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  1. take a pic should be able to trace it from that. are you sure it originally came with the BT option
  2. Go with the chassis number both gull arm and fireblade start with MC22- but the fireblade go on as MC2211XXXXX and the Gullarm as MC2210XXXXXX thats the best way to identify the two. There were few more from back in the day when i used to own and ride a gull arm that i remember. To start off with the RPM redline on the fireblade is less (18,000) than the gull arm which was (19,000), I also vaguely remember the fireblade had running lights and gull arm you had the option to turn it on and off.
  3. saw a 500CC up for grabs few days back on Fb was quoting a mighty sum of 1.3Mn
  4. Hi,

    I want to get some camber bolt set for the front suspension of my s type. Can you please send me the contact number of Mr. Nimal or any other person who have these parts. I already checked with Paumunuwa spot. Thank you

    1. YALA



    2. Kal-El


      Thank you

      I have contacted him. Unfortunately he do not carry the parts I want. I will look elsewhere.


  5. Is this coming from your own experience or what you heard from some noob talk
  6. Apart from AL having the largest community of petrol heads, they also either own or know the owners of cars this unique. your bound to come across someone who knows one of the above. Maybe just change the thread name to suit it. Also try the enthusiast pages on FB plenty to start off your search. I wouldnt go down that path of upgrading. these cars came out perfect and it would be a crime trying to upgrade looks etc.
  7. so basically the way i see it your only option is the E38 and the X350 is a just a dream for the time being. What is your actual budget then maybe the forum might be able to narrow it down and help you better.
  8. Your comparing two different vintages and price tags when you compare the E38 with a X350 buddy. Simply going by the two i would stick with the X350 but it will come at a price. But if you really want to compare the E38 you would have to compare it with the X308 and not the X350. The E65 should be compared with the X350 simply due to the reason its more of a level playing field due to the era.
  9. Since you cant drive proper. First go for an older work horse like a old sprinter, laser, trad sunny or maybe even a 2WD hilux or nissan D21from thelate 80`s that has been maintained well and after you have several years under your belt you can opt for a newer car which by the time hopefully you wont need to debt finance as much as you expect. But firstly go to a learner and get your license.
  10. reviving an old thread. Any forum members know of a good place to deal with a dented roof using either suction/ magnetic or weld clips. got a small dent thats annoyingly sticking out like a sore thumb.
  11. YALA

    Jaguar Workshop

    my car has been maintained by n*m*l as well for the last three years or so. He is pretty reliable except for date of delivery sometimes gets pushed back a few days. I can also vouch for the weak battery problems. mine is a 98 and a weak battery got me stranded twice with gearbox faults coming out from nowhere.
  12. janith for everyone's sake post the name of the insurer minus any other details this way others can avoid going to them plus we can share your story with others outside of the forum. Fb is the best way to share your story will spread like wildfire used in blackwater bay in game of thrones.
  13. I do that without the additives every other month or just before an emission test gets the old girl to stretch her legs a bit and kick out any laziness
  14. You can but you need to pay it used to be 75K sometime back but now its close to 300K last i heard someone speaking to me about.
  15. thats is true they are built rock solid my previous SD25 had 540K clocked and never missed a beat and my subsequent TD27 had 320K+ with the same top notch condition.
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