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  1. whatever meanies i dont care what u guys say, am off from here this forum looks like a bloody old school with shit loads of rules and some losers trying to let down people who post useful information. I had some good news for autolanka but now its no point to contribute here.. This goes to the admin-- please delete my account p.s: Sharkster u need to learn how to talk to your members properly,, the way u reply is a bit rude like commanding, listen up we are not under you in this forum and being a moderator wont make u a boss in a forum.. Bye forever folks
  2. well guys have i ever mentioned anywhere that this article belongs to me?? and more than that, that article was a translation of someone's work posted in other website in a different language (and i dont know that exact source) thats why i dont want to put a credit for that translator since he too copied it before you guys argue please just do a good investigation, this goes to some moderators and some senior members who are discouraging some of us not to contribute to this forum by not investigating the problem properly and just by talking against some new members by supporting some known users here. Read that post in that forum from top to bottom and if you are good in english you will understand and about the GOD SAVE SL article,, its been forwarded to my email from some of my friend so do you think i should put her email and name in the end of that article?? and spam her email account? p.s: copying a translated article which has no exact source from where its been translated is not a plagarism.....u guys need a break ...am so pissed
  3. oh what are u talking morgoth,, now i can understand why SL is going in the drain Jealousy will kill ya get a life, no offense thats something that we should not discuss here so keep it to urself if u know the source site, we aint promote others site and its against autolanka rules
  4. yes dude i copied paste from that forum good information are supposed to pass by oh by the way did i put my name in the end if the article mentioning that its mine????? thats something that we should not discuss here so keep it to urself cheers
  5. its a mass insanity.. i can't believe they wont allow engine development from here onwards... I guess it can do what they want it to, to promote efficiency, but i don't see how they can they make it more efficient with the current design frozen. am i the only one baffled by that? and more than that if a team doesn't have a "good" engine by the end of this year, they are screwed for next 2 years?? So they can only find more speed in chassis development etc, but the other teams will be doing the same. So doesn't this remove one variable in making the sport more competitive? There are around 72% people opposing this(saw it in BBC last nite) but eventhough FIA is impossing this for the first time in history after such controversy now schumy is going to be off and so many stupid rules coming up, all in all F1 is going to be boring from 2007
  6. are u crazy?? this a****e will copy you ,me and all the car pictures and create a website
  7. lets create a fake girl's profile and give him a ride!!! i can make some girls to talk to him at later stage to make things interesting haha lol well one side of me says not to bother since am so busy these days but the other side wants to slap this bugger
  8. guys is it true that when the airbags deploy especially the one in the steering wheel, the car is not drivable anymore because last time when i crashed my ford i couldnt drive though its a small crash in my bumber I asked so many people about it but no one knows about it
  9. this is nuckin futs!!! http://www.turbomagazine.com/tech/0202tur_...nnycar_integra/
  10. The full list of measures agreed (from the FIA's press release) i) Engines will be stabilised from the 2006 Chinese Grand Prix. These will be the only engines used from and including the 2007 season. ii) This means that no further developments of the engines will be allowed other than re-tuning for the 19,000 rpm limit, to be agreed in each case with the FIA under the terms of the 2008 Formula One Sporting Regulations. iii) From 2009 the Formula One Technical Regulations will include means to promote fuel efficiency including energy recovery and re-use. All relevant regulations for 2009 will be published no later than December 31, 2006. iv) GPMA has setup a working group to examine possible future rules for Formula One which will allow a performance advantage to be obtained by means of more efficient use of available energy. These future regulations may include changes to current power units. The FIA and other engine suppliers will join this group. v) As a result of the above the FIA and GPMA are now in full agreement about the future of the FIA Formula One World Championship. Fuk scene i dont know what the heck they are going to achieve by imposing this rules For more information visit http://www.formula1.com/news/4789.html http://www.grandprix.com/ns/ns17294.html
  11. This may be interessting for those of you who have a dream about rebuilding a car some time in your life... The guy is a swede who bought a Datsun 240Z from e-bay, presumingly without rust It's over an hour of video, and it shows how much work it is to rebuild a car from strip to complete. It's in many small videos The projekt isn't finnished yet, and the latest news on it is that someone has stole the really uncomplete chassis from his garage feel sorry for him.. The guys are incredible when it comes to bodywork... truely amazing His final plan is to put a Nissan skyline I-6 in it... If he finds the car though.. Also a warning for you e-bay shopers http://www.voodoo-people.com/~daz/mull/wmv/
  12. Drifting vs. Power-sliding (taken from other forum, translated article- no exact source known) First off, I've got no idea if something like this has been posted yet or not, so if it has, 1000 apologies and a side of fries. I read something quite interesting the other day, something I never knew. I always thought that drifting and power-sliding was the same thing, turns out it's not. Let me explain as best I can: Sliding: A state where the tyres lose grip and slide. Power-sliding is considered a controlled slide, is usually done with a RWD car and the direction the vehicle is traveling in can be controlled by throttle input and steering. Has little use in racing as the vehicle generally loses momentum. Mostly seen as entertainment, both to watch and to do. Drifting: All four wheels have grip, but the angle of the vehicle as a whole is slightly different than the direction the vehicle is traveling in (resembles oversteer but with all four wheels having grip). Typically, a drift is characterized by the front and rear-wheels being at approximately the same angle, usually with the front-wheels turned in slightly more (front wheels turned into the direction of travel as opposed to opposite-lock in power-sliding). Direction of travel mostly controlled by throttle input alone, accompanied by minimal steering adjustment.This is considered as the fastest way around a corner and employed by many race-drivers in numerous disciplines of racing. I don't have the more in-depth details of it (will try to get it), but it comes down to the "drifting" we hear so much about isn't drifting at all! If you're confused at this stage as I was when I read it, think of it this way: Tyres are flexible, therefore, the direction the wheels are pointing in and the actual direction the tyres are traveling in can be quite different at times. Need proof? Drive on a stretch of road when the wind is really strong and you'll experience it- steering wheel is kept stationary, side wind catches your car and suddenly you're traveling more left or right than you intended without you actually changing direction via the steering wheel. Also, almost anybody can perform a slide. Turn, apply some handbrake or if your car is RWD and has enough power, simply throttle it, and voila, you just performed a slide. Drifting is a different matter altogether and something I personally haven't experienced yet. It takes extreme skill in order to master this art as you can probably imagine. Boils down to getting the balance of the car just right (weight transfer between the wheels, both front-to-rear and left-to-right) and steering the car via the throttle without losing grip on any of the tyres... Interesting I hope? (Taken from other site) Look out for some extra technical details soon.
  13. oh man this fooker had put his workplace - IDM and income $150K - $250K Education - Postgraduate haha who the hell can get this at the age of 18 and spoiling royalist name too... big loser more than that so many girls r praising him tooo, Some SL girls are dumb lol and one more thing one of his interest is driving his sunny more than 160kmph itseems haha Shall we do something to this bugger? we should do something guys comeon
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