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  1. Crosswind

    Quick Trivia 3

    In the interest of keeping the thread going :) This is a car with a serious identity crisis. The crisis is so bad that it had one manufacturer's logo on the grille and the boot and another manufacturer's logo on the steering wheel :) There's at least one of them in the exact same colour, in Sri Lanka..
  2. Crosswind

    Chavrolet cruze parts

    Sounds like a cv joint. These are widely available. Ask for suzuki swift HT51S cv joint. You will also need cv boots, hose clips and grease. Best to replace both sides.
  3. Crosswind

    Help needed

    DIY or not, trying to repair this dent will only mess up the boot lid. Leave it as it is if possible.
  4. Crosswind

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Good point. I wonder what attracts aussies to choose this over a purpose built motor home
  5. Crosswind

    Quick Trivia 3

    If you take a good look at it, the grille is actually slightly different. I will give you credit though. The grill I posted was from the Pakistan version of Corolla 141 (a cheaper alternative to the real thing). A hundred of these are running around in Sri Lanka with the forces. Over to you @matroska
  6. Crosswind

    Quick Trivia 3

  7. Crosswind

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    The marked price for this is $90,000 all inclusive. A proper motorhome in Aus will cost about $150,000 so this conversion appears to be far cheaper. Hopefully there are no Sri Lankans of Bangladeshis doing this business over there. If so, you will probably find two accident-writeoffs welded together and being sold for very cheap.
  8. Crosswind

    Quick Trivia 3

    Think twice:
  9. Crosswind

    Quick Trivia 3

    Actually no. The side repeater was a giveaway but not the grille and the bumper. Most Stellars in Sri Lanka came with the black grille but I have seen one or two with the chrome grille (I think it went as GSR or GSL). At first glance, this grille could be mistaken for the B11 Laurel Spirit grille. The vertical piece in the bumper (I don't know what that is called) was rarely seen in any of the Stellars in Sri Lanka (may be none of them have it). This is probably a car designed for a different market altogether - maybe Europe, UK or AU. Stellar was never sold in North America. I didn't identify anything... so technically its @tiv's turn , but I am going to rob the floor.
  10. Crosswind

    Quick Trivia 3

    Its not even from the country that manufactured the B11
  11. Crosswind

    Consequences of a Non-running engine

    Just relax. Some hybrids and performance cars cause issues if they are not used enough. There won't be any problems for a non-hybrid Vitz. Just make sure there are no rats of any other animals where you park it.
  12. Crosswind

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    My guess is its used as a motorhome/camper. You find a lot of them in Aus and it might just be cheaper to create this monstrosity than to to buy an actual motorhome/camper. @Davy isn't that an NT registration? NT has some rocky and dusty terrain, which might not be accessible in a run-on-the-mill camper. So that might also be a reason for this creativity. Edit: Here's one more example of aussie creativity: These guys specialize in creating monsters: https://4x4motorhomes.com.au/our-vehicles/conversions/
  13. Crosswind

    Car Windows Tint

    Will the defrosting lines on the rear windshield go off when you try to remove it?
  14. Crosswind

    Quick Trivia 3

    Technically I didn't identify the car So shall we wait till someone actually identifies it
  15. Crosswind

    Quick Trivia 3

    Sopiya BTW she has many other names ....