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  1. Crosswind

    Is 307 is a good option

    Dude... you are buying a 16-year old car. Expect problems irrespective of whether its a 307, 206 or a 121. Its ridiculous to say things like: don't buy a 307, buy a 206 What's more important, is how the actual car has been maintained. If you find a 307 with repairs done on time and is in mechanically sound condition, will you accept @TheFlyingFox's advice and go for a 206?
  2. Crosswind


    Right. So servicing a Jag XF at the agents cost 60k. Servicing a Toyota Axio at the agents cost 16k. So Toyota wins. Congratulations!
  3. Crosswind


    1. Again you should read the service manual. It clearly says "don't worry about the colour of the oil. Oil gets discoloured with use and loses some of its properties, but they are safe to use during the service schedule" (not in these exact words but that's the gist of it. In any case, I service all my cars in 6-month intervals, whether its a Toyota or a Ford. 2. You yourself claim that you never had any repairs with the Fiesta. Yet, you worship Toyotas 3. The Focus I own is the fully loaded version. It had all the electronic features of a contemporary BMW (except for retractable mirrors - those never came with Fords). The Focus shared its platform, engine, gearbox, most electronics with Volvo S40 and Mazda 3. So how can you say that its a simple car? The Mondeo and Jaguar X-type shared the same platform and electronics during Ford's ownership of Jaguar. So don't talk what you don't know. 4. I OWNED a Mondeo. It never caught fire. It was a comfy old barge. That's all. 5. I buy the car for myself. Not for the next owner. I won't be selling it for the foreseeable future and if I do, I know how to sell it for a good price.
  4. Crosswind


    The Toyota is being bashed for a reason. Not just for kicks. If you talk to a person who has owned a multitude of cars, you will know why. If you talk to a person who had only owned Toyotas (and may be Nissans) all his life, then its like the blind leading the blind. In my case, I change my second car often. So I have owned: Chevrolet Cruze (two of them), Mini, Lancer CS1, Toyota 110, Kia Cerato, Peugeot 206 (Auto), Perodua Kelisa, Nissan FB14, B15, Ford Mondeo, Hyundai Santafe 1st Gen (convert), Suzuki Jimny, A32 Cefiro, A33 Cefiro, Honda City (the one that looks like the Fit Aria) The ones that never gave me any kind of problems were: Kelisa (B/N import), A32 (B/N import), the 206 (Singapore import) The biggest nightmare I had, was with the Toyota 110 (JDM) and the FB14 (JDM), closely followed by the B15 (JDM) and the City (Singapore import). The Cerato gave me gearbox problems thanks to monkeys at a*to m*raj pouring CVT oil in to an ordinary auto gear box. Other than that, the Korean was also better than the Toyota I had. I know that this doesn't mean Toyota build quality is mediocre. What it simply means is Toyota quality is not any different from other car manufacturers - whether its Ford or Peugeot or Kia or Nissan or Honda (although MBA textbooks will say otherwise). But most Toyotas in Sri Lanka are owned by stupid morons, so you give a car with average build quality to a moron, the end result is a nightmare to the next owner. Toyotas are not god's gift to Sri Lankans. They are just god's gift to monkeys who believe that a valampuri can bring them eternal wealth or applying some gunk on their face every morning can make them look like Europeans or donating half-a-kilo of gold to a man with a weird hairdo can bring their loved one back or a 1000-year old puskola book has their name, their wife's name, parents name and the driving license number.
  5. Crosswind


    No. This is what you said: "I think the Euros have such long intervals mainly due to the premium oil which they use. Intervals are what the book says without taking into consideration things like very high rate of stop and go traffic , harsh climate, dust etc etc" You implied that 1.Euros have long service intervals because they need premium oil - untrue. I have been using Castrol 10w 30 for the past 7 years. Initially the agent used Toyota 10w 30 oil. Yes - contrary to what you might believe, Euros are not allergic to Toyota oil 2. Service schedule for Euros do not take our conditions to account - untrue. You can see the above What you have stated is NOT in line with the handbook. Its the exact opposite. Further, This is my 8th year with the Focus. What I have done so far, are: 1.Usual service twice a year 2. One gear oil change 3. Two sets of brake pads (I change them every 30k km, even if they are worn or not) 4. Two sets of tyres - one due to bad experience with Nexen 5. One bonnet lock replacement (lock =6000 on ebay, labour = 2000) 6. One gear link bush replacement (total 2000 at agent) 7. Two sets wiper blades (each set 800 from aliexpress) 8.Two sets of spark plugs (I change them every 30k irrespective of the condition) each set 2000 on ebay, delivered So if anyone tells me Euros are unreliable/cost more to maintain etc., all I can say is the @&£# you.
  6. Crosswind


    There's no 'usual recommendation' for any car. What Ford says, is to service every 20,000km under normal circumstances and every 10,000km under 'severe duty conditions'. Severe duty conditions are also listed on the service manual. 'Warm countries with temperatures constantly above 30-degrees' and 'frequent use in stop-go traffic' is considered as severe driving conditions Learn to read!
  7. Crosswind

    ford laser 2000 repair center

    Mazna Motors Attidiya is the usual place for Mazda Fords What kind of noises? Where are they coming from?
  8. Crosswind


    Rubbish The user manuals of Euros specify the service intervals and oil types for both standard driving conditions and rough driving conditions. As I recall, you owned a Fiesta, if you ever bothered to read the user manual, you should know that.
  9. Crosswind


    Exactly! Thats what everyone was trying to point out to OP. You on the other hand...
  10. Crosswind


    Dude... have you heard of 'comparing apples with apples'?
  11. Crosswind

    What are the best fuel efficient Hybrids in Sri Lankan Market

    Very true machan. You can try the below method (apply as much as possible) and make it last longer than 5 min
  12. Crosswind

    Suzuki swift 2004 ATF Fluid type

    Your swift is from the days when gearboxes were very simple. Dexron 3 type ATF of any brand would do.
  13. Crosswind

    WHICH octane for VITZ?

    I had an egg bun from Pere*a and Sons today. It had a bad taste. Then I had a Maalupaan from Silva and Sons next door. It tasted good. So don't eat egg bun from Pere*a and Sons anymore. I hope you got the analogy.
  14. Crosswind

    Nissan N16 Ex Saloon 2001

    In situations like this, I trust only one guy Nilwala Motors - Chandana 077 3027118