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  1. vshiznet

    Ek4 Sir

    Well something good to talk abt!!! Well atleast it was a type-r killer for sometime
  2. vshiznet

    Ek4 Sir

    Ilke the block some kudda might have stolen it lol 2.8Mil my my
  3. DOHC engine and Electrical repairs Nadeera or Zakie. Anything else anyone who knows basics
  4. This was old tropic, can you help me to find KR42 good conversion to Noah.

    Many thanks

  5. Cool run him, smoke him and after you finish running over him... Lets run some Ek2's Cheers
  6. Game on... Lets burn...
  7. O so he was referring to BM six pots.. I thought he was dissing 4 pots in general... my bad...
  8. I promised myself not to comment on these things but this smiley is just appropriate for the above comment
  9. I was just being Sarki MRM This thread is getting out of hand... Lets move on guys... Mirigama sounds good maybe once i'm back we can meet up and do some laps... Cheers guys i'm outta here...
  10. So is this battle a VZR Vs a SiR....
  11. The thread starts with A and ends up with Z he he... I like it.....
  12. Chill out guys ... Amen to that Elvis... The gearing ratio is the key Well Peri sometime back Nigel did lower the VVL kick-in in a certain VZR which i'm sure your'll wouldn't have known that existed.... For some reason it still got creamed by the SOHC honda's...
  13. Useless talking to a die hard Nissan fan who doesn't know jack abt drags Cheers maite...
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