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  1. LashNeo

    Mazda Bj5p Repair

    Yeah. they are nearly 2 decades old and plenty of miles on them isnt it? So, its rather normal to expect minor shifting delays. But if it's a huge Thud sound or else the engine revvs so hard without shifting; Then it needs some attention.
  2. LashNeo

    Mazda Bj5p Repair

    Yeah. as Stig has mentioned; they will fix it for free if its within 6 months. Anyways, did you check your gear oil level and the color of the gear oil?
  3. Being an owner of a FB14 almost a decade ago i would always ask any person to stick with the mere 1000 idiots in this forum (including me) and stay away from it instead of following the majority of intellectuals who fantasize about the FB14. Fed up of repeating my horror story on and on in this forum. Anybody who wish to know can refer the below link. http://autolanka.com/forums/topic/15880-best-sedan-car-for-13-lks/#comment-257891
  4. Its always good to plan ahead but seriously; planning ahead 10 years for purchasing a car is bit of a craze nowadays. We all know that the automotive technologies have begun to drastically change. Lots of technologies are hitting the market at a quick phase (Hybrids, EV’s, Fuel Cells etc). It’s really hard to anticipate the fate of a good old gasoline powered car in a decade in this vastly changing industry. By then, the gasoline powered cars could be mere antics. Some of the developed countries have already started to phase out gasoline cars from the streets. So, if the gasoline engine would slowly go out of production as a whole; it would not really matter the origin of your car as the demand for all gasoline powered cars would be very low by then. And based on the current rate of depreciation; the 60+ lacks you spend to purchase it would worth something like 25-30 lacks in 2028. Even though you may sell it for the purchased price, it has already depreciated. So, there are so many other aspects you should worry about and the country of origin would be the least. Who knows.. by 2028 Thailand may become one of the world’s automotive Giants. So, you might regret if you do not go ahead with this purchase after all
  5. LashNeo

    Vehicle for around 2.0M

    Spare parts are easy to find around Colombo. There are some places in panchikawatte who specialize on mazda parts and Mazna motors Aththidiya has stocks available for any body or engine parts. Fuel economy would be 8-9 kmpl for an Automatic within city limits and above 11 away from city. it would do about a 1-2 kmpl more for a manual one. Second hand market is not bad. Would be the same as FB15, 110 etc.
  6. LashNeo

    MAZDA BJ5P Can Use Tyre Size 195/70/R14

    You might be able to fit in the tires in the wheel wells but; as per the Mazda BJ series 2002 user manual; below mentioned tire sizes are the recommended ones.
  7. LashNeo

    1.7million Need opinion to choose car

    @kadsa98; That's a nice car bro and true value for money as well. by the way; are you related to the owner of that furniture shop behind the car?
  8. LashNeo

    Honda vezel 2014 ru3

    Did some of them stop indicating after the engine was started?
  9. LashNeo

    Closest Mountain View kinda Cheap bunglow hotel

    I actually stayed in my friends place at Kandy and went to riverstone from there.
  10. LashNeo

    Closest Mountain View kinda Cheap bunglow hotel

    Yep. the roads are good. Went there few months ago during April holidays and my Familia and my friend's 110 pulled up without any issues. There were even WagonR's going up as well. So cant see why a Cefiro with a full load would fail
  11. LashNeo

    Carpooling / Ride Sharing

    I have already posted in this site few months back. Have not received any response yet from anyone. Google login option doesn't seem to work in this site either. Therefore, most probably this is also not much active at the moment i guess.
  12. LashNeo

    Carpooling / Ride Sharing

    I pretty much like to start it machan. But so far did not find any companion . I don't think any of the carpooling apps are functioning either
  13. Feel sorry about the new fleet of Wagon-R owners. According to the Wagon R owners FB page, a side skirt costs 50,000, front buffer costs 140,000. Side mirrors are stolen whenever the cars are parked. 

    seems like they are taken for a ride by spare part shop owners 

  14. LashNeo

    MAZDA BJ5P Over Drive light Blinking

    Seems like your gearbox has some malfunction. When did you change the Gear oil last time? How many Km's ago? It's probably a matter of changing your gear oil and cleaning the filter. I faced a similar issue 2 years back and got it sorted from Nilwala Motors and it has been doing OK since then. But in my case the gearbox had to be re-built with new components as some parts were worn out. Please refer the below thread for details
  15. LashNeo

    Remove spray paint on car

    You can also try this sponge called 'easycleaner'. http://www.easycleaner.lk/ It did help me immensely to get rid of some paint over spray on my dashboard and some interior panels. Just need to soak it in water, rinse it and mildly rub the effected area.