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  1. Crosswind

    place to buy Suzuki Swift Ignis 2003 Roof Rail Front cap

    Try Japan Lanka. If they have a broken rail, you might be able to get a cap off it. If not, you may have to buy the whole thing. I had the same problem sometime ago. Ended up buying a pair of roof rails. As I recall, it didn't cost much. Around 5000 for the pair I think.
  2. Crosswind

    Importing a Volkswagen E-Golf

    So what does that mean? the car is good? it is suitable for sri lankan conditions?
  3. Crosswind

    Importing classic and used cars to Sri Lanka

    Yes. You need to get a cabinet paper approved through the parliament. Thereafter, you can bring one over. All the best.
  4. Crosswind

    Warranty And Free Service

    First of all, vehicles getting completely made in Japan ended somewhere in the 1980s. Even in early 2000s, Indian made Altos and Thailand-made Hondas were imported to Japan. However, our mudalalis imported them as recon units to Sri Lanka and told our intelligent public (like you, who believe that there's some Japanese magic going on with quality) that those were made in Japan. Japanese don't do magic when it comes to quality. Japanese are not from another planet. In fact, quality standards in most industrialized countries are now in par with each other. Most Japanese vehicles in 90s and early 2000s were reliable because they were using OLD technology. Japanese vehicle industry was at least 10 years behind Europeans when it came to technology adoption. For example, most Japanese cars before 2010 didn't even have cruise control, but cruise control became mainstream in Europe in the 1980s. However, after 2010 or so, Japanese started adopting technology faster - DCT gearboxes, collision detection systems - you name it. The moment Japanese started technology adoption, their weaknesses started to show. That's the reason why Japanese vehicles have started to become less reliable now. Anybody can build a car with 20-year old technology and make it reliable. Have you ever heard of an unreliable Maruti?
  5. Crosswind

    Road To N'eliya

    What's the condition of Hatton - Nuwara Eliya road now? Anybody whos been there recently? Also if I'm not mistaken, Kadugannawa - Welamboda - Watadeniya - Gampola road was undergoing expansion recently, so that should give an alternative for anyone who wishes to avoid Gelioya. Anybody been thru that road recently?
  6. Crosswind

    Road To N'eliya

    1. Priority 1: Less traffic (considering the holiday season) 2. Priority 2: Smooth roads 3. Priority 3: Less travel time How on earth can a road be sexy? Do you try to do weird things on roads?
  7. Crosswind

    Road To N'eliya

    Hi Guys, Waking up an old thread... What would be a good road to drive to Nuwara Eliya from Colombo these days (tomorrow morning)? 1. via Gampola, Pussellawa 2. Via Avissawella - Hatton 3. Via Avissawella - Nawalapitiya (is there a way to avoid going all the way to Gampola in this route? Thanks in advance
  8. Just to clarify: 1. Giving money and buying the paper that's called a 'permit' -> illegal (but unenforceable) 2. Buying a car that was imported under a permit (even on day 1) -> not illegal
  9. The law is still the same. However, the government has removed the embargo on transferring vehicles imported by permits. Enforcement of the law becomes virtually impossible because of this reason. It's still illegal but they cant hold you accountable if you violate it. Let me give you a similar example. Prostitution is NOT illegal in Sri Lanka. But working in a brothel is illegal. If someone is found to be working in a brothel, I think the fine is 100,000 or something. If you are a street prostitute, the only law they can charge u, is the vagrancy ordinance (I think the fine is around 100 for that). Although street prostitutes cannot be effectively charged, it does not make prostitution legal, moral or ethical. Similarly, although the law is ineffective, it doesn't make selling permits legal. Therefore I don't encourage it. You cant break a law because everyone else is doing it. You can't blame the three wheeler guy who cut across you, the bike which overtook you from the left or the bus that drives on the wrong lane, if you yourself break the law. You cant blame politicians for corruption if you yourself don't care about the law. People in this country need to learn respect the law, even if its something as minute as not cutting across another vehicle. That's the reason why this country is in the shithole it is in.
  10. Crosswind

    Closest Mountain View kinda Cheap bunglow hotel

    solitary confinement at welikada should satisfy all this. if you want to enjoy a drive, try pallekele.
  11. Crosswind

    To buy my 1st car

    Who on earth can predict what will happen after 5 years? Have you seen what has happened to x-trails, priuses and aquas? Despite toyota/Nissan badges and made in Japan labels?
  12. Crosswind

    Corsa1992 ax

    If you don't know how to ask a question, don't ask. How do we even know whether you are talking about Toyota Corsa or Opel Corsa???
  13. Crosswind

    Nissan k11 for sale.what price do i ask

    You can check the prices which sellers quote for K11's here: http://www.autolanka.com/search/cars/?condition=&mk=&md=&district=&additional_info=K11 If you want to sell it urgently, you should quote a slightly lower price.
  14. Crosswind

    Sell my used car with leasing

    When selling a vehicle, the buyer and seller both have responsibilities. The seller has the responsibility of filling four forms of MTA-6, handing over two copies to the buyer, sending one copy to RMV and keeping one copy for records. If this is not done within 14 days, the seller can be liable for a fine The buyer has to fill MTA-8 form and submit the two MTA-6 forms recieved from the seller. The accountability is on the seller. If the seller does not follow the process and if the buyer uses the vehicle to commit a crime, the seller may also be an initial suspect for it. There have been instances, where rapes, murders and drug trafficking have been committed using vehicles under open papers. In all such cases, the guy who sold the car on open papers have got in to deep sh*t, including getting arrested and being remanded for 14 days. If in doubt, ask the nearest police station.
  15. Crosswind

    1968 Datsun 510 Sedan (Project Datto)

    looks like he/she has woken up something more than a dormant topic. A dormant person!