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  1. Did not give any other problems? Looks like you had enough problems with the Maruti, especially when it was used only for 15,000km after spending Rs. 200,000. @Thushara 90 if I had that budget, I will go for a Proton Wira without thinking twice. Leaving the Malaysian nameplate aside, they are solidly built cars with mostly Mitsubishi parts. Only trouble is the interior which is not that great but u can always look for one which has well maintained interior in it.
  2. Locking this thread due to its age.
  3. Crosswind

    Tube in tubeless tyre

    Do this calculation first: Price of a new tyre = Rs. X Value of your life (+ your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/children lives) = Rs. Y If Rs. X is greater than Rs. Y, use a tube with your tyre If Rs. y is greater than Rs. X, then go get a new tyre immediately It's that simple.
  4. So you should take a holiday in California
  5. Is this thing available in SL? I know the older one was/is popular due to obvious reasons.
  6. Let me join the party... Audi 80
  7. Many of these companies are indirectly owned by guess who.... the Chinese government! Ex: 1. PSA's controlling shareholder (despite a relatively low %) for the past 7 or 8 years has been Dong Feng. They bailed out PSA from the brink of bankruptcy and have been pumping money to the group since then. 2. PSA and Fiat Chrysler has merger plans. Again, promoted by Dong Feng. Dong Feng founder is none other than Chairman Mao himself. If the merger goes through, 12 brands in one bucket for Mr. Xi Jinping 3. Daimler has two significant (but not majority) Chinese shareholders... BAIC and Geely. That's Mercedes under their belt. 4. Geely already has five brands under them. They will eventually buy Ssangyong. That's 6 more. 5. SAIC will eventually control GM. Already China market is bigger for GM than US. Another 5 brands for them. So that's about 25 brands directly or indirectly owned by the Chinese government, not counting their own brands and reborn brands such as MG and Rover. Japanese car companies have survived the Chinese invasion so far thanks to their complex Keiretsu system. Most car companies are eventually owned by trust accounts in banks. Ford has struggled but survived thanks to the majority voting rights of the family, despite having only 6% shares. BMW has also kept things among the family so far. I guess all this wil change after covid.
  8. Car sellers and car owners will tell you all kind of stories but here are some truths. 1.any car in Sri Lanka does about 9-10km/litre. Whether it's Axio, Allion, Wagon R, Alto, Bulto whatnot. Hybrids will give around 12-13kmpl. That's all. If you hear premios doing 13, 14 or 15, that's a lie! 2.ALL cars depreciate from unreg to the next 3 to 4 years. That includes axios, premios and wagon r's. All of them. Thereafter, there might be a slow depreciation or appreciation depending on government's tax policy changes. Some cars that were bought for 1 - 1.2 million in 2005 can now be sold for 2 million BUT that doesn't take currency depreciation in to account. Unless you understand these two truths, you will always be disappointed.
  9. This sounds like a B/N import 1.5 automatic, which has a conventional auto gearbox. But are you sure its 1.5? I thought Ford imported 1 litre Ecosports during this time due to low taxes. I also recall Ecosport coming with 5-year warranty those days. Ask the agent whether warranty is transferable. Also ask them whether you can pay and extend the warranty to 5 years (if it only came with a 3-year warranty). You might spend around 100k out of pocket but it might be worth it. Ecosport is just an average car (or a jip, if you like to call it that). No major known issues from what I know. Not like the 2012-2014 Focus.
  10. Alternatively, you also have the option of approaching padi baage jayas**dara with a bunch of other docs/similar people and asking him to issue an import license for the parts that are needed for your mahindra or micro.
  11. My (sort of) new ride... @The Don is forbidden from answering this one..
  12. 90s Fiat Bravo. Only one in SL. There are 2 Bravas (the sedan version) afaik. Somebody pls take my turn.
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