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  1. How to get bike licence through post

    I believe you are talking about the revenue license for the bike and not the riding license for yourself. Its just a matter of taking the current revenue license along with the certified copy of the CR, the Insurance and the VET to the whichever the DS division the bike is registered on. Its an over the counter service. It is actually possible to mail all these documents through registered post to the relevant DS along with a money order for the respective amount in the name of the DS. They are legally obliged to process the license and send it back to you (a very close relative of mine is a DS so I know that as a fact). However, you will be placing a lot of faith on Sri Lanka Post and the DS department, which I'm sure you don't want to risk. Further, you won't be able to use the bike without these documents in hand.
  2. Ajantha Motors has genuine stuff. I'm not sure about the other place. I always got the parts for the Kia I owned, from either Ajantha Motors or Hyundai Lanka. I found that Hyundai Lanka has almost all parts (for the Cerato) for much cheaper than Kia.
  3. We are not a JAAI certificate verification service. Do a google search on JAAI certificate verification and you will find many websites which do that. And why are you behaving like a schoolgirl? As a customer you have the right to demand documents of the car, if you have paid for it. Go there and raise hell.
  4. Nano Energizer

    Your wish is my command. Thread locked.
  5. Best to buy around 2.7_2.8 million

    If you expect a 1000CC Vitz to do better than 7-8kmpl in Badulla area, you will be sorely disappointed. IST might actually do a bit better but snoop around and see if you can find spares. You might also want to consider something like a Vios.
  6. How to identify flood victim vehicles

    You can't specifically check for flood damage of a vehicle, although there may be signs. As its been over a year since the last major flood, either the signs would have worn off or the problems would have already occurred and repaired, unless a vehicle has been lying unused since the flood, which is highly unlikely. Also, if a vehicle is damaged by floods and if it has been repaired according to manufacturer specifications (ie. repaired by the agent), then the risk will be low. Instead of specifically aiming at flood damage, do a through overall inspection of the vehicle. If you detect problems, especially with electronics, corrosion etc., don't buy it.
  7. Best to buy around 2.7_2.8 million

    First up, can u tell us the specific reason for going for lower segment car? Is it fuel your concern? If so, dont expect the 1000cc Vitz to give u much higher fuel figures. Afaik, it does about 8-9 kmpl due to its power to weight ratio.
  8. Hyundai elantra 2011

    I had a Kia Cerato. Its virtually the same car Fuel = 8-9 kmpl in mixed driving Parts = available at Hyundai Lanka, Kia Motors and Ajantha Motors Performance = 126bhp (as opposed to a 110 bhp of an Allion)
  9. Nano Energizer

    This is like asking a group of rationalists whether they have consulted sumanadasa. We know it's bullsh*t. It doesn't work. So we don't use them.
  10. Nano Energizer

    It permeates through a semi-porous shield called the 'idiot membrane' between the combustion chamber and the oil pan
  11. Nano Energizer

    You can create your own nano energizer at home You need 1. 1 shovel of powdered floor tile (ceramic powder) 2. Powder from 1 broken platinum spark plug tip 3. Half 'thaachchi' of cement 4. Half 'thaachchi' of sand Mix it all up with alcohol (take care not to use water) and pour it down the engine oil compartment. You get the same benefit as nano energizer

    Please search the forum. That model has been extensively discussed. There was a known issue with the ABS sensors of this model but a 10-year old car would have got the sensor replaced by now.
  13. 99 dash vehicle number

    @wolseley's answer is the correct one. The embassy/UN story is not correct.
  14. Nissan Skyline

    Skyline and Fuel Economy in one sentence? Ye gods... I wanna kill myself.
  15. Its a bit difficult to judge by the symptoms u have mentioned. It could be anything from a faulty spark plug wire to a faulty pedal sensor. As you bought the car recently, have u taken it to the agent for a tjorough check up? I suggest getting it checked and then u can even get the repairs done elsewhere.