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  1. Actually - The N42 shouldn't burn oil - common problem with the rubber valve seats getting hard and cracking and leaking. The repair itself is not a difficult one but have to take the engine top off to replace. Ran an n42 for over 8 years - had to do the repair once at about 50-60 k kms or 6 years down the line. You also need to change the timing chain tensioner to the newer uprated model to prevent rattle of the chain as it gets older. Overall solid engine though. Also make sure all your water hoses and water pump are in good nick. ! Cheers,
  2. MadMMX

    Bmw E46 Airbag Recall

    Hi Guys, Just to let you all know that the Agent is carrying out a passenger side airbag recall for all E46's. Got my Bro's airbag replaced this morning FOC there and they take only 45 mins to do the job. If you normally service there - they will call you to make an appointment. Unfortunately this is a part of the global Takata airbag recall. Cheers,
  3. MadMMX

    A/c Repairs For Bmw

    what is the issue you're having with the A/C ?
  4. MadMMX

    Bmw Remote Key

    Hi, Unfortunately you're missing the main step. The video will program your car only for the lock / unlock functions - but won't start the car. You will need to get your virgin tranponder key cloned to your original key - there are several places advertising the service in the sunday papers where they need to first read the rolling code base key off your original key and then program the new key. The chip in it can only be programmed once.so good luck - may be better to ask them how much it is to supply the key as well. Cheers,
  5. MadMMX

    Can I Own A Bmw 320D E46 2002 ?

    Actually I use a guy in petersborough - pretty decent chap been using him for years - can pm you the details. There are some really good euro forums that help you locate and d/l the software - you can get it from torrent sites and buy the cable from ebay for about 25 pounds. I also actively watch forums like digital-kaos Actually with things like brake pads don't do anything till the indicators go off - the brake pad kit has a new indicator and actually there's absolutely no reason to replace before the indicators go off as there is some pad left even after it goes off. What diesel are you using ? N47 ? Actually did the oil seperator and hose replacement on my n42 at home many years ago - seperator was about 27 pounds. hoses were a little more expensive but replaced them just as well. The new direct injection n43 is setup differently. cheers,
  6. MadMMX

    Can I Own A Bmw 320D E46 2002 ?

    Hi, Sorry was out of touch for a couple of days. Actually that works perfectly for servicing - but actually you don't really need to service too often. 8K seems too little considering that the factory lists 14k or once in 2 years for the diesels - but actually if its the oil change - I usually keep a couple of filters handy and do a change at laughs if the milage is running high. The N42 / N43 genuine filter from UK is only 8 pounds so actually no point in trying to save 2 pounds using mann Also got down the 14 flute oil filter remover so it only take like 20 mins to go do the change. You also need to remember to reset the oil service indicator - but its just a few buttons on the meterboard. Actually the petrol X1 would have seemed to be quite ideal years back when I had the diesel E46 and serviced at Milly's long before he went very upmarket he suggested that the petrols were much easier to maintain and strangely it was on his advice that I moved to the petrol E46 facelift. He actually test drove and evaluted that car for me which at the time was quite new and also suggested that I go to the agent for the maintenance since it was pretty new and I stayed in colombo and it was a long drive over to his place. Actually the N42's were always a little leaky on the rocker cover gasket but that part was only like 25 pounds - changed the rubber on my E46 twice over 8 years on at home - quite a simple repair. The oil leaks on the cover and around the vanos seals .etc are quite common and actually nothing to worry about at all. The only issue is if you find it burning oil when its like 5-6 years old - and thats when you need to have the valve seats changed. Actually of the headset from the UK dealer, the whole kit costs about 120 pounds - with the head gasket being the most costly bit of it at about 45 odd pounds and the actual valve seat set (which seams like some kind of rubber) is only 25 pounds itself. I had changed the top seals - vanos seals and rocker cover seal not long before I gave pret*ge the car to do the valve seats and they actually re-used the rocker cover seal / vanos seals ..etc as they were all new and only changed the head gasket, valve seats and the manifold seals. Of couse I had spent some time over the years and the service manager / mechanic also knew me to some degree and were quite friendly so they did the job with minimal fuss. People in UK do head work at home as well - but you need a bunch of special tools to lock the cams when removing the head. I got my timing chain tensioners also changed at the time. Actually a common problem on the N42 is that the original timing chain tensioner was improved as with time the chain stretches and tends to knock a little and it needs to be changed with an updated tensioner (which fits from outside and takes about 10 mins to change) and costs about 27 pounds. A power steering leak doesn't sound right for a 3 year old car - was it leaking from a rack end or close to the pump ? The newer ones including my e90 all have electric power steering. Anyway actually have the factory diags for the E46 and now the E90 as well which actually works on the F series as well - unfortunately is uses a different cable called an E-net cable. Happy to help anyone in free time - you can pm me. The E46 is actually really well setup for maintenance with the petrol actually fairly easy to maintain - you can see the forums in uk and usa and most of the procedures are well docemented with pictures. The BMW procedure DVD's or TIS is also fairly easily downloadable. Cheers,
  7. MadMMX

