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  1. Crosswind

    Help my Buy a Car around 2.5 Mil

    Reliability of a car mostly depends on how it was maintained in the past and partially depends on your luck too. If you are judging reliability based on the brand or model, you are on the wrong track. In my opinion, you are better off sticking to the KR42, as you know how it behaves. For 2.5 mill, my suggestion would be Peroduas. They are built on Daihatsu technology and are simple to use.
  2. Crosswind

    Owenrship transfer letter

    Signing on a stamp was an old old concept. Stamp duty for financial transactions between two parties was abolished at least 20 years ago, but our people still do that. You don't need to sign on a stamp. The transaction is valid without it.
  3. Crosswind

    Microwave oven - repair shops

    You should never repair a microwave oven. Throw it away if it has any problems. Here are the reasons: 1. Microwave ovens have a small piece of mica - which covers the waveguide and prevents the food from getting cross-contaminated. The waveguide cover is very brittle and it will almost always break when someone attempts to disassemble the device. You will end up getting food particles inside the waveguide, which will be a heaven for bacteria. Replacing the waveguide cover, after repairing the oven is an option but how many repair people actually bother? 2. You see those tiny little holes on the door? You may have thought of it as something cosmetic for you to see the beauty of the food that you prepare inside the microwave. Now open the microwave door and you will see that those holes are protected from glass panes on both sides. The reason is those holes are smaller than the wave's wavelength. Therefore, the waves inside the oven cannot penetrate through them and come outside (A/L Physics in action). If there's a tiniest bit of damage to the glass panes that hold the perforated sheet (the holes) together and even if there's a tiny scratch between two of those holes, then the microwaves can come out and zap you. They can cook you (or at least cause cancer) almost at the same speed which they cook the food. Its that one simple panel that prevents the oven from doing that. 3. Microwaves have an extremely high voltage inside (around 10000V). Needless to say, a repairperson can make a tiny mistake when putting things back together. Consequence? Fire! Microwave ovens don't cost much nowadays, unlike the past when they ran up to a hundred thousand bucks. Your life values more than that so don't attempt to repair them. Just throw away and get a new one.
  4. Crosswind


    What makes you think that Vitz and aqua are spacious cars? And BTW Vezel is only slightly bigger than a Honda Fit.
  5. Crosswind

    ######## 2020 Loading .... ########

    Happy new year guys!
  6. Crosswind

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Data entry folks at RMV aren't that brilliant. They usually copy the text filled in to the registration form by the car dealer. In this case, it might be the car dealers who knowing make that 'mistake' in the forms to keep their customers happy.
  7. Crosswind

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Car may be legit but now I wonder whether the papers are...
  8. Your dad has a heavy vehicle. You need a heavy vehicle license to drive it. Simple as that. There are no shortcuts to this. What is your next question? Can I drive a car with a motorcycle license?
  9. Crosswind

    Hole in the seat cover

    No, unless you value your seats more than your life.
  10. Crosswind

    Hole in the seat cover

    Most probably your dealer covered it up with something when he sold the car to you. Eventually whatever it was covered with, got removed and you started seeing it. Some dealers use shoe polish to cover up scratches in black plastic. Some use permanent marker ink. In this case it could even be a small piece of wiring tape. The possibilities are endless.
  11. Crosswind

    Best car to buy?

    Here's my suggestion. See if you can stretch your budget a bit and get a diesel Corolla 141 from 2007 or so You won't have hybrid battery problems that you may face in Aqua or Fit You can pump ordinary diesel and the car will be perfectly happy The worst repair you can get is an engine overhaul. The 2C engine in the 141 can be overhauled for less than half the money that will cost you, if you had to replace a hybrid battery Engine parts are probably available in every little parts shop in the country Almost any makabass can repair it The car is more spacious and much more powerful than any of them in your list Only flip side is you have to learn to live with a manual gearbox, which is not a problem after you get used to it.
  12. Crosswind

    Government Permit

    The Minister of Finance is Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa. Why don't you give him a call?
  13. Crosswind

    Project Moggie - Painting

    Simply wow... i'm sure moggie will look better than a CBG- number Axio or something
  14. Crosswind

    DFSK 580

    I have driven three different Geelys in the past. Geely CK (Abans Geely) had a 1.5 litre Toyota 5A-FE engine, made under license by Geely. The car was far lighter than a 110, yet the pulling power was terribly low. The other two were Pandas with 1300 CC engine, which had worse pulling power than a 800CC Maruti. Geely vehicles are known to have ECU problems, that caused low torque. Although agent is pointing at the gearbox, I suspect that this has something to do with the 580's ECU. The Chinese may be good at copying mechanical bits but when it comes to creating their own software, I'm sure they have no clue what they are doing. Also I'm pretty certain that the 145hp/300Nm they have mentioned in their specifications, are random numbers pulled out of the sky. In any case, its good that you shared this post and I hope every word you stated here is true.