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  1. Utter rubbish as usual. They can raid car sales to check vehicles on open papers and take legal action against the previous owner. They don't need any new laws for this. The existing law is more than enough. This will prevent people from selling cars on open papers, which will reduce the opportunities for baiyas. Eventually this will bring in a natural control to the second hand market, as it will reduce the artificially created bullish effect.
  2. Err.. my car here takes about a 5-mile drive during the cold season to give a reading on the temp gauge. I must be doing something wrong noh! Not really... its the car that decides when to start. I just push the button and wait. Usually starts within 60 sec even during the dead of winter (its a diesel btw). For a country like Sri Lanka, this is never a problem. Just like irage and trinity mentioned... don't worry about it.
  3. Just out of curiosity, do you transfer the car legally to yourself at the point of purchase, disclose to the buyer that you bought the car for the purpose of resale and pay relevant taxes on the profits to the government? If you don't do any of that, you are being neither ethical nor legal.
  4. Yup u got it. It's the late 90s Corolla but EU spec. I've seen one with a GE number in SL but I'm sure there are more. Over to u.
  5. So its my turn I guess. It's so common yet so rare...
  6. https://youtu.be/q1RtlMpYOeE
  7. In sinhala, they say balala mallen eliyata Panna. Congrats for admitting that you are one of those a$$holes who contribute to jacking up car prices (in your words - 'a good investment')
  8. Thanks @Sylvi @AVANTE Some interesting facts: The Leyat Helica is one of the two surviving cars in the world. Its ultra rare. And its in running condition. The RR1912 was last sold at a price of $2million plus. The Ecosse is the last of its cars ever built The driver of the HWM is the actual driver who raced it in LeMans in 1955 (I think its 1955). He's now 90 years old and going strong! I also have photos of the actual Porsche 917 that won the LeMans in 1970. The actual car in flesh. Will upload it soon....
  9. My point was about the Sri Lankan mentality. So you and I don't actually differ to be honest. A vast number of Sri Lankans buy cars to show uncles and aunties next door that they are successful. They mortgage everything including their left testicle because it's got to be a primiyo/bmw/audi/bens or nothing. This mentality is not just among the uneducated plebs but even so-called highly educated and cosmopolitan people. In reality they might not need the car and they might not use the car. But they desperately need one as a status symbol.
  10. Isn't this the root cause of the problem in the first place. Those who don't need cars buy the most expensive ones. Those who need just a Maruti keep buying BMWs. And we blame the dealers. If you don't need a car, don't buy one. By buying a car you don't need, you are contributing to the problem.
  11. Building a 30-foot wall will only create demand for 31-foot ladders. Same theory applies here. You can do this with unregistered cars. People will buy unregs, register them and sell them at a higher price once the supply reduces. That's all. This happened in the past. There was a time when registered Viva Elites were sold at a much higher than unregs when there was a low supply and high demand for the car.
  12. Despite being "British heritage", "British marque" etc. etc... I've hardly seen any of these MGs in UK. Maybe just one or two in the past 6 months.
  13. The Hampton Concours of Elegance, presented by A.Lange & Söhne, was held in the spectacular gardens of King Henry VIII's Palace on 4-6 September 2020.
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