    Can I Own A Bmw 320D E46 2002 ?

    Hi Don, Actually on no 1 that friend is actually a mutual friend along with Dom and the rest of the crew. Actually been helping out a no of other BMW owners on the diagnostics - have a working inpa and a istap at home Generally its pretty accurate as long as you use the diag with mechnical knowledge as well. - Its a sort of hobby of mine and would be happy to help. Don't have the cable for the F-series though since there wasn't a need. Also heard that the agents are really ripping people on brakepad and that type of maintenance which is a real shame.It was rather shocking but unfortunately the local agents have this habit of over complicating simple maintenance tasks - for instance my E46 had done about 60K KM's when the valve seals started to leak a little and I noticed a small oil burn. Asked them at a service and they actually quoted all the way from changing the crank bearings to a complete engine re-build which was totally unnecessary. I simply told tham so and insisted that I only wanted the valve seats changed and the top end seal kit and head gasket changed which i supplied and actually they were quite happy to acceed to my request. Previously I had noticed a slight play in my steering and the agent recommended that I change the steering rack I asked their then service manager whether he was mad to which he replied that being the agent they generally recommend that type of thing - changed the tie ends and the problem was gone. Buggers tend to rip off a lot of customers I guess who really don't know better which really ends up killing the brand image. I guess it doesn't hurt their margins though. The alternate BMW man's prices are as bad as the agent incidently leaving most Sri Lankan owners with little choice unless you have the overseas contacts. I would guess that the X1 type issues stated here are of the nature of killing a fly with a rocket launcher. Actually the good thing about stuff like the connectors is that every single component is orderable and they cost only a few pence - I usually order a few of the common ones and keep with me since I potter around with accessories and also keep a crimping tool handy with heat shriking tubing. Its really unfortunate on the one hand as once you start using the euro cars even with their little ideocyncracies you really don't look back. And generally the options available on these cars are way ahead of their jap counterparts. My E46 had Blue tooth pairing with voice recognition on the original spec and it was a 2003 YOM car Yeah I guess the bottom line is when you run these cars you do keep a bit of a financial buffer in case of any eventualities but like I said preventive maintenance goes a long way in avoiding this. Cheers,
  8. MadMMX

    Can I Own A Bmw 320D E46 2002 ?

    Actually Don youre quite right on some but the name of the game is preventive maintenance and really timely maintenance. Currently using my 3rd 3 series - went from 320d E46 preface to 318i facelift with an N42 engine and now a 318i E90. Used the 318i E46 with the N42 for 8 years - car was rock solid - daily runner never gave me any grief but I did my maintenance on time. After about 6 years replaced the valve seals at the agent - got the parts from UK agents and prest*ge charged me 22k to fit - they had no issues with me supplying the parts. Also as of many years ago there really isn't any special tropicalisation process. (did the research here) but the cars they used to bring down including my E46 petrol were de-catted with no euro 3 emission control system and the same ECE spec as is sold in UK sourced direct from Germany. They do even have something called the rough road package for this part of the world but its really only a set of shims for the front and rear suspension which lift the front by 2 cm and the rear by .65cm to give a bit of additional ground clearence. Actually the suspension is fairly simple the usual suspect on the E46 is the lower end bushes but this this only about 12-15K and need replacement every 3-4 years - used poly bushes here with very good result. You need access to the BMW diagnostics as the cars will self diagnose - no need to resort to maka bass's. !! Also not easy to turn milage on this as the milage is stored in 6 computers and if its tampered with you will get a red dot appearing on the dash (tamper dot) If you source your parts from UK and have access to the diags - you can easily maintain these without breaking any banks and the genuine parts in UK are actually cheaper than the bloody toyota parts that you get in SL ! The petrol service interval is actually 25K km;s or preferably once a year and the agents cost for that is actually quite reasonable ! I guess everyone has their own preferences but moved from japs (having owned nissan / toyota and honda) to BMW's and never looked back Of course my first car was a Mini minor so was always partial to euro's and was familier doing small repairs thanks to the lessons learned in the mini Just my 2 cents worth. Cheers,
  9. MadMMX

    Honda Civic Hybrid Fd3

    Take a look on the ad's and also ikm**.lk - there are some decent ones floating around. Possibly look for ones that Sta&&ord have maintained - they will have any records of maintenance ..etc. Cheers,
  10. MadMMX

    Cheveon Techron

    Anyone know anyplace in SL that sells chevron techron ? Cheers,
  11. MadMMX

    Cat Cleaner Availability

    Actually this is for a petrol car. Get this error that there is too much sulpher on the nox sensor. Apparently need to run the car for 100 kmph for 30 mins to clean it and preferably put in a cat cleaner or something. Cheers,
  12. Anyone aware of somewhere where you can get the catalytic converter cleaner similar to the fuel injector cleaner that you can add into the gas tank for a euro car ? Alternatively is there someone doing Lucas injector cleaners or where you can buy a Chevron injector cleaner ? Cheers,
  13. MadMMX

    Honda Vezel Reverse Camera

    Actually most of the vezels come with the factory fitted reverse camera. Its a bit of a different setup (4 wire) but most of the audio shops know how to hack it and connect it. (Need to add the video connector + hotwire the power circuit to the reverse light). Cheers,
  14. MadMMX

    E90 320I

    I guess its really so so - my brother and I have been using a pair of E46 318i facelifts (N42 engines) - I've had mine close to 8 years now and bro's is close to 5 years. Really not had any major issues and the pleasure derived from driving them has led to the dropping of the japs with the exception of a uk imported civic hybrid. The name of the game is preventive maintenance and keeping a few extra bits like a spare coilpack ..etc and doing your services (which is actually only once a year ) Really by the amount of trouble that RR had with the E90 it looks to have been a real lemon though I have friends who are pretty happy with their E90's. Both petrols & diesels.
  15. MadMMX

    E90 320I

    They seriously said the DPF's are removed ? That was news - coil packs do go after some miles - but not really too expensive - 10-20 pounds at the most. The N47 diesel has some real horror stories for the post 2011 ones on the net and there are some 520d's here as well that have busted engines (e60's) as I've heard. Personally been using the E46 n42 engine for over 7 years now - had a few niggles - valve seats leaking at 70K - but nothing major - need to change the oil seals on the top of the engine and gasket cover once in a while - but really if you do your preventive maintenance on time the car looks after you. The n42 doesn't have the direct injection and have done things like changing the pcv valve..etc at home. Really its all to do with your sourcing good parts - contacts in UK are your real friend RangeRover - didn't realize that you had such a lot of issues with the e90 - was this after the big prestige overhaul ? Was it really that bad ? Cheers,