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    Cars and Cooking.......Oh and eating the cooked food of course he he

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  1. SHAI

    1968 Datsun 510 Sedan (Project Datto)

    Nice ....however not a big fan of those chromy wheels
  2. SHAI

    Hilux Wont Start After Heating Up

    Hi Machang, I had a similar issue on my Surf (LN130) where it started well on Cold but the engine just died after a while of running. It turned out to be nothing more than a clogged Fuel filter and lines. This happened after I once ran the vehicle on very close to empty before I filled up the tank. Now I never let it get past quarter if I can help it.
  3. SHAI

    Happy Birthday Komisiripala

    Happy Bday machang........ You age gracefully till forty, then you say F*#$ it all and just ride the wave....besides, you should be as young as you feel
  4. SHAI

    Lego Technic Supercars

    LOL...Devinda yes I did......man that was awesome...the lego that is, the movie itself was a bit slow, even my kids were bored through part of it :-D
  5. SHAI

    Lego Technic Supercars

    8841 dessert racer..... :-) Did you see the 510 that's in the link?
  6. SHAI

    Lego Technic Supercars

    Suneth youre gonna love this ;-) http://thelegocarblog.com/2013/10/30/brock-racing-enterprises/
  7. SHAI

    Lego Technic Supercars

    What a thread man, what an awesome thread........ So many memories flooding in :-) This is the only Technic model I had and loved way back when........ however I had tons of regular lego sets that I'd combined to make various different models. I've currently got a box full of Lego which is a combination of what me and my wife had, which my Son now Loves to build with... He's added in the small sets that we've bought him as well...... In fact I think I still have the 80's spaceman and some of those sets somewhere at my parents house.....must go exploring soon..... he he
  8. SHAI

    Historic Images Of Old Ceylon - Automotive And Otherwise

    Machang Sampath...what an awesome thread !!!!! Must take some time and go through all those links too.......
  9. SHAI

    Presenting My Vintage Corolla!

    Jaliya, WOW !!! Machang props to you and your father for keeping it this way for so long. Indeed a breath of fresh air from what has been done to most KE72's. My father had a flat roof and then went in for a 'High Roof' sometime in the late 80"s...... Great car. Great times too : )
  10. SHAI

    Toyota Hilux

    Seriously? The man wants to know about Toyota and you are telling him to buy a Nissan? LOL !!
  11. Shaaa, Good scene guys : ) and as many have mentioned here... WE WANT CAKE !! he he
  12. SHAI

    Route To Trinco From Colombo

    The best time to travel would be very early in the morning........ Along Kandy road, to Ambepussa, turn off to Kurunegala, onto Dambulla, Habarana, Kantale an Trinco. http://maps.google.lk/maps?hl=en&safe=off&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.&biw=1440&bih=698&wrapid=tlif134622508248811&um=1&ie=UTF-8&gl=lk&daddr=trincomalee+sri+lanka&saddr=habarana&panel=1&f=d&fb=1&dirflg=d&geocode=KfviA8Njn_w6MWMOwbeRQ0ok;KSe-LZC2vPs6MbsPGzN6aud9&sa=X&ei=xMM9UNXZHc7trQeWzYGAAg&ved=0CB0Q9w8wAA If leaving Colombo after 7:30am, you have options to get to Kurunegala, through either Ja-ela to Narammala, Giriulla and Kuru. or through Pasyala on the kandy road to Narammala , Giriulla then Kuru. However the Kantale to Trinco strech is under construction and will take you ages to get through depending on time of day, traffic etc. If you feel you want to take an alternate (but longer and slightly faster ) route, you can turn off at kantale onto the Muththur road and get to Trinco through china bay.
  13. SHAI

    Happy Birthday Komisiripala

    Belated B'day wishes machang : )
  14. SHAI

    Want Help On Ford Laser(2000 Model)

    A very good car...if the previous owner has maintained it well. Be careful of rented out cars with the milage wound back...then again you might even come across a non rental with wound milage :-D Suspension is well suited for our roads, and unless hacked, does last a very long time.... Cant really think of any serious issues to look for, but then you are looking at buying a 12year old car...so look very well before buying. Parts in general are available and most internal parts are compatible with the Mazda BJ series models I have a 2002 Manual (BN) ....gets 9.5 to 10 in the City and abt 14 out...Been in the family for 10 years now and the fuel figures have been very consistent. All the best machang.
  15. SHAI

    Outer Circular Highway ( O C H )

    Nice pics Mini....... Looking forward to the rest....I only hope these roads progress fast and can be driven on in our lifetime