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  1. Crosswind

    Best car for family use

    And exactly what makes you think that ''mazda will not have a considerable second hand market value after 5 or 6 years". What exactly do you mean by 'second hand market value'?
  2. Crosswind


    The fact that you are comparing and old prius and a vitz with audi A1 shows that you are not ready for a euro. Buy the vitz. Its the perfect car for you.
  3. You can go to RMV and check whether there is a court order on the vehicle to block any transfers. Apart from that, there really isn't a way to check whether a vehicle has been involved in any criminal activity.
  4. Crosswind

    Sell my used car with leasing

    Just give the car and take the money. No documentation needed. After about a month, if the CID visits your home, thats the only time u will need documentation.
  5. Crosswind

    MINI Cooper

    Good luck. There are only about 5 of them with genuine paperwork in this country.
  6. Crosswind

    Help to buy 1st car

    All of them are BG-series. So they are a bit overpriced in my opinion. I would have thought around 800 - 850 is a reasonable price for them, For a car this age, its always better to go for the one in best possible condition. Just avoid the carburetor ones and go for an EFI.
  7. Crosswind

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Yup. Seen at least 2.one is an awful green colour.
  8. Crosswind

    bus import

    You might be the first person in this country to try and import a bus with your permit. My suggestion is to check with the finance ministry. They will be able to tell you the conditions and restrictions of the permit. There' s nothing called diplomat permits, unless you are talking about a Sri Lankan Foreign service staff. SLFS permits are same as any other permit.
  9. Crosswind

    Help to buy 1st car

    If you ask me about which car to go for, if you have a budget of less than a million, these will be my choices. 1. Proton Wira - reason: you can get a newer car. Parts are not an issue at all, because most of the internals are swappable with Mitsubishi Lancer. Build quality is not bad. Don't be fooled by idiots who say 'Maleshiya ne... apo oka honda naa'. 2. Mazda Familia/Ford Laser - reason: I have seen many cars that are 25+ years old. NONE of them hold on to their build as much as Mazda and Mazda Fords do. Even after 25 years and 300,000kms on the clock, these cars just go on. 3. Toyota Corolla Wagon - another good workhorse. The sedan version (E100-series) is well over a million, but you may be able to find a wagon (what they call elephant back), with basic options for around that price. That's another car that just goes on and on 4. Doctor Sunny - Oldest cars in this list. If you can find a well maintained one, this is also another car that can take abuse Other honourable mentions are Toyota Starlet and Nissan March. Now let's come to your list: Daihatsu Charade - Wouldn't recommend because its an old turbo diesel engine. It's good if it works, but if the turbo packs up, good luck Ford Festiva - It's actually a Korean car made by Kia. Back in the 90s, Kia was an upcoming company. They made good cars, but your challenge will be finding spares. I doubt even ebay will have spares that you need. Mazda Astina - Again, spares will be an issue. Especially if someone decides to drop a rock on to the rear windscreen Nissan Y10 and AT170 - Both are decent cars, but I wouldn't pay 950k for these. Way too old That leaves the two Mazdas. From your list, those are the only two cars I will personally consider. Check whether they are carburetor or EFI. Always go for an EFI car. Old carbs are a real pain in the ass and there are no carb mechanics anymore. Auto or manual doesn't matter. If you are happy to drive a manual, go for it. Duplicate CR also doesn't matter if you are buying a car for personal use. Give a lowball offer. It's a bit tough to sell a car with a duplicate CR, but not as tough as people think. Most important is the condition of the car, so go for the one which is better maintained. Do you have photos of these two cars? can you post them (you can cover the number plate). I'd like to see whether they are BG5, BG6, BHA or BH6 or even BJ5/6.
  10. Crosswind

    Daewoo laganza 1600cc model year 2000

    Leganza came with a 2 litre engine not 1600cc. Are you talking about a KH-8*** numbered car?
  11. On a side note, what exactly are the issues you are facing with it? A 2015 car is too new to give these problems.
  12. Crosswind

    Nissan Presea

    So we have a photo two guys standing on either side of a car, one of them is already talking about grandkids and also says he will be using the car 'to go to salon'... Not suspicious at all!
  13. Crosswind

    Hyundai Gran i10 /Celerio / Kia Picanto

    Wow! HOT HATCH and Celerio in one sentence???? None them are hot hatches. Between the three, two are Indian econoboxes one is korean econobox. What next? Maruti 800 as a hot hatch? And what's a GREAT engine?
  14. Crosswind

    import a LHD vehicle from UAE and register in SL

    1. You need to convert to RHD before importing. 2. Value of the vehicle doesn't matter. Taxation is based on engine capacity. 3. You cant import a vehicle older than 3 years.
  15. Crosswind

    Nissan pulsar CJ2 - engine stops suddenly

    When the car starts vibrating before stopping, what do u do? What happens when you press the accelerator?