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  1. Crosswind

    Moving to India - Sell the Car or Export to India?

    Sell it. The first option is a great hassle and you will end up losing more than that 600k. You can try to transfer the lease.
  2. Crosswind

    408 & 407

    If you are looking for driving pleasure (somewhat) and relatively less maintenance, you should look at Mazdas. They are the best of both worlds. Personally, I would stay away from 407s. There are few inherent problems with them (like the suspension and interior quality), but on top of it, they are now owned by cheapskates who run them like Corollas.
  3. Crosswind

    408 & 407

    Peugeot 408 and 407 are entirely different cars. 408 is made in China and the version in Sri Lanka was reassembled in Malaysia by Naza Automobiles. 408 was not made in France ever! It is the successor of Peugeot 307. Peugeot 407 production stopped in 2010 or 2011. The successor to 407 is 508. You need to do a bit more research about what you really need, because you are comparing a large car with a small car. There are two Peugeot garages I know. One is in Pelawatta and one is in Malabe. A friend of mine took his 407 to both these places but his feedback about both were negative. Being specialist garages, they are very good at ''tooth extraction'.
  4. Crosswind

    Ford Focus 2011 Sedan

    You are looking for a cheap car. Never buy a Euro because it is cheap. You will end up ruining it because u will run it the way a Corolla 110 will be used. Only buy a Euro if you are willing to spend enough to look after it.
  5. Crosswind

    Ford Focus 2011 Sedan

    If you are concerned about 'worth for the money', 'second hand market' and 'fuel consumption', you should look elsewhere. You will end up ruining a perfectly good car.
  6. Crosswind

    Buying a used BMW X1 E84 diesel

    Think of this way. Why do you want to marry a hooker if you know very well that she has syphillis, gonorrhoea and HIV? Just because she looks posh?
  7. Crosswind

    Sri Lanka Registered post question

    If it's a registered package or letter, they attempt to deliver 3 times. On the 4th day, the postman will leave a slip in your post box. You need to go to the post office and collect the package. This is actually better than Australia, where they attempt delivery only once. Assigning your neighbour to collect is fine as long as the postman agrees. Otherwise, you need to give an authorization letter to the post master at the nearest post office.
  8. Crosswind

    Giving for hire - Legal agreement

    There's no hire-purchase insurance There are many types of insurance. For your purpose, hiring or rent-a-car insurance is applicable. 'Hiring' means the owner or insurance policy holder will drive the vehicle as a taxi. Rent-a-car means a third party drives the vehicle. If you hand over the vehicle for a third party for a commercial purpose, and if an accident takes place, the insurance company can refuse to pay you, if you have hiring insurance.
  9. Crosswind

    Any Horologists with us? Watch lovers?

    Tissot belongs to Swatch group. So does Omega, Blancpain, Longines, Rado and Breguet. On top of it, the largest Swiss watch movement manufacturer, ETA is also part of Swatch group. So don't be surprised if you open a Tissot and an Omega and find the same movement inside! Having said that, the movement is only part of the watch. ETA's battery-operated movements are so-so. Older ones are better, but their newer quartz movements (such as the notorious G10, found in Tissot chronographs) are a hit or miss. Longines and Rado shared movements are far as 40 years back, even before they became part of Swatch group. My Rado Voyager has a Longines movement inside (signed Rado). Tag belongs to LVMH group (Louis Vuitton), along wth Bvlgari, Hublot and Zenith. Some Tags use cheap Ronda movements, since ETA has stopped supplying movements to companies outside of the Swatch group. My personal view is that Hattori (Seiko group) makes the most durable and reliable mechanical movements and are superior to many Swiss movements, when it comes to quality. Hattori VD53 is possibly the most reliable quartz chronograph movement around. They are the Toyotas of the watch world, while the Swiss are the Mercs and the Bimmers. Fortunately or unfortunately, when it comes to digital quartz watches, Casio rules!
  10. Crosswind

    Any Horologists with us? Watch lovers?

    You guys have to join watchuseek.com That's where the real action takes place. I have been dabbling in this hobby for a while, but desperately trying to keep myself as a collector of PMWs and VPMWs. Of late, classic PMWs have gone up in price, due to a local/regional mafia in operation. Best examples are the Japanese bullheads. There are Indians and Pakistanis who travel in the region to get hold of those. Possibly the most interesting piece I got, is a Le Marquand Spaceman. Unfortunately the watch has stopped and I never got around to open it myself. I don't want to give to any watch repairer in this country, because its caseback is fibreglass and these guys are sure to ruin it. It's similar to the one below (but blue in colour): I have a Rado Voyager (gold machine), a Royal Orient (from 1964 and still running and keeping time), some Vostoks, few mechanical HMTs from India and a couple of watches from little known Swiss brands. For my daily running, I use a Rotary Greenwich, CK Formality, Emporio Armani Meccanico, a couple of Hanowas, a Bulova and a couple of Wengers. The meccanico is another interesting one: The little window between 55 and 5 is actually the hour indicator, not a date window. It's a jump-hour watch and its an mechanical automatic one.
  11. Crosswind

    Giving for hire - Legal agreement

    You really should talk to a lawyer about this. At the minimum, I would imagine the following would be needed: 1. Rent-a-car (not hiring) insurance for the car. This must include SRCC and terrorism covers. Hiring insurance is acceptable only if the owner is driving the car 2. GS/Police reports of the driver and copies of NIC, DL etc. 3. A legal agreement with the driver. This should clearly state that the driver is prohibited from taking hires outside of Uber or Pickme. I was travelling in a cab just yesterday, when the driver told me a horror story. Apparently, this guy had befriended a man whom he met during an uber hire. After his first hire, the passenger had taken his number and has frequently called him for ad hoc hires, outside of uber. Recent developments in the country had made him shit in his pants, when he remembered some of the places that he went, during these ad hoc hires. Your friend must also inspect the car regularly. There was an incident some time ago, where the entire engine of a bus was stolen (and replaced by an old engine), when it was hired out.
  12. Crosswind

    Baleno bonnet

    No insurance? If not, I suggest getting one from India, but you might need a friend who's willing to do some leg work. Only other option is agents. I doubt very much whether breaker yards will have them.
  13. Crosswind

    Low Budget Car Option

    A call to Chandana at Nilwala might help. When I had the last conversation with him on the same topic, he said Toyota carried on with old auto boxes for a long time. It might also be possible that the same manufacturer did the auto boxes for Nissan and other makes as well. Also the old Japanese auto boxes were copies of European ones from Borgwarner and other manufacturers. Bit of research and a conversation with chandana might help.
  14. Crosswind

    Do dreams come true? = YES (Bought a lancer ex)

    The whole problem is if the guy has replaced the stock bumper with an evo bumper, then it will be an unauthorized modification. So the law is pretty clear. In this case it's better to change the position of the plates or avoid the same cops (if that's even possible). If its stock, then it wouldn't be an issue. The fact that the vehicle was approved for registration implies that the location of the plates are accepted by the DMT.
  15. Crosswind

    Toyota mark 2 speedometer not working

    Can you note down all the problems you face?