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  1. Buy one of these cheap Mini-VCI J2534 Interface cable and you can scan your Toyota/Lexus made after 1996 with Toyota Global Techstream diagnostic software (laptop/pc software version of Toyota Intelligent Tester scan tool). This worked with my 2010 Hilux Vigo from Thailand which is not OBD2 compliant. It's available on eBay but cheaper on Aliexpress. Sellers provide a Software CD but google for newer versions of Techstream software. http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Mini-VCI-16-Pin-OBD2-Diagnostic-Scanner-Cable-For-TOYOTA-TIS-Techstream-j2534-hot-selling/32489121626.html http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Mini-16-Pin-VCI-TIS-OEM-Techstream-Diagnostic-Scanner-For-Toyota-Car-Cable-/281314215704?hash=item417fa24718:g:l3gAAMXQysxR8m7o&item=281314215704&vxp=mtr Toyota Techstream Installation Demo Toyota Techstream Software Demonstration Data list example from my vehicle: HILUX KUN 2KDFTV 7/18/2016 11:17:28 AM [Engine Live] System [Parameter] [Value] [Unit] Vehicle Speed 0 km/h Engine Speed 747 rpm Calculate Load 21.9 % MAF 11.60 gm/sec Atmosphere Pressure 100 kPa(abs) MAP 92 kPa Coolant Temp 56 C Intake Air 33 C Intake Air Temp (Turbo) 34 C Engine Run Time 609 s Initial Engine Coolant Temp 29.3 C Initial Intake Air Temp 35.0 C Battery Voltage 13.8 V Alternate Duty Ratio 35 % Accel Position 0.00 % Accel Sens. No.1 Volt % 15.6 % Accel Sens. No.2 Volt % 32.1 % Accel Sensor Out No.1 0.7 V Accel Sensor Out No.2 1.6 V Target Throttle Position 84 % Actual Throttle Position 84 % Throttle Close Learning Val. 17.3 deg Diesel Throttle Learn Status OK Injection Volume 6.46 mm3/st Inj. FB Vol. for Idle 1.20 mm3/st Inj Vol Feedback Learning 0.9 mm3/st Injection Feedback Val #1 0.1 mm3/st Injection Feedback Val #2 -0.5 mm3/st Injection Feedback Val #3 -0.7 mm3/st Injection Feedback Val #4 0.9 mm3/st Pilot 1 Injection Period 410 us Pilot 2 Injection Period 411 us Main Injection Period 544 us After Injection Period 0 us Pilot 1 Injection Timing -13.7 deg (CA) Pilot 2 Injection Timing -7.2 deg (CA) Main Injection Timing 2.8 deg (CA) After Injection Timing 0.0 deg (CA) Injector Memory Error No Error Reju Pilot Quantity Learning READY Pilot Quantity Learning Standby Injection Pressure Correction 0.0 mm3/st Target Common Rail Pressure 33000 kPa(abs) Fuel Press 32730 kPag Common Rail Pres Sens 2 32920 kPa(abs) Fuel Temperature 36 C Fuel Return Temp 70 C Target Pump SCV Current 1090.3 mA Pressure Discharge Valve OFF Target EGR Position 0.0 % Actual EGR Valve Pos. 0.0 % EGR Lift Sensor Volt % 16.4 % EGR Close Learn Val. 0.83 V EGR Close Lrn. Val. 0.83 V EGR Close Lrn. Status OK EGR Operation Prohibit OK Target Booster Pressure 97.05 kPa(abs) VN Turbo Command 82 % VN Turbo Type Commo VN Turbo Max Angle 99.6 % VN Turbo Min Angle 39.8 % Starter Signal OFF Clutch Switch ON Stop Light Switch OFF A/C Signal OFF Immobiliser Communication ON Check Mode OFF SPD Test Result Compl # Codes(Include History) 0 MIL OFF Time after DTC Cleared 2159 min Distance from DTC Cleared 524 km Warmup Cycle Cleared DTC 21 OBD Requirements Not OBD compliant Number of Emission DTC 0 TC and TE1 OFF Swirl Control Valve VSV ON ACT VSV OFF Model Code KUN# Engine Type 2KDFTV Cylinder Number 4 Transmission Type MT Destination T Model Year 2009 System Identification Diesel
  2. hyacc

    Tyre Prices

    Sorry for the late reply. I didn't buy them. Just found it in Autodrome price list. Thought it's cheaper than the options you mentioned. Pls contact tyre dealers.
  3. hyacc

    Tyre Prices

    Bridgestone 185/60 R15 EP15 T/L Rs.17,894 Ecopia EP15 (OE) with 25% discount - 13420/=
  4. hyacc

    Tyre Prices

    No machan but these tyres don't feel any different to the original D840 H/T ones if not better. Only the LT version was available with the agent. I think they're more durable, puncture resistant and have more thread depth. I got them because they're the same brand, exact size, overall diameter, load and speed rating as original tyres. Also lot cheaper than OE tyres.
  5. hyacc

    Tyre Prices

    Hilux "smartcab"
  6. hyacc

    Tyre Prices

    Brand: Bridgestone Model: Dueler A/T D697 LT (Made in Thailand) Size: 255/70R15 Price: 25,850 each (after 26% discount) From: Olympic Tyre House, Col. 06
  7. This is a hilux machan. Worn out clutch.
  8. Thanks trinity. In the begining of the thread I read you did a clutch replacement. I thought you did it at autobox.
  9. Hi trinity Would you recommend AutoBox for a clutch replacement job?
  10. This DCD issue was in international news from sept. 2012 to January this year. That time GOSL kept quiet because they wanted NZ support for CHOGM here. Then suddenly raised this to cover up weliweriya killings. At this time there was nothing in int. media about DCD in milk and problem was with botulism bacteria in some batches of whey protein concentrate. Then GOSL got their usual puppets (so called 'experts', deshapremis,weeramonkey gang, bbs, 'gannna ape de' gang) to confuse people more with false info (Whey protein is very bad (they hide the fact that it is an ingredient of milk and naturally in breast milk too), milk is very bad, those who drink milk are 'deshadrohi'). Now this show is over (DCD results negative, no bacteria in 400 samples tested, dcd in maliban milk powder happened because of a sample mix-up). Next show comming soon is 'Navaneedan Pillai's visit'
  11. Yes he's one of the best and like a god to some people. He's the most organized person I've ever seen and his usage of lot of electronic gadgets/devices to make his work efficient is amazing.
  12. BTW I know a Gynecologist who has brand new latest models of all these vehicles parked at his home. BMW 7 Series, Merc S class, LC Prado, LC 200, Hilux, Hiace Commuter, Defender 110, Tipper Truck and possibly a three-wheeler too.
  13. I would buy this.. http://www.autolanka.com/ad.asp?ID=106292
  14. Good information Crosswind. I also got these cheap OBD scanners from eBay few years ago (one hand-held scanner and a cable type scanner which works with various apps). They worked with my 2000 model korean Hyundai Accent (except for speed sensor reading) but didn't work with any JDM vehicles I tried and also didn't work with Thai made hilux. These chinese scanners don't even use an original ELM 327 chip (which alone costs around 25USD and it's just a programmed PIC microcontroller) but clones. I started building this scanguage type device OBDuino (http://code.google.com/p/opengauge/wiki/OBDuino / http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OBDuino) for the Accent but sold the car before completing it.
  15. Is Supra_Natural in a toothpaste ad on TV?

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