed me and purchased an Axela and a 3 a year after my purchase and still holding on to them for nearly 9 years. Still no concerns for us to get rid of them though.. Happy owners all the way. for the first time i'm hearing a negative comment on a Mazda 3 here actually 😊
  6. I was also in the hunt for one of these but it's difficult to find them here. Actually there's one manufacturer who assembles these E'Bikes in Sri lanka but unfortunately they only do exports and do not sell them in local market
  7. I don't think there's much of an issue with those models. they are assembled in sri lanka and parts are also readily available. They do exports to Europe countries as well and therefore i don't think there will be any issues with quality.
  8. You can goto either DSI Bikes, Lumala or Tomahawk in Bambalapitiya which are actually located next to another around the same place. It's easy to compare the models and purchase the one which suites you. Lumala has the widest selection though.
  9. LashNeo

    Need a good Car around 2 million

    @SipaThe problem in your post is you have not mentioned 'what is your expectation?'. You have just mentioned two requirements. It should be a sedan around 2 million. Maybe If you can tell more details about your exact requirement it would be easier to provide options.
  10. LashNeo

    Mazda familia 1997 registered cars

    Well, the general comment i can give about the BH series mazda is that it's a very decent and reliable car for it's age. A good workhorse which can be used as a daily runner even though its more than two decades old. Cannot provide you specific details as your question is very generic. You may wanna check some of the below threads to get further information since this car was discussed number of times in the past as pointed out by Davy. If you have any specific questions (such as fuel economy, parts availability etc.) you can ask them so that we can give you specific answers. http://autolanka.com/forums/topic/16570-low-budget-car-option/?hl=%2Bmazda+%2Bbutterfly#entry271360 http://autolanka.com/forums/topic/15880-best-sedan-car-for-13-lks/?page=0#comment-257846 http://autolanka.com/forums/topic/19718-good-family-vehicle-around-13-m/#comment-309708 http://autolanka.com/forums/topic/14041-what-is-the-comfortable-car-ae100-or-mazda-butterfly/?tab=comments#comment-215074 http://autolanka.com/forums/topic/17678-best-car-for-13m-with-good-fuel-consumption-full-option-easy-maintenance/#comment-291268
  11. LashNeo

    Mazda familia 1997 registered cars

    are you looking for a mazda familia registered in 1997 or manufactured in 1997? if it's 1997 registration you might be talking about either BG series or BH series. if it's manufactured in 1997; you are talking about the BH series which is commonly known as 'Samanala light' model in SL market. So, which model are you interested in?
  12. Check at Mazna motors Aththidiya. I visited them last weekend and there was a newly arrived large shipment of used parts. they may have plenty of ECU's as well.
  13. LashNeo

    Use of used tyre?

    If your tires does not have any uneven wear or side wall damage and if there's some tread depth left; most of the little road side tire shops will purchase them. I mean the kind of shops that are not dealers but small timers who are mainly involved in tire puncture repair kind of stuff. will not pay you much though. expect something around Rs 500-1500 based on the condition.
  14. LashNeo

    Suggestions for a good car between 1.7-2.2 million

    Just out of curiosity.. if the pugs are such a pain in the a**; why would you go on and buy 3 of them? i mean you must have been convinced after buying two of them right? why on earth would you buy a third??
  15. LashNeo

    Mazda Bj5p Repair

    Yeah. they are nearly 2 decades old and plenty of miles on them isnt it? So, its rather normal to expect minor shifting delays. But if it's a huge Thud sound or else the engine revvs so hard without shifting; Then it needs some attention.