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  1. Heloo World! Sadly I am back to States after my Avrudu visit in end April. Wish you guys all the best for this event and no bashing here and there please. He he he Good Luck!! And Great Work!!
  2. Sorry Sir. For us it was a mere a term. Very sorry for the trouble caused. Truely in the heart, im guilty
  3. ****** i dont have any plea over any dude. I jus said i have seen that dude. I kno these guys aint makin any troble. I dount hav time to run over his post or whatever.I jus dont care of one unknown dude. But one piece of advice dudes, u gotta get all back whom u loose cause one ****** can make a rev. Get that ****** back or sometin,watever lets jus talk cars shall we...Hope I get a brandspankin welcome from dis hood. Im here for anther copule of weeks then im off to Texas again. I wont be login in much much. Just wanna say peace and keep the cars rolling in SL! Im getin a Acura when i go back, its gona be black the same model u get as civic'06 here. Chheers ******! DO NOT USE RACIST TERMS AGAINST ADMINISTRATORS OR MODERATORS OR EVEN MEMBERS. N***** IS NOT A WELCOME TERM HERE
  4. I was talkin bout this Hola dude
  5. Ive seen this dude mates...Hes justa kid. But the car is something to sing and dance about
  6. What happened up in here? People get chased away? I'm outta here
  7. Ladies and Gentlman, Boys and Girls, Whatzup? New here. Cheers - Master P
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