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  1. Not in my experience. Every importer never ever states the correct value on a used car. The duty is calculated on the brand new CIF price even for used cars. The depreciation for a one year old car (which the tax payers permit qualifies for) was taken off at the last budget.
  2. At the budget reading this statement was made "15:04 - Vehicle assembly plants have neglected their incometax payments during the previous regime. Rs. 12,0000 million revenue expected through prompt payments" - See more at: http://www.dailymirror.lk/budget/62501#sthash.zoxC2L5T.dpuf
  3. That's correct Don. The previous budget brought that about for non-hybrid cars. So as to discourage imports of used cars and direct everyone to Micro
  4. Good question. How could there be a business case to build a huge showroom and fill it with 3 Lambos in stock! And the 1 mill margin is complete BS. The opportunity cost for a 25m car would be at least 2,5m per year. It's all a cover up. Hopefully all the facts will be revealed.
  5. Actually it is for the real shareholders of Micro to wash some black money into white is my guess. I am 100% sure the company will under go a full investigation not just on the Lambos but on how much local content actually went in to the Ssangyongs that were supposedly assembled here and if they actually qualified for duty waivers.
  6. GTAm

    Diesel Standards

    It's the same price as Super Diesel.
  7. Ground floor of the Alahakoon building in Panchi. I think the name of the shop is Unthupiya Motors. They've got Fiamm and Marco Italian horns including sweet sounding air horns.
  8. GTAm

    Diesel Standards

    I'm on my first tankful. The engine seems quieter.
  9. Hi Hoonigan boring is the name of the game to get it right unfortunately I hate to be the barer of more boring news but I think that the upper part of the front valence is not right. The "mouth" (grille) has a slightly protruding lower lip. This is usually hidden by the bumper. But do have a close look at pics on the net if you do not have access to a non-messed up original car. I also notice that the front valence is too straight. If l you look closely at pics you will notice that while the two edges below the headlamps seem staight, the grille area should point at the middle parralel to the upper lip. Also mate, sadly I notice that the "creasing" around the "face" near the fenders perfect, at least it looks like that from the pics. If you have a close look at a perfect Capri there's a very crisp double crease that goes around the face. One is verticle and right behind (joining the boonet and fenders) is an angled crease. This visible on your bonnet but is not clear on the fenders. The swage line, running from the back of the rear wheel to near the face seems to actually meet the face in your car. This should not be according to the pics I'm looking at right now. Which can unfortunately mean, (and I hope I am wrong here) the previous artists have shorented the snout after a few bumps? Is there any way you can get an original bonnet (or fenders)? This should sort out the length doubt. Even if you can simply get a friend's car and park it alongside to measure and compare? Although these seem like tiny details they will determine the look of the final product. And you are still at a point where it can be corrected. Although the tinker who did my cars is generally considered a bit of a geneius, there have been occassions when he was on the wrong track. Sometimes I noticed and sometimes I did not but a friend who came with me did. So you need a fresh pair of eyes occassionally. If you like I can come and have a look when you are going there next and have a closer look. Let me know. http://www.classicfordmag.co.uk/files/2010/07/10.jpg http://media2.turbosport.co.uk/2011/5/2012082410541058026cap3.JPG http://www.cotswoldclassiccar.com/images/imagelibraryitems/ford-capri-mk1-rs3100-image881-1-6.jpg
  10. There have been gear box (7GT) failures too. But considering the age of these cars many if not most should have been sorted out by now under warranty and out of. If I was in the market I'll go by avarage mileage with full service history and lots of money spent. very low mileage hardly used cars could be disasters wating to happen. And it will have to be a sweet V6. The 4-pot Kompressors are one of the most awful sounding engine to my ears and quite gutless for the weight of the car. Currently the model is in a very attractive price range for what it offers imo. And it's a buyer's market out there right now.
  11. The Puntos look exactly the same Don. Yes the Gol looks different to the Golf but it does look like a previous incarnation. They are both C-segment hatchbacks.
  12. Quad lamps definitely gives the face more aggression. But are you sure that these will fit the grill? The inner lamps seem to be encroaching the grill area...no? Are the original lamps smaller?
  13. GTAm

    Mg Metro

    I can't open the link so cannot see the pics (my stupid office ). I recall seeing a black MG Metro with red decals many years ago. If I'm not mistaken, one was totaled while racing - so please check carefully. The MG had a higher BHP than the Austins. The Turbo was the top model. I've always had a soft spot for the Metro. Having the A+ Series engine mods could be wide ranging I'm sure.
  14. Well one could at least hope for the better if one knows they are in a very safe car I believe. Have a look at these; how the "same" car or in the case of the Gol and Golf, the similar class car varies in different markets. It's not just the body panels, it's the architectures themselves. "In the rest of South America, the Brazilian-built Grande Punto (called only Punto) was launched in August 2007. Codenamed Project 310, it is produced in the factory of Betim, Minas Gerais, Brazil.[8]The chassis is an adaptation of the Fiat Palio, a lower cost compact. Levels of safety were not maintained (airbags and ABS are optional on lower trim levels, and the highest one has only two airbags as standard)" source - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiat_Grande_Punto#Non-European_markets This is what the European GP comes from - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GM_Fiat_Small_platform "The Gol was released in 1980 to replace the Brasilia, which was in turn a replacement to the Beetle in the Brazilian market. It was based on its own unique BX platform derived from the existing VW/Audi B1 and B2 platforms. With a design specific to Latin America, The third generation of the Gol was released in Brazil, on June 29, 2008, as a 2009 model. Referred to before its launch as the Gol NF for Nachfolger or Neue Familie (German terms for "successor" and "new family" respectively), this model is marketed as the "Novo Gol". No longer based on the BX platform, it shares Volkswagen's PQ24 platform with the Fox and Polo, with some components from the PQ25 platform.[12] " (PQ24 ended in Europe in 2010 with the last Skoda Fabia) and the same Gol is current in Brazil. "The VW Gol has been rated as highly unsafe by Latin NCAP, scoring only one star for adult occupants and two stars for children.[16] Its air bag-equipped version scored three stars, although it is a vast minority in the sales mix.[17] This will change with the Brazilian law requiring dual front airbags from 2014 on.[18] Unfortunately, this is the safety standard of low-cost Brazilian cars.[18][19]" source - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volkswagen_Gol .....And (I did not know this myself until I just looked it up).....Guess what happened to the VW Santana late in its life.....? "The final Chinese versions are named Santana Vista, and the name Santana is used on a new 2013 model, slightly smaller and based on the Škoda Rapid and SEAT Toledo." Source - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volkswagen_Santana They look the same but are on two very different architectures from two different eras.
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