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    Hurricane Sparkplug cables Toyota Platinum Spark Plugs K&N Cone Filter with CAI JDM 4-2-1 Exhaust Manifold
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    Magnaflow Catback Exhaust System Front and Rear Strut/Sway bars Sports Suspension system - Kyobo Powerslot Cryo-slotted brake rotors HKS AFR Controller/ECU Tuning
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    Taking the auto tranny to the limits!

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  1. This was one baby i had in mind.. but didnt have the bucks to go for.. http://www.netgear.com/Products/Routersand...=Specifications I doubt whether you could still find Wireless N routers over here. For one, it is quite costly in comparison to the normal routers and the adapters too are quite a fair amount. Basically all the newer routers have support for encryption and security so you have nothing to worry about Zz
  2. You could always opt for a router which has both WIFI and Ethernet ports so as to be on the safe side. You could use both parallely in most cases and the prices aint that steep for a router which supports both. If you are going for a wifi router make sure it is on the N class which is the latest. Wanted to get one baby myself but then again I couldn find the one i wanted for the price i wanted over here Routers are usually WITH modems but there are those without, so make sure that you do get a router with a modem. Zz
  3. There aint no claybars last I checked but who knows there might be that single shop having all the stuff you need. Just a matter of beating the bush and seeing what comes out.. lol.. Zz
  4. Hey Kimmy! Happy birthday buddy! I know your hairs greying but take it easy on the dye Zz
  5. Man, its a beauty! These miniature model really packs a punch. Retail price (if available)? Congratz on receiving it! You must be having its own separate showcase Zz
  6. Death is always too sudden. Rest in Peace Colin! You shall be revered forever! Zz
  7. Nice review.. however I gotta disagree with the ease of use part.. while the phone has a wonderful UI the typing system implemented does not suit most of the people. The reason being that most of them are used for a feel of the keypad rather than having to really know the location of the letters on screen. I have used the IPhone a bit and whereas it excels most in attractiveness, it has plenty of drawbacks. Firstly being the 2 MP camera, extremely limited range of application compatibility (apple). Though it suits people who love styling and attractiveness, when it comes to functionality it is a real let down More phones are added now to the market to directly compete with the IPhone and work on its weaknesses, so I suppose an era of touchscreen mobile interface s are just beginning lol. Only time will tell.. Zz
  8. good marketing About the ScratchX, would it definitely improve the colour of faded paint? cuz my paint is in a bit of of a mess after the years of parking in the sun courtesy of my dad. So need some miraculous paint treatment. Is this the answer? Zz
  9. @ DCL - Motorkade me think currently holds a Japanese brand around the price range of 20-30k. This is the cost of the entire kit inclusive of two bulbs and HID is a whole new system which uses a ballast to power up the bulbs. So I guess there might be an installation cost. I suppose Motorkade might do it free? not sure about that though. Else as Gearhead says you could opt for PIAA bulbs.. superb quality stuff but unfortunately seldomly found (in my hunts). HID vs normal headlight I would say HID is far more cooler but that depends on your budget buddy. Could anyone enlighten me as to whether the installation of the HID system alone would provide the vehicle with those two tone lights (meaning that the lights change when viewed at a close range and far) or is it the lenses of the crystal lights that reflects the light beam in a way that it divides a single beam into varying colours? Zz
  10. Ado dima.. your products are scattered right throughout lolz.. found some at motorcade.. only problem is all that would remain of my wallet after a purchase would be a large gaping hole I bought a microfibre wash cloth though.. good stuff! Zz
  11. Hey Madmax! How are these Lumar tints eh? is it costlier than the 3M tints? Frankly I am not at all impressed with my tint installation done by KP and there are small bubbles visible and now its peeling a bit too.. bring it to their notice and they blame it on the car or else somebody "purposely" scratching it off.. the guarantee specifically mentions though that it covers the peeling and scratching of the tint but hell, i learnt my lesson lol.. How is lumar? @ DCL - Neon lights would just spoil the looks man, may i suggest? Go HID headlights, looks good and you benefit by having better visibility. Downsides it is a bit costly. Zz
  12. cool it brothers... this is usually a problem of the age and i doubt whether there are any members who at that very age havent tried a bit of street dragging.. anyways a point is made and lets hope that this aint gonna happen again... there was a time I too was zipping in and out of traffic but then it became old and the risks became quite evident so toned down quite a bit.. peace! Zz
  13. Many happy returns of the day buddy!! Zz
  14. Hey Evo.. why the interest in blackening the lights.. in my opinion it suits only a few rear light models rather than being universal.. plus, could be considered a safety issue as there is a chance that the rear driver would mistake your brake light for the normal light.. god knows lol.. if you do plan nevertheless stick to the black tints.. spraying layers onto the rear lights might make the effect irreversible at times.. no idea what the f those japanese instructions meant Zz
  15. Had this idea too of just having a clean sheet of cotton cloth covering the intake but then the idea just faded reckon it would give you a good boost lol.. cars a Sprinter AE110 dude.. 5AFE goes nowhere near high performance lolz.. Zz
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