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  1. Crosswind

    Hyundai accent engine oil leak

    Get a compression test done from a reputable place. That should tell you whether there's engine wear. Crank oil seals and tappet covers anyway need replacement every few years. If you are going for an engine repair, you can get those done at the same time. A petrol engine wouldn't wear out at 145000km, but a 2001 car having done just 145000km is very unlikely. Most probably the odometer is clocked.
  2. Crosswind

    GT Tyres

    No it was I who faced the problem. I made a formal complaint to the importer and also wrote to the manufacturer (Nexen in Korea) expressing my displeasure. The manufacturer replied with the usual non-binding apology. The importer didn't bother at all. This happened around 2015 btw. I have long since chucked those tyres and replaced them with Kumhos. Never had any problem with the Kumho tyres. BTW if you are looking for Korean-made tyres, I have had a very good experience with Hankook. A Japanese brand that you can get for a reasonable price is Sumitomo. Sumitomo is the OEM for brands like Dunlop in Japan.
  3. Crosswind

    Dfsk - Glory (Unimo Enterprises)

    I am locking this thread simply because DFSK 580 is being glorified on another thread.
  4. Crosswind

    GT Tyres

    That's what tyre manufacturers usually claim. But if you think logically, if they make a tyre (or any product) to support all conditions, they don't support any condition properly. Perhaps these tyres are made for moderate to cold climates. Sri Lanka on the other hand, is hot and humid. Judging by the appearance of the tyres, it was weather-related wear and most likely caused due to the M+S factor. In any case, if an official agent imports tyres rated for 'snow' to Sri Lanka, they need to get their head examined.
  5. Crosswind

    GT Tyres

    I had a terrible terrible experience with Nexen. Tyres started cracking (something similar to this) within less than a year. The manufacture date wasn't too long ago either, but horror of all horrors, I found that the tyres they sold me were mud and snow tyres. So I would stay away from Nexen.
  6. Crosswind

    Lost Deed

    There is a tax on deeds of gift but it is much lower than that in a deed of transfer. Also note that the tax depends on the declared value of the property.
  7. Crosswind

    Lost Deed

    Go to a lawyer and get a caveat done for the deed. Until it is removed, the property cannot be re-registered under anyone's name. You actually don't need the original deed to carry out any transaction. If the buyer agrees/understands, you can do a future transaction without the original deed. If you wish, you may lodge a complaint in the police, but there's no surefire way of getting an original deed, unless it is a 'bim saviya' deed. You can also do a gift transfer to a family member. This will allow you to get an original deed. Just do the caveat before anything else.
  8. Crosswind

    Hyundai Santafe 2012

    You guys are so wrong. Go to Ajantha Motors at CP De Silva Mawatha, Moratuwa. They have a yard full korean body parts and powertrain parts https://www.google.com/maps/@6.8063016,79.8800267,3a,75y,218.3h,77.93t
  9. This is what I notice at first glance. 1. An offence cannot be stated as X or Y - "parking without making due payments or parking in excess of the time therein permitted" cannot be an offence. If this is taken to courts, a good lawyer can challenge this. They need to tell you EXACTLY what your offence is, not X or Y. Same story with "not attempting to prevent an accident" as frequently written by cops. This has been challenged in the courts and the courts have ruled in favour of the defendant, because the cop failed to explain exactly how the defendant did not attempt to prevent an accident. 2. This is based on a CMC-issued gazette. This is not an amendment to the MTA and therefore, it is a civil matter between you and the CMC. For example, this is similar to you putting up a notice on your lawn, informing people who park on it, will be fined. So if taken to courts and if the defendant decides to battle it out, it will be tough for CMC. Interestingly, Tenaga's name is not stated anywhere in this paper. Therefore, Tenaga really has no role in this. You need not deal with Tenaga, if the matter goes to courts. Unfortunately this doesnt indicate whether the ownership details are lifted out of the revenue license or the DMT database. If its taken out of the DMT DB, then it will be interesting to find out on what authority it is done.
  10. If its gazetted then it might be included in some law or the other (similar to revenue license. However, revenue license is pretty much part of the MTA). Then obviously the vehicle owners are duty bound to pay. But I would really like to see the gazette notice. I'm sure there are ways to challenge it. Those who are slapped with a 500k fine should challenge it in my opinion. That's very interesting. I have never been fined by them because I very rarely park within CMC limits. Do you have a sample of it (you can remove personal details)
  11. No. They are not authorized to do it either. Parking enforcement is purely a matter between Colombo Municipal Council and the owner of the vehicle. Unless there is an amendment to the MTA, this cannot even happen. This is a civil matter between Colombo Municipal Council + Tenaga vs. the vehicle owner. If Tenaga is allowed to check the DMT database for ownership details, I'm pretty sure that's a violation of the laws. Unless the MTA is amended to allow this access or unless there is a court order, I highly doubt whether they are actually allowed to do that. Most likely they get the details from the revenue license pasted on the windscreen. I also highly doubt whether they will actually go to courts to make any claims, as civil claims of this nature can almost never end up in the claimant's favour. Do you know of any actual lawsuit filed by Tenaga?
  12. No I had a different problem. Monkeys in a*uto miraj poured CVT oil in to the normal auto box. The gearbox seized. Chandana at Nilwala motors sorted it out for 35k. I sold it later not due to the problem but to change cars. That's the only issue I had with the Cerato. Actually driving pleasure of the Cerato is far ahead of the Lancer. This is based on experience of driving both. Cerato was one of the best cars I used. Focus is rock solid on bends. That's what I like about it. Otherwise it's a bit of a bore.
  13. I owned a 2011 cerato and currently own a 2011 focus. You might not be able to find a properly maintained car below 3 million. You can always find them for cheap, but especially with focus, if it's not maintained properly from day 1, it will eventually be expensive. This is true for any euro. Cerato is more nippy than the focus. Both do around 8.5 to 9 in the city. It's my 8th year with the focus and I didn't face any significant repairs. Just a broken bonnet lock, broken gear shifter Bush and simple problems like that. It all depends on how the cars were maintained.
  14. I am aware of 4. 3 are with collectors. They dont plan to sell them. The blue one is hacked beyond resurrection. It keeps changing hands quite often. Would u believe that this one was in p*chi car niwasa sometime ago? Who would keep a collectable Euro in that place for sale?
  15. Crosswind

    Buying a leased car

    A finance company will not release the CR of a vehicle to anyone except the registered owner unless the other person possesses a power of attorney. So he won't be able to get the CR out even if he pays in full.