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  1. Thanks. I'm ok with freeway driving as I drove in US. I guess I'll stick to the slow lane and go for 80km/h
  2. Thanks. I've read that one can be charged for obstruction if they go too slow - is this incorrect/not enforced?
  3. Is 60km/h too slow for the expressway? I was 😅 wondering if the cops would consider me too slow at that speed?
  4. Is there a way to check if there's a pending fine or anything required to be paid?
  5. Thanks for replying. No I didn't get any ticket.
  6. Parked somewhere along Galle road on Monday and clean forgot to pay for parking. It had one of those electronic parking meters. I'm just wondering if I should do anything. I contacted the support number for tenaga and they seem clueless. They said to visit their office. Does anyone have recommendations? Thanks.
  7. Hey guys. I had a lease on a vehicle and settled it early. The bank gave me a deletion letter. Do I need to transfer the vehicle to myself at the RMV or is it OK to keep as is?
  8. Sorry, I meant specific outlets which were reasonably good.
  9. Sure. Mount Lavinia but anywhere in Colombo is OK?
  10. Saturn


    The ad format is horrible in my tablet. Not sure how it looks on a PC or anything else.
  11. Are there recommended places for testing diesel vehicle emission? I.e. where they focus more on testing the vehicle vs attempting to destroy it? Or is it just random luck?
  12. Saturn

    Madmax In Sri Lanka

    We are feudal people. We like kings. We like displays of power. All those things you mentioned above which make normal rational people shudder? The masses love all of that. Our brief flirtation with democracy was just that, and is bound to come to an end soon.
  13. Actually you are in luck as I have a Tata. Is quite fine. Had it for about 3 years so far and only thing I've replaced are the wiper blades, aside from regular services. Is kind of fun to drive. Ideal for terrorising tuk tuks, Vezel's and other annoyances. Used to use it as a backup but realised its more fun than a car (and easier/safer) so I use it for day to day driving. The Mahindra's engine is a bit quieter though.
  14. Didn't you notice smoke, stream, rattling, AC failure and the temperature stick going up and finally snapping? Guess not. Sorry for your loss
  15. Probably the alto. Its popular and reasonably well built. At least resale should be easy.
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