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  1. Is it true that the vehicle imports to be stopped for 1 year?
  2. Hi Guys! For Petrol/Electic (PHEV) vehicles the luxury tax is 80% from the CIF - Rs.4 Million right?
  3. If I were you I would sell it and put the money in a FB and buy a new car once you are back after one year. if you must part make sure its in a closed space where rats cant get in.
  4. http://bizenglish.adaderana.lk/government-amends-luxury-tax-on-motor-vehicles-based-on-price/ yes there's no information from treasury or customs,
  5. Total new tax on C200 is Rs.9,655,468 but I have no idea when this would come to effect. Gov is playing games with us
  6. no the new system have CC tax + LX TAX with a little deduction for depreciation. I have the document but forum have no option to attach a pdf
  7. Heyy guys, According to new amendment a jeep with 1999CC Diesel engine will not have any luxury tax right? 😀
  8. Hi. If there's any tax increase will it apply for vehicles that are in shipments and the ones with already opened LC's? How was this handled in 2018 budget?
  9. Yhh this would be the best route to take. Im almost all cars recommended pressure is shown in the door sticker and in main display in all new cars. Just read that and you are fine. And yes it would really help if you under inflate on sand probably between 15-25 PSI, to 15 PSI only if you have loads of $$$ to buy rubber
  10. Yhh but looking at the list he provided dont think he would like to drive a tiny A1 so I was thinking if would up his budget a bit or it could have been I was bit too high when I posted that
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