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  1. At that price, you are looking at a car that is 20 years old. No one can tell you the maintenance cost of these cars. Maintenance cost is not equal to the price of spare parts. Its the number of repairs that you need to carry out in a car, labour costs and parts costs. If you buy a Corolla 100 or a 110, you may find cheap spares, but the chances are that the number of repairs may be high because most of them are hacked. Although Corollas in general do well in fuel, if the engine is worn out, fuel consumption will be pretty high. No one can actually tell you the maintenance cost or the fuel economy of an old car, because the actual condition of the car is what determines these two factors. Generally, I would suggest the following for someone who is looking for a car within this range. The BEST car is the most diligently maintained car. 1. Mazda Familia BJ5 2. Ford Laser BJ5 3. Lancer CK - series 4. Proton Wira
  2. Like my good friend @Sampath Gunasekera said, the competition to choose the best piece of dog shit among a whole pile is coming soon. So expect more miracles.
  3. Bad idea. Go yourself or send someone. If there's a stamp that says AIR-1 or AIR-2, you get charged 50 bucks every delayed day. On top of it, you wont get the package to the local post office for at least a month. You dont need to pay postage if you wish to send the forms. Just staple them and handover to the postman. Its 'on state service', so postage is not necessary. I have dealt with post office customs many times. Never had any issues with them. I even got down a massive chandelier once. Paid something like a 500 bucks as duty.
  4. Crosswind


    Duty free permits are issues to government employees of certain grades and politicians. They are traded in the market, although the conditions of the permit clearly indicates that it is not legal to trade. To obtain one legally, you should either be a government employee or a politician. You can also purchase one from a govt employee who's selling the permit. Many are willing to take this risk. However, it is important to know that this is never a risk-free transaction.
  5. Crosswind

    a good sedan for a vehicle permit

    Mass suicides will be reported in Sri Lanka, on the day the premio goes out of production.
  6. Crosswind

    Crossover - Suzuki Vitara Vs MG

    Not to mention the fact that at some point of time, you will need to use silicone or no-leak to seal the damn thing shut!
  7. Crosswind

    Crossover - Suzuki Vitara Vs MG

    Think of it this way. Would you marry a reliable Japanese woman or a flashy looking Chinese woman?
  8. Crosswind

    which battery i should use

    Global is the only other product of this size available in SL. But that is also a half-centimetre taller than the amaron one. If Global doesn't fit then you are pretty much stuck with Amaron. Note that this is my personal experience. I may be jinxing batteries or like @Rumesh88 mentioned, something may be wrong with the charging system (although that may not explain why one battery exploded). I am yet to do the tests that @Rumesh88 noted above.
  9. Crosswind

    maharagama vs C-Y_I_C- hospital

    Most drugs in Sri lanka are substandard, not just in govt hospitals. Only difference is doctors dont get kickbacks when they prescribe drugs in government hospitals. Either way, patient is not the winner. So go to the government hospital.
  10. Read the agreement for your third party insurance. You will know the answer.
  11. Crosswind

    Side Mirror Theft Toyota Premio,Ward Place

    Well the guys who steal these probably posh too. This is something I've heard at least four times in the past and in a cases its premio or allion and it was in Colombo 3 or 7 areas.
  12. Crosswind

    Side Mirror Theft Toyota Premio,Ward Place

    Just a side note. Did you know that side mirror thieves specifically target premios and allions? The reason is they are expensive in the market and can be sold easily. They know how to rip the mirror off even if its retracted. They dont seem to target any other car at all nowadays. One thing you can do is engrave your car's registration number on the mirrors. I dont know whether this facility is available in SL but that should help to keep the thieves off a bit.
  13. Crosswind

    Problem With Toyota Ist

    Which car do you prefer? 1. A 2004 IST with 280,000 on the odometer 2. A 2004 is with 82,000 on the odometer? You decide which is likely. A 15-year old car will have hums and noises. That's normal.
  14. Crosswind

    Doubtful about this car

    The CR should reveal most of the info you are after. If it says 'bought from auction', then it is a vehicle which was auctioned off by the customs. Check whether its a Nissan Y11 or an Emperor Y11 Look for any clauses that are marked as 'deleted' on the CR. Note them down and post it here. Might be able to look up for it.
  15. Crosswind

    Micro Panda 2018 AMT Transmission 1000L Problem

    Yes. If you step hard on the accelerator, you will ruin any gearbox. But in a normal auto geared-car, you don't need to step hard on the pedal. In a car with a clutchless manual box, you have to step hard to avoid knocking the guy behind you. Left-foot braking is a terrible habit. I have seen Punto drivers using left foot to avoid moving backwards. I always used the handbrake instead, because I didn't want to carry that bad habit. I tried to balance the accelerator pedal in the same way you would balance a clutch, but every time the foot is gently placed on the accelerator pedal, the stupid sensor thinks its time to move forward. The clutchless manual box is a bad bad bad idea. Here's James May trying to park a car with a clutchless manual box (unlike the Magnetti Marelli gear box, this is a proper old-school clutchless manual box with manual shifters instead. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yq6xDkmxcdk