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  1. Is this the base model panda for 2.7m? I've seen pics of it online and apparently it has black bumpers and doesn't have power windows. Kind of a big drawback for that kind of money. I'm definitely not a big fan of Perodua. I really don't mind the Gen2 though. Any idea as to how much it costs?
  2. Brand new car prices are just insane. I remember 8 years ago, a brand new civic was 1.8million. Well I found out that both the Indian and Japanese swift is out of stock. The new Rio would've been nice but its out of my budget and there's a 4 month waiting list. So basically that leaves me with just the Panda and Hyundai i-10. The i-10 is Indian assembled and costs 2.4m. Does anyone know anything about the Fiat Panda?
  3. Hey guys I need your help. I was thinking of buying a car recently that's brand new and one that would be good on fuel. My budget is 3 million and so far all I could come up with is the Suzuki Swift, Kia Rio and Hyundai Accent. I think the Swift costs 2.7 million but I have no idea how much the other two would cost. Would there be any other brand new cars under my budget as well?
  4. streetKIA

    My New Ride!!

    haha yes it is. As I mentioned on my last post I wanted to show you guys the comparison between the 2 cars
  5. A 1996 presea seems decent too, and usually comes with a airbag.
  6. streetKIA

    My New Ride!!

    Here are some cool pictures I found of the XG online. A russian automobile website said that the XG30 resembled the Silver seraph a bit. What I find is that the alloys of the rolls are similar to the XG's stock alloys, and the shape of the back(the way the body curves to the lights).
  7. streetKIA

    My New Ride!!

    Nope that couldnt have been mine. There's another black XG30 that I've seen quite often. It look really lovely. He's got 18 inch alloys and the standard XG hood ornament. There's also a minister that has a white XG30. There's a picture of mahinda on the rear windscreen.
  8. streetKIA

    My New Ride!!

    Sorry to dissapoint you mate. The guy who owned the car before lives there
  9. hey guys I need your help. One of my friends was interested in the 2005 Lexus IS250. I remember seeing that in the h*t ad, but I don't have that paper anymore. I was just wondering if any of you guys knew which shop had that car. I think its the only one in sri lanka.
  10. streetKIA

    My New Ride!!

    No way dude!! This car is for cruising. Not racing.
  11. streetKIA

    Breakdown Vehicle

    Well it is a collector's item, but 8 million is outrageous
  12. streetKIA

    My New Ride!!

    Shot with 6280 at 2007-08-15 Thats my rio in the corner. I got some mechanic to take a look at the car when I was buying it
  13. streetKIA

    My New Ride!!

    Cost me 2.3 mil. I'm guessing there should be about 20 XGs at the most. Not as rare as the optima where there about 10. Yeah I was quite surprised myself! I think its because the engine was well maintained. It does the same as my dad's optima which is a 2L
  14. streetKIA

    My New Ride!!

    Well sometimes luxury costs a lot!! But believe me its worth it. I have a little 1.5L rio that I use on some days. The XG does about 7- 8 km/l but to pump a full tank really does pinch the wallet. The leather is absoloutely gorgeous.It's really really comfy. Guess I have to change it to streetkiahyundai Damn these pictures are taking hours to upload. I'll try and upload some full pics from my phone so it wont be that large.
  15. streetKIA

    My New Ride!!

    Crap! sorry posted it under the wrong topic.
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