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  1. nira74

    Autolanka Funniest Moments

    Crescat Car Park !
  2. nira74

    Bmw Remote Key

    Yeah, process for cloning the key is a little more complicated than just activating the remote... This video is one example.... The guys advertising probably have some sort of device like the one in the video, but better to check before trying them out.
  3. nira74

    2Nd Hand Market Of The Hybrid Vehicles

    If you own a Hybrid and the Battery pack up, wouldn't it be more sensible to replace the Battery rather than try to run in on Gas only ? I don't think anyone would want to buy a Hybrid with a dud battery unless you sell it very very cheap. ....
  4. nira74

    Autolanka Funniest Moments

    Could that be his name on the Bonnet ?
  5. nira74

    Autolanka Funniest Moments

    Happens to virtually all 'Uniroad' traffic lights whenever it rains... what beats me is that after all these years they still cannot fix the problem...
  6. nira74

    Paint/buff My Alloy Wheels

    For alloys you need to use what is called an 'Edge Primer' to undercoat the wheels before painting
  7. Last I heard there were only 2 U/S Injector cleaning machines in the country - one at DIMOs and one at ASNU. Not popular because of the high cost of the Machine and the cleaning chemicals. You can see a picture of the machine at http://www.asnu.com/ - this is the website of the UK based makers of the machine.... best thing would be to go to Auto World and see if their machine looks like this.,.
  8. nira74

    Express-Way Updates

    Drove back from Galle yesterday afternoon around 3.30pm and got caught up in a heavy downpour for a short time. My front tyres were a bit worn and i felt the car aquaplane a couple of times at around 130. DSC (Traction control) cut in almost immediately. Happened on certain stretches where you get heavy streams of rainwater flowing across the road.
  9. Stick with Bridgestone... you'll never go wrong... It'll give you more mileage than any of the brands mentioned in the thread without damaging your suspension (which most of the cheaper brands mentioned will do because they're too hard)
  10. nira74

    This Is Insane Driving

    We should not be impressed by the antics of rich brats in a place where cars are cheap and lives are worth even less.
  11. nira74

    Honda Fd3 -2008- Issues

    Mine had the UK Spec 6 CD In dash radio/changer. I bought a set from e-bay (hong kong seller) built into a replacement Right Hand Drive Fascia panel with DVD/Bluetooth/GPS. Cost me 500 USD. Got the GPS App from PROSAT - they sold it as software only on a SD card. Works just fine, and now the set is fully functional.
  12. nira74

    Suv Under 2.5Mil?

    Had one in the Family for 2 years some time back. Easily averaged 11+ in colombo when your daily run includes some decent open stretches. If you spend most of the time in stop start bumper to bumper stuff it could go down to 9+ if you drive aggressively - which is easy to do considering how freely the engine revs.
  13. nira74

    Honda Fd3 -2008- Issues

    I have the same car and have the pdf user manual of the US version. It has details of the voice command and service instructions etc. Send me your e-mail address - (preferably a g-mail cause it is 6 mb when zipped) and I'll send it across.
  14. nira74

    Honda Insight

    Hondas do have a regular starter motor which works only if the Hybrid Battery is too low. Read the owners manual - they give you the procedure on how to jump start with a booster battery. - If you don't have it, you could easily download an English one from the net.
  15. nira74

    Average Lifetime Of A Car Battery In Sri Lanka

    Don't know what makes you condemn Exide.... unless you had used one of the Maintenance Free Batteries they imported and sold around 2002 which was the only batch that gave trouble. I've used Exide on every single car I owned and have had no issues whatsoever even with the Maintenance Free one I mentioned earlier. As someone correctly said earlier, in Sri Lanka, Exide, Lucas & Dagenite are made in the same factory. However there are also imported variants available - like the DIN Type one fitted on the Bimmer. I have also used Amaron Maintenance Free type once with very good results - 3+ years without ever touching the battery. How long the battery lasts depends a lot on how you look after it and how often the car is run. If it's a regular battery, you should have it serviced once a month to check the electrolyte and top up if necessary. On average in our climate on a car with an A/C, a battery would last 2.5 to 3 years. Noticed that in cars such as Minis and BMW, where the battery is located in the boot rather than under the bonnet, the battery lasts considerably longer - over 4 years consistently. In Sri Lanka you should check your battery more frequently during the Hot, Dry periods as they tend to lose electrolyte faster in this kind of weather. Ohh.... and never 'Top Up' the water yourself.. always get it done at a place which is properly equipped to service batteries. Too much distilled water can also be harmful in some cases.