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  1. 1. What do you call the tall version of a cab which has 4X4? e.g.- LN 106 - DOUBLE CAB 2. What do you call the tall version a cab which has 4X2? - DOUBLE CAB 3, What do you call the short version of cabs which has 4X2 e.g. LN145 - DOUBLE CAB 4. What do you call the short 2 door long body version of cabs? - SINGLE CAB
  2. Crosswind


    Janatha Motors Panchikawatta Yes. Almost all body panels match Daihatsu Mira L700 panels. In fact, I replaced a rear bumper of a Kelisa with a Mira bumper bought from Japan Lanka few years ago. It was a bolt-on fit. No modifications were needed. Engine parts are pretty common with Many Daihatsus and Toyotas. Only problem is with the interior panels. They are unique to Kelisa.
  3. Crosswind


    For a Hijet that does day to day work, I'm not sure whether you actually need iridium plugs. Is there a justification in fixing them? Even for my Euro, I use ordinary spark plugs. I change them every 10,000km (along with cleaning injectors) only as a precautionary measure.
  4. Crosswind

    MG ZS 2018

    What exactly is your definition of 'profit'?
  5. Crosswind

    Carbon Tax

    I would like to get a confirmation from someone who renewed the license recently.
  6. Crosswind

    Carbon Tax

    Does anyone know whether carbon tax on petrol vehicles is now enforced? If so, how much, how, when and where do you pay it? Thanks in advance.
  7. Crosswind

    Toyota Aqua Fuel Consumption Vs Toyota Vitz

    Man... you must be truly jobless!
  8. Crosswind

    MG ZS 2018

  9. Spoilsport! For a change, I'm enjoying someone else having an argument with @gayanath
  10. Crosswind

    Agent Inspection Report

    Go with the agent. I don't have any personal experience with the other place but they make very tall claims in their ads in social media. So I personally don't trust them. Secondly, if the car is already maintained at TL, they will possess records.
  11. Crosswind

    WHICH octane for VITZ?

    Wigo engine has a compression ratio of 11:1 so it needs Octane 95. Although the engine designs may be same, the compression ratios can differ.
  12. Crosswind

    MG ZS 2018

    What lot of people don't realize is with Made in China products, you get exactly what you pay for. You can get the best quality in the world if you are willing to pay for it and you can also get the cheapest quality in the world, if you are on a shoestring. With mobile phones, China has now positioned itself as the premium quality manufacturer. Not just the iPhone but Huaweis are good examples. If you use a Huawei phone, you would know that the bloody thing just refuses to die (somewhat reminiscent of the old Nokias). Since my other personal interest is watches, did you know that there are Chinese-designed and Chinese-made watches which are valued more than Swiss brands like Tissot? On the other hand you can also find Chinese-made watches for less than a dollar. With the auto-industry however, China is not there yet. So MG ZS for now is a passable product. So are other Chinese cars. At least for now.
  13. Crosswind

    Honda Grace engine issue

    Replacing the valve isn't a big deal. However, finding out whether the exact problem is in the valve, is. I take my cars to agents always (except if the agent is Micro). Agents aren't perfect but at least they have gone thru some official training and have the right equipment. Try Stafford.
  14. Crosswind

    Honda Grace engine issue

    PCV valve is a possible culprit. But may not be the only possible cause. Stop using the car and get it repaired immediately. This can lead to more serious (and expensive) issues.
  15. Crosswind

    The Ford Focus Thread

    Congrats on a great buy. Go to www.etis.ford.com and create yourself an account. You should see some details about the car and service schedules etc