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  1. I only hope these ventilators are tested properly and approved. The technology itself is not complicated. Specifications for medical ventilators are widely available but even a small malfunction can cause death for a patient.
  2. Samurai/Gypsy has always been one of my early 20's dreams. If I didn't get the Mini back in 2004 or so, I would have gone for a Samurai/Gypsy. I thought Jimnys started coming to the market by 1994 or thereabouts. So I'm a bit curious about the 300-number. Late reg?
  3. He's talking about 2015 Ciaz. Most likely it's not. Anyways Maruti's definition of hybrid is a stop-start system and regenerative braking (probably for charging a separate battery for electrics) for the same engine. Maruti is known to fool Indian customers by calling mild hybrids as hybrids and calling clutchless manual boxes as auto boxes. Good point. While the 89hp figure can be subjective, I agree that we are not too dissimilar from the folks across the palk strait, when it comes to getting orgasms from fuel figures. BTW I have never driven a Ciaz but have driven a Linea. That's the slowest piece of sh*t I've driven in my life (was worse than a 1000cc diesel Charade)
  4. The diesel version has a 1.3 litre non-turbo engine, taken from Fiat Linea. Buy one if you are interested in bullock cart racing. FOlks in India might be happy with it. The petrol version also has indian-designed 1.4 litre engine. Generally you would expect 1.4 litre engines to give average performance, but remember its designed in India.This one is also painfully slow. You are much better off going for an SX-4, which is older but better in all aspects.
  5. I always recommend taking a vehicle to the authorized agent for inspection. Simple as that.
  6. If you are spending just 8000 for a paint job like this, expect the difference to be obvious.
  7. The 1.6 engines on Ford Focus mk 2.5 and mk3 both, were made in Ford's Valencia engine plant in Spain. The final assembly took place in Spain for the previous generation. Mk3 Focus was assembled in Cologne. All Ford Focus that came to Sri Lanka were made in Europe by Ford of Europe. Fiesta was made in UK for the European market only. Asian market Fiestas came from Thailand. Engines were also made in an Asian engine plant. Double Cabs were assembled in Thailand. Their diesel engines were made in Dagenham, UK. This is the info I got from a friend who was with Ford sometime ago.
  8. This headline should be corrected as "Skoda to enter the Sri Lankan market yet again!" Unless they sell sub-800cc econoboxes with bells and whistles at a price point below Alto 800, they will end up selling a maximum of 10 cars. And this statement has already indicated their doom: "By utilising the existing synergies in the INDIA 2.0 project, ŠKODA could also offer models in Sri Lanka that will be developed under the upcoming model campaign in the Indian market."
  9. And I thought I was the only one who liked Russians What's the Poljot u got? 3133? I was desperately looking for a genuine 3133 but good ones are pricey. I have a Vostok Tank and a Scuba Guy. Also had a questionable KGB and a fake Zakaz but gave them away.
  10. Hmm.. the dick door seems to be owned by a chick. Way to go!
  11. When Holden stopped production in Adelaide few years ago, Ford and Toyota followed suit almost immediately. That move essentially set off a chain reaction. What's your take on Ford this time around? Will they also eventually pull out? The two Koreans and their Chinese relatives still don't have a grip on the UTE market do they?
  12. No, it's not @Davy, although I wouldn't have minded that 😀. America's GM is planning to pull out RHD markets, including Australia, Thailand and New Zealand. This includes killing the Australian brand Holden, known for V8s and V6s. Two years ago, GM pulled out of India and sold its European brands Opel and Vauxhall to PSA. Instead of selling Holden, GM opted to axe the brand instead. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2020/02/17/general-motors-winding-historic-holdenbrand-pulls-asia/amp/
  13. Fiesta was not sold in the USA till recently. It was designed for Europe to contend with Fiats and VWs. It was never designed for the American market. Fiesta is the best selling car ever, in UK history, beating iconic vehicles like the classic Mini, Ford Escort, Morris Minor and Ford Cortina. I do admit that it's a shitty car...
  14. Someone I know bought that car. My first thought about it was its too small. But he's 6ft 2in tall. Seems to manage with it quite well. The car is still new so it's tough make any comments about it. However, I have heard enough horror stories about the 1ltr engines of VW group. That's the only reason I would stay away from 1ltr VWs and Audis. There 1.4ltr engines seem to be very popular here in UK. In fact the Audis are the most popular cars in the area where I live. I have actually never seen a T-Cross in UK roads yet.
  15. Isn't "revelation" something that Jesus gave to the world?
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