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  1. So it seems they have increased vehicles by 40K
  2. Is this mean Unimo had increased the vehicle prices? When i got my Auto on november it was around Rs.1,607,000/= with registration.
  3. I don't think indigo fall into fuel efficient car category. Well i might be wrong.
  4. How is the handling of the vehicle on that speed? Guess if you had exceed 140 mark for seconds you driven rest of the way atleat arund 100 km/h
  5. My auto also done around 11 per liter in city area and around 13 per liter outstation. This is in first 1000km. I had exceed 1000Km limit and done first service few days ago.
  6. Well you can try spare parts shops at delkanda and wijerama.
  7. Thx mate. 12k for seat covers? Any idea why we can buy seat covers for half the price from places like s*n la*ka? Is it bcos they are not durable or not up to standard in uality?
  8. Thx mate, from your comment regarding mud flaps i think i will also not use them in my viva. Regarding floor carpet, i brough bucket carpet set from su* lan*a for 2K+. By the way what you think of seat covers? Is it needed? One of agents in S*n la*ka showed me a seat cover set for 5K. I'm in doubt whther to use seat cover or not. Also since viva already have few security features, do we need to install seperate security system?
  9. I check wih s*n Lan*a and they didn't have mud flaps suited for viva elite. Any idea where i can find suitable mud flaps?
  10. Guys, Few years back most of vehicles had mud flap on all 4 wheels. Bu these days we rarely see them(specially in new vehicle). Is it bcos it's not factory fitted and need to fix after purchasing or bcos it's out of fashion or any other reason? I brought a new car(Viva elite) and in doubt whether to fix this or not. If this is required can i know a good place to buy this? Also when comes to car carpeting which is better to have? 3M carpet or bucket carpet? Also can i know a good place to buy these as well? Thx
  11. Any one have any idea regarding this????
  12. Guys, I'm on verge of getting a brand new car and planning insurancing of the vehicle. What i need to know is what are the pros and cons of insurancing vehicle for exact purchase amount or closest lower value? E.g: - If car is 17.95 lks. What are the pros and cons of insuraing vehicle for 17lks or 17.95 lks? Thank you...
  13. Well techlove if usa method get implemented in sl, it will be another good way to make more money for some ppl
  14. Well mate you can call and check, but i think you have to pay 75,000/- to get a prefered no., not like days you can get one for 7,500/-
  15. Thx mate, i think pearl jade color is much better than orange. anyway thats only my opinion.
  16. No need for that, bcos i also had ordered some time back and just need to know whether he had request same color i did and what colors avaiaible these days
  17. Mate, what was your orginal color selected, also what are the colors available these days?
  18. Thx mate. Any idea whether they inform chassis/engine no after shipment arrive to sl or before?
  19. Mate, How long did it take to deliver your car to you, after informing you chassis/engine no? Thx
  20. Even i saw few unregistered white ones in the show room area, Your might be getting delay due to color.
